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Gorseth Submission to Commission on Spelling

Media Point

The Gorseth strongly supports the use and development of Cornish while not being committed to any particular spelling system. Bards have over several years urged all parties to come to a speedy conclusion in choosing a spelling system and supports the current process. Council agreed a submission to the Commission on a Single Written Form which urges prompt action and minimum disruption.

Click here for the full text

DVD of Epic Trek

Cornish-born miners were responsible for the success of the Burra copper mines in South Australia from 1845 on. Cornish-born miners constituted over 80% of the labour force on the goldfields of Bendigo then the world's richest goldfields. Over 200 of the mines on the Bendigo Field were managed by a native-born Cornishman.

When the goldfields of Victoria were discovered in late 1851 a huge proportion of the Cornish miners in Burra trekked to Victoria to try their luck on the gold diggings. This was a distance of over 600 miles (1000 km). Some kept a diary which has made it easier for modern day historians.

Burra DVD
1. The Monster Mine at Burra. 2. John Bolitho (Jowan an Cleth) George Ellis (Map Bendygo) and Tom Luke
(Colon Hag Enef yn Bendygo) at the grave in Bendigo of Maria Ninnes and her two children)

This DVD is the story of such a party which included Thomas Ninnes and family from Towednack. It is the story of an Adventure, a Triumph and a Tragedy. The trek of the Cornish miners of 1852. A part of Australia and Cornwall's heritage.

Profits from the sale of this DVD by Libby Luke go to Gorseth funds. In the UK copies cost £8 plus £1 p&p.

U.K. orders via The Secretary, Gorseth Kernow, Clitters House, Clitters, Callington, Kernow/Cornwall.

A Wonderful Poem

For the winning poem 2006, Gwersyow yn Kernewek and Mordon-Caradar Rosebowl please click here.

Gorseth Conference 2006

Mike O'Connor
Mike O'Connor playing an ancient melody

The Gorseth Conference on 14th October in Lostwithiel Community Centre was a fascinating day of education and entertainment. Merv and Alison Davey masterminded a day exploring music and dance in Cornwall from Mediaeval times to today's thriving tradition. Recent research and important new discoveries were described by Mike O'Connor.

Tan ha Dowr and Ros Keltek demonstrated step dancing and community dances, and Will Coleman showed us singing for Dance. It was a lively and informative day showing just how much has been learned in recent years.

Tan ha Dowr
Tan ha Dowr demonstrating a Cornish dance

2007 Competitions Under Way


The 2007 Gorseth Kernow competitions are now under way. There are classes for both adults and young people in poetry, prose, Cornish studies, music (in English or Cornish), art and photography.

Full details of the classes and rules for entry are now available on this site. The closing date is 31st March 2007 and the awards will be presented by the Grand Bard at the Open Gorseth in Penzance on the first Saturday in September 2007.

For full details click here.

Holyer an Gof Trophy 2007

Holyer Shield

Entries are invited for this annual Gorseth Award, which includes seven preliminary sections, plus two major overall awards, for prestigious publications on Cornwall or Cornish themes, from the calendar year 2006 only.

To request further details please email Bryallen.

Towards a Single Form

Dr Bernard Deacon, Rod Lyon, Dr Ken George, Dr Laurence Rule
Prof Nicholas Williams

A conference to start the process of agreeing on a single written form of Cornish took place at Tremough on Saturday 30th September 2006. It was attended by over 100 teachers and language students.

For further information see here

Jenefer Lowe and part of the audience

Gorseth Kernow 2006


The Cornish Gorseth held its annual ceremony at Redruth this year.

Though Saturday the 2nd of September was wet & windy, many bards of Gorseth Kernow gathered at Redruth School. In the morning, they processed the length of Fore Street, led by the Town Band and local Dignitaries. The ceremony was held in the school sports hall because of the rain, but the day was moving and happy. In addition to the ceremony itself, there were stalls selling Cornish goods. The Flower Dancers were girls from the Bev Lyn Dance School, and they were excellent. The Lady of Cornwall was Tamsin Page. Greetings from Wales were brought by delegates Tegwyn Jones and T. James Jones, but sadly, there were no delegates from Brittany this year. Six new bards were welcomed, and awards and prizes given. At the end of the ceremony, new Grand Bard Vanessa Beeman was installed and Mick Paynter was installed as Deputy Grand Bard. In the evening there was a really good concert.

For Redruth Gorseth picture Gallery, click here.

For further details click here.

Video Message

Watch a video message from the new Grand Bard, Vanessa Beeman / Gwenenen.

Click here for Windows Media Player version - (2.99MB).

Click here for RealPlayer version - (427kB).

To view these clips you will need Windows Media player or Realplayer. To visit RealPlayer's homepage click here and follow the links to download the free player.


Wadebridge 2005

There is very sad news: George Pawley White, Gunwyn, former Grand Bard died Thursday 24th August 2006.

For a full tribute please click here.

For a short biography click on Gallery of Grand Bards.

Gorseth Announces Competition
Results for 2006

Results for the Adult and Childrens classes can be seen by clicking on the following link, winners 2006.

Gorseth Council Awards

The Council of Gorseth Kernow awards for 2006 can be seen by clicking here.

Goursez Breizh 2006

Goursez Breizh 2006

The Brittany Gorsedd was held on 16th July 06 at Bras Parts, North Brittany. Representatives from Gorseth Kernow were the Deputy Grand Bard Vanessa Beeman and Godfrey Matthews.

Just like Cornwall, in the procession towards the bardic stone circle, was the Lady of the Flowers. But unlike Cornwall, she was seated side-saddle on a black horse dressed in a long white dress. She made a pretty picture.

The ceremony was similar to the Cornish ceremony with one addition, the sword ceremony. A bard from Brittany and Cornwall, each carrying half a sword, then joined them together in a symbol of union and peace between Celtic nations.

The weather was fine all day but the temperature was 34 C. As usual, the hospitality of the Bretons was amazing. As one says in Brittany, "Brittany for Ever".

Godfrey Matthews / Mab Ferror

Gorsedd y Beirdd, Abertawe 2006

The Gorseth in Wales took place in Abertawe (Swansea) from the 5th to the 12th of August. The delegates from Cornwall were the Grand Bard, Tewennow (Rod Trevelyan Lyon) and his wife, Myrgh Casnewydd. For further details Click here.

Open Gorseth GK06

Redruth School, Tolgus Vean
Saturday 2nd September 2006 at 14:05


The gathering of the bards of Cornwall this year is to take place in Redruth. Public attendance is free and welcomed.

Details of the ceremony and supporting events can be seen by clicking on the following link.

Click here.

Next Grand Bard and Deputy

Vanessa Beeman (Gwenenen)  - Mick Paynter (Skogyn Pryv)

The Gorseth Council meeting on 15th July 2006 confirmed the appointment of Vanessa Beeman / Gwenenen as the next Grand Bard, and Mick Paynter / Skogyn Pryv, of St Ives as her deputy. They will be officially installed at the end of the Gorseth ceremony in Redruth.

Some brief biographical details of Gwenenen, current Deputy, can be found in the Grand Bards gallery on the Web site archive pages.

This was the last Gorseth Council meeting for Rod Trevelyan Lyon as chairman and he was warmly applauded for the enormous amount of work he has done keeping everything running smoothly and selflessly enhancing the status of the Gorseth.

Cornish in Caer Salem

Cornish in Caer Salem

In recent years Cornish seems to be popping up everywhere. The most recent "discovery" is on a wall in Palestine.

The tile was photographed in 2006 at the Church of the Pater Noster, Mount of Olives, Jerusalem and emailed to Rod Trevelyan Lyon who would be interested in who erected it.

The Cornish Eisteddfod

From 25th August to 9th September, to complement the Cornish Gorseth, the Cornish Eisteddfod will take place in Redruth. This will include, for example, two talks, interesting exhibitions, a chance to speak Cornish, a workshop for everyone arranged by the Cornwall Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers, a Town walk, family history, and a Poetry Café.


Gorseth Proclamation April 2006

Proclamation 2006
Grand Bard Rod Trevelyan Lyon / Tewennow with Deputy Grand Bard
Vanessa Beeman / Gwenenen on his right. To her right is the Gorseth
Chaplain, the Rev Brian Coombes / Cummow and Admissions
Secretary Marion Coombe / Cum Morek.

The Gorseth Proclamation ceremony took place in Redruth on Saturday 8th April 2006. The sun shone on the 80 Bards who attended. A TV Cameraman recorded the event for BBC Wales, who are also interested in the new Cornish street signs.

Symbolism and Regalia

A major new feature on the Gorseth Regalia can be seen by clicking on the link Ceremonies and Regalia.

Cornish Bards meet in Australia


As part of the Back to Eaglehawk celebrations in March 2006 Cornish descendants from all parts of Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Cornwall held celebrations there including a Bardic Assembly with 25 Bards of Gorseth Kernow in attendance and a wonderful Cornish Church Service in the former Eaglehawk West Methodist now Uniting Church.

400 Year Old Manuscript Discovered

Old Kea Tower
Tower at Old Kea

An outline of studies made of a Cornish manuscript copied in the late 16th Century was given by Dr Oliver Padel at the Tolmen Centre, Constantine on 24th February 2006.

To read more about the drama on the Life of St Kea click here.

Two Forthcoming Events for Bards to Note

Saturday April 8th at 14.30:
The Gorseth Proclamation: A short ceremony to announce the Open Gorseth in September. Please come all Bards who can attend, to the Rumon Gardens, Redruth. Robing is in the Council Chambers, Penryn Street.

Saturday June 3rd at 14.15:
The Annual General Meeting (Closed Gorseth). Please will all Bards possible come to the Friends’ Meeting House, Paul’s Terrace, Truro.

St Piran's Day 2006

Mervyn Davey is the Piper leading the procession
Mervyn Davey is the Piper leading the procession.

March 5th is becoming more popular than a Bank Holiday with processions, dinners, concerts, fetes and other events all over Cornwall. There are more events and more people attending them. Interestingly those attending include people who have recently moved to Cornwall as well as long term residents.

Liskeard Caradoc
A small part of the audience watching the St Piran play at Perranzabuloe.

Developments In The
Cornish Language Domain

Liskeard Caradoc

In early February 2006 Jori AnSell/Caradok reported to the Council of Gorseth Kernow on developments with the Cornish Language. To see this report click here.

The submission of Gorseth Kernow to the Committee of Experts in December 2005 can be read by clicking on the Committee name.

Both reports are in English only.

Award For Cornish Bard In Australia

Bill Phillips
Bill Phillips/Mapwyn Whel Ros and his wife Gwen

The Cornish Association of Victoria has congratulated member and Cornish Bard Bill Phillips on his award for Excellence in Multi Cultural Affairs.

The State Governor of Victoria presented Bill with a Certificate and Medallion in 2005 in a ceremony at Government House.

Cornish, The Struggle for Survival

Rod Lyon
The Tolmen Centre, Constantine. January 2006

Grand Bard Tewennow (Rod Lyon) delivering his talk to an interested audience on the subject "The struggle for the survival of Cornish" between the time of William Bodinar at the end of the 18th century and the Revival by Henry Jenner at the start of the 20th.

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