Gorseth Kernow - Redruth 2006

From the Secretary:

Many Bards have said what a memorable occasion it was, beginning in the morning with an impressive procession of Bards cascading down Fore Street, their blue gowns billowing gently in the breeze.

Unfortunately, the weather changed, but spirits were not dampened as the solemn ceremony unfolded in the Sports Hall at Tolgus Vean, during which six people with Cornish connections were initiated into Bardship, twelve Gorsedd Council Awards and many Competition prizes were presented. The proceedings were graced by the Lady of Cornwall, Tamsin Page, her attendants and twenty dancers from the Bev-Lyn School.

The ceremony culminated in the simple but moving crowning of a New Grand Bard - Gwenenen - Mrs. Vanessa Beeman, and the installation of her Deputy - Skogynn Pryv - Mr. M.K. Paynter.

Esethvos (Eisteddfod) activities, ranging from lectures, exhibitions, a poetry evening, guided walk, a language ‘fun’ day and a Troyl had been organised during preceding days and a Grand Concert arranged by Keith (Canor Plu Golom) and Clarinda (Canores Porthysak) Truscott, featuring Four Lanes Choir with Alistair Taylor and Camborne Youth Band with Alan Pope, successfully combining on occasion, provided some magical musical entertainment. The audience was particularly moved by the dancing of Morhoges Lowen from Murdoch and Trevithick Centre, and the singing of Konteth Karrek Community Choir. The audience also gave a stirring performance of ‘Bro Goth Agan Tasow’ - in Cornish - and finally, ‘Trelawny’!

It was an impressive exposition of Cornwall’s pride in its unique heritage - a positive expression of its identity, through cultural events, dancing and the Cornish Language - spoken during the Gorsedd ceremony and the Service in the Methodist Church on Sunday afternoon.

Such events involve many months of careful planning and the Gorsedd is extremely grateful to the Mayor and Town Council of Redruth, particularly the unstinting support of the Town Clerk, Mr. Peter Bennett and Cllr. Jim Carroll, Mr. Ron Opie, Map Carn Bre, President of the Redruth Old Cornwall Society, Mrs. Jean Opie and members who provided a wonderful Bardic Tea, the Chamber of Commerce, whose members bedecked Fore Street in gold and black, the Headmaster of the Community College, and the residents of Redruth who gave us such a warm welcome amidst the liquid sunshine!

Mur ras onen hag oll - kerdh y’n golow gans an Spyrys a Gernow - Kernow bys vyken!

Yn lel, Barbara Shaw

The Flower Dancers

For the first time ever, both a mother and her daughter have been Flower Dancers: mother Joanne Gulley in 1981 at Portreath and daughter Rebecca Wysocki in 2006 at Redruth. The children dancing for Gorseth Kernow at Redruth were dancers from the Bev Lyn School which is run by Beverley Matthews and her daughter Melissa Glover. Dancers from this School have performed five times at the Gorseth, always with great skill.

The Lady of Cornwall, Tamsin Page, was well supported by her two Handmaidens, Megan Smyth and Caitlen Annear, all three dressed in colourful gowns.

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