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Cornish Music Conference

Frances Bennett (Merth Barlowenna) Hilary Coleman (Attamyores)
Frances Bennett (Merth Barlowenna), Hilary Coleman (Attamyores)

A most interesting day on Cornish Music was organised by the Gorseth at Lanhydrock.

For further details please click here.

Holyer an Gof Trophy 2009

Holyer Shield

Entries are invited for this annual Gorseth Award, which includes seven preliminary sections, plus two major overall awards, for prestigious publications on Cornwall or Cornish themes, from the calendar year 2008 only.

Full details are available from:

Ann Trevenen Jenkin, tel 01736 850 332 or email

Administrator, Gorseth Kernow

Colin Roberts, Gorseth Kernow Administrator.

Video: News in Cornish

For news in Cornish please click here (Pellwolok Gernewek 4)

Cornwall Film Festival 2008

Interest in Cornish Language films is increasing. Denzil Monk, Chair of the Festival Board, discusses this on video. Please click here.

Radyo an Gernewegva

Matthew Clarke would like everyone to help Radyo an Gernewegva by sending him sound recordings (in Cornish) but above all by listening to it. For us that brilliant programme is important work for our language, and we want every Cornish speaker to support it. Radyo an Gernewegva gans Matthi Clarke! - http://www.radyo.kernewegva.com

Gorseth Kernow -
The Open Gorseth at Looe, 6th September

Gorseth Kernow- the Open Gorseth at Looe, 6th September

The Cornish Gorseth held its annual ceremony at Looe this year. For more pictures and further information please click here.

2009 Competitions Under Way

The 2009 Gorseth Kernow competitions are now under way. There are classes for both adults and young people in poetry, prose, Cornish studies, music (in English or Cornish), art and photography.

Full details of the classes and rules for entry are now available on this site. The closing date is 31st March 2009 and the awards will be presented by the Grand Bard at the Open Gorseth in Saltash on the first Saturday in September 2009.

For full details click here for adults, and here for young people.

Manx Stamp

Manx Stamp

The Isle of Man Government has issued a set of Interceltique stamps, and the 20p value is for Kernow.  For further information  www.iompost.com

From Cornwall to Mexico

Mexico visit

Gorseth Competitions Secretary Vanessa Moyle (Trevesiges) visited Mexico in July 2008 for the signing of friendship charters and the twinning of Camborne and Redruth with the mining towns of Pachuca and Real del Monte in Hildago State.

Cornish miners had a tremendous influence there. With Trevithick's engines they began the industrial revolution which shaped the towns and surrounding areas that we see today.

For more pictures and further information  please click here.

The National Eisteddfod of Wales at Cardiff, August 2008

Group photo
Celtic Delegates :Left to right:
O’r Wladfa (Patagonia) : Esyllt Nest ac Arie Bryn Crwn
O Gernyw (Cornwall) : Scryvynyades, Skogynn Pryv and Kaswydh
O Lydaw (Brittany) : Per-Vari and Édith

Delegates from Cornwall, Brittany, Scotland, Ireland, The Isle of Man and Y Wladva (Patagonia) were welcomed to the National Eisteddfod as guests of the Welsh Gorsedd over four days in Cardiff.

Mick Paynter(Skogynn Pryv), Barbara Shaw (Mentenor an Ertach),and Keith Shaw (Kaswydh) joined the other Celts on the Eisteddfod Field to celebrate the Welsh Language, its own culture and also our shared Celtic heritage.

The Patagonian delegates made the speech in Welsh with a somewhat Hispanic accent to warm applause from the audience present. The Poet’s Crown was awarded to Hywel Griffiths, and the Medal for prose literature to our friend Mererid Hopwood who was the first woman to win the Crown, the Chair and the Prose Medal, surely there’s someone we should look out for.

ceremony of half swords
Ceremony of the Sword : Left to right : Mererid, The Archdruid, Édith

On the occasion of our last meal together the Bretons and the Welsh performed the Ceremony of joining the two half swords signifying unity between the Celts.

Our bard Bardh an Werin (Tim Saunders) was honoured by being made a Druid of the Welsh Gorseth under the name Teimoth ap Harri. It was a pleasure to meet up with him, to talk together in Cornish and to hear him talking fluently to the other delegates in their own languages.

The ceremonies there are organised for a large number of people and organised very well too with dignity and reverence and a certain jollity, it’s wonderful to see the unity of the Gorsedd and the people there, and to hear everywhere Welsh spoken.

Wales for ever! Cymru am byth!

Skogynn Pryv

The Secretary adds:
In addition, the Archdruid, Dic Jones, joined Mererid and Édith at the request of Per-Vari, the Grand Druid, who asked for the inclusion of the linking of a divided sword, as "it had been the Bretons who had had the idea of instituting the ‘twin-half’ sword ceremony, to celebrate the Celtic Knot, and the dismantling, in accordance with the Battle of St. Cast in 1758, as a symbol of refusing to fight against the Welsh".

Lorient Festival 2008

The Cornish presence at the Lorient festival in Brittany this year, led by Neil Plummer and Beatrice Kerno, included Cornish language classes run by Polin Prys and Gari Retallick, and Cornish books on sale, organised through MAGA.

For further details click here.

Goursez Breizh 2008

This year, the Breton Gorsedd was held in attractive countryside near Arzano. This was the first led by the new Grand Druid, Per Vari Kerlo’ch.

Vanessa Beeman and her husband, Robert, met up with the Welsh delegates and their wives in a hotel in Pont-Aven for a companionable evening and the next day, Sunday the 13th of July, everyone assembled in a spot where there is a fountain, meadows and woods for the ceremony. Happily, Maureen Pierce and her husband, Les, were on holiday in the area and she came to take part in the ceremony.

Per Vari led the proceedings, assisted by officers of the Gorsedd, on a rock in the centre of the meadow, with a fair number of supporters standing outside the circle. During the ceremony disciples and new members of the Gorsedd were initiated, and Maureen Pierce carried a half sword to be joined with a half sword borne by a member of the Breton Gorsedd as a sign of friendship between the two countries.

After the speeches in the circle, some members of the Gorsedd went out of the circle to read out loud a letter to the Academie Francaise, because they have recently reiterated that “ the language of the Republic is only French” without acknowledging the other languages spoken in the country. The Breton Gorsedd remembered three famous writers who have paid homage to the Breton language and culture: Alphonse de Lamartine, Hersart de la Villemarque and Auguste Brizeux. In that way they are asking the Academie Francaise to do the same thing and to recognise the Breton language as well as recognising the French language, in accordance with the principles: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. It is signed by the Grand Druid.

There was a magnificent lunch afterwards, prepared by a long standing supporter of the Gorsedd. He played in an entire hog roast with his accordion, and the Gorsedd had presented him with a picture in thanks for his support. In the evening there was a friendly dinner in a restaurant near the river in Pont Aven for the Celtic delegates and officers of the Gorsedd. A magnificent day. Thanks to Per Vari and officers of the Gorsedd.

Vanessa Beeman

80 years and still growing

Book cover

This is the book and author everyone has been waiting for. For further details please click here.

Gorseth Council Awards

The Council of Gorseth Kernow awards for 2008 can be seen by clicking here.

New Bards 2008

For a list of the new bards at the Looe Gorsedd please click here

Bards interviewed on Radio Gernewegva

In recent weeks several Gorseth Officers and Bards have been interviewed on Radio Gernewegva. For details of the new Cornish programs streamed on the web, please click here.

Goursez Breizh

The new grand druid of the Breton Gorsedd is Per Vari Kerloc'h. He is age 56 and is appointed for life. He is a middle manager and trade union representative with La Poste. He is a native Breton speaker and a fluent speaker of Cornish.

A recent article in English explains that after 2 years as a disciple it is possible to become an Ovate, Bard or Druid, as in Wales. This is different to Gorseth Kernow which has one order, Bards, and a Grand Bard who is elected for just one 3 year period. Goursez Breizh has members who are Christian, Jewish or atheist. They consider anyone living in Brittany is Breton.

For further information please contact enquiries at enquiries@gorsethkernow.org.uk.


Gorseth Kernow
The Cornish Gorseth  1928-2008


Saturday 6th September 2008. Barbican Sports Field, Barbican Road, Looe.

The gathering of the bards of Cornwall this year is to take place in Looe. Public attendance is free and welcomed. Details of the ceremony and supporting events can be seen by clicking on the following link. Click here.

Gorseth Announces Competition Results
for 2008

Results for the Adult and Childrens classes can be seen by clicking on the following link winners 2008

Overview of Language Developments

Jori Ansell/Caradok  presented his report to the AGM at the closed Gorseth in June 2008.  For details please click here.

Bardic Mannequin Stolen

mannequin at RCS

The Gorseth stand at the Royal Cornwall Show in June 2008 was designed around a magnificent tailors dummy in Bardic robes. Overnight it was stolen. With books and videos the loss could be £500. If you saw any drunken or suspicious characters loitering in the area please let us know on enquiries@gorsethkernow.org.uk

Breton Bards in Language Run

from left to right Didier Bonfils, Per Vari Kerloc'h, Serge Cariou, Véronique Bolzer,
Catherine Batton, Elizabeth Kerloc'h, Edith Guingueno.

Members and disciples of Goursez Breizh supported the Redadeg or long distance run in support of the Breton Language and the Breton medium Diwan schools.

Per Vari expressed his thanks for the support received from Cornwall. "E barzh ar brezhoneg e kredomp, evit ar brezhoneg e redomp!" (In the Breton language we believe, for the Breton language we're running!)

Various Cornish flags illuminated the run

Two of the runners were grandchildren of Ann Trevenen Jenkin (Bryallen).

Sponsorship from Cornwall totalled 1050 Euros and came from Gorseth Kernow, the Celtic Congress and Celtic League, as well as many individuals.

Hundreds more photos can be seen on the Ar Redadeg web site.

Ar Redadek video

Gorseth Proclaimed in Looe

Gorseth Proclamation

A beautiful sunny day, a warm welcome from the Mayor Ron Overd, and a well organized local team were features of the ceremony on the 26th April. The Grand Bard, Vanessa Beeman and over 50 Bards processed through East and West Looe to proclaim the next gathering of the Bards of Cornwall is in Looe on 6th September 2008.

A short video clip can be seen by clicking here, and a 25 minute DVD of the Proclamation is available from the Gorseth. Details from enquiries@gorsethkernow.org.uk

Focus on Looe: The Gorseth is at the end of Dewhelans week and many Bards will be looking at the Looe Old Cornwall Society web site http://looeoldcornwallsoc.com

Gorseth Proclamation

Cala Me

St. Ives celebrated the return of May Month in a traditional way, a tradition which has its roots in the mists of time. In times past, the Celts celebrated Beltane: May 1st. Local folk in St Ives have revived the celebration after taking advice from older inhabitants.

The Grand Bard and Deputy Grand Bard were there to join the Town Mayor and the Chair of Penwith Council in choosing (with great difficulty!) a May Queen, May King, May Princess and May Prince and judging the May Sticks, before walking in the wonderful Procession.

Visit By Gorseth Secretary To Australia


The Bardic gathering and Cornish Festival at Ballarat was a major feature for the Gorseth Secretary during her month long visit to Cornish Associations in Australia in March 2008. For more pictures please click here.

Kemysk Kernewek DVD


This is a 55 minute DVD of Padstow Obby Oss, Helston Furry, Cornish Wrestling, Trevithick Day (Cambron), Hurling (Sen Columb), Murdoch Day (Redruth), AnGof (St Keverne), St Day Feast, Golowan (Pensans), and Bodmin Riding.

The price is £7 plus UK p&p £1. It was produced by Susan Davey / Cares Enevales and is in the European PAL format.  Profits of course go to the Gorseth.

For further information on content and how to order please contact Enquiries

The Cornish Gorsedd appoints an Administrator

Colin Roberts

On May 6th, Colin Roberts began his post as part-time Adminstrator to Gorseth Kernow. Colin was working as a Senior Adminstrator in Australia and he has an Advanced Diploma in Business Management. He is skilled in IT, so we are hoping that he will streamline our systems and work with our volunteers to move forward. Colin is a proud Cornishman and supports Cornish Culture enthusiastically, especially Cornish Wrestling.

Ray Edwards


We are sad to hear that Ray Edwards (Map Mercya) is dead. He was a kind and learned man, a good writer and a worker of renown for the language, above all with 'Cornish by letter'. We give thanks for his life.

For more details click here

What does the Grand Bard do?

Grand Bard at Waterstones

Life for the Grand Bard is busy but interesting. One of the great things about it is getting to meet so many people, of all ages and from all walks of life. Firstly, there are Council meetings to chair, and as many of the meetings of the seven sub-committees to attend as is practicable. There is the Gorseth Kernow ceremony to lead. In addition, many community events ask the Grand Bard to attend, especially at St. Pirantide, but also those such as the Montol Festival and St Ives Feast celebrations. Also, committees and boards, especially if there is a cultural element, ask a representative from the Gorseth to take part, often the Grand Bard. Groups ask for talks on Cornish topics, and last, but not least, there is the chance to visit Cornish Descendants overseas, and Celtic Cousins in Wales and Brittany.

Welcome on all Roads

Cornish Wrestling
Left to Right: CoClrs Joyce Mepsted & Bryan Preston, Grand Bard Vanessa Beeman,
David List (Bridge Manager), CoClr & Bard Bert Biscoe.

Splendid News! At last, in their own language the people of Cornwall are able to say - Welcome to CORNWALL - 'KERNOW a'gas dynergh'  on all 10 entry roads, plus the Tamar Bridge.

Cornwall Highways staff proudly erecting the new sign
Cornwall Highways staff proudly erecting the new sign on the Tamar Bridge.

Andrew Hick, Manager, and his team of engineers were able to complete the task in brilliant sunshine, as these splendid photographs show. During the work 'many people using the pedestrian walkway stopped to enquire what the signs were about and what the Cornish Language part meant'.

On behalf of the Grand Bard, Gwenenen, and Gorsedd Council, the Honorary Secretary, Mentenor a'n Ertach has pursued the importance of Cornish signs in Cornwall - and what an imposing sight they make - absolutely unmissable on the Tamar Bridge - even on a dull day.

Welcome to Saltash

Kerrier and Carrick have erected over 250 bilingual street signs. These are routine replacements or new roads so no extra cost is involved.

St Newlyn East - Eglosnywylen
St Newlyn East - Eglosnywylen

Kehelland - Kelly Henlan
Kehelland - Kelly Henlan

Ballarat Cornish Festival March 2008

The photo at this link is of the 31 Bards (27 from Australia and 4 from Cornwall) who took part in the Australian Assembly on Saturday 15 March 2008 at Brown Hill, Ballarat, Australia - during the Victorian Cornish Festival.

Gorseth Secretary Barbara Shaw is on the far left, and the leader was Peter Trevorrow on far right.

This is now loaded onto the Bards of the (currently being updated) Gorseth of Cornwall in Australia web page at:

By clicking on the link below you can view a video on "You Tube" of  part of the Cornish Service at Neill Street Church.

Meeting with Culture South West

Cornish Wrestling

Gorseth Kernow/The Cornish Gorseth have had their long-awaited meeting with Peter Boyden and Pippa Warin of Culture South West. They have assured us that Cornwall will not be split up for cultural planning. Their remit is to get as much funding as possible from Brussels and Westminster for cultural activities, and it looks hopeful that some of this will be channelled into Cornwall’s indigenous culture when this has been achieved. It is hoped that CSW and Gorseth Kernow can work together in the future.

Tribute to Gwenc’hlan


Gwenc’hlan Ar Skouezeg 5th Grand Druid of the Breton Gorsedd deceased on the 6th of February 2008 at Brasparts.

He passed away peacefully in the country below an apple tree and a clump of mistletoe. He was 78 years old.

He had been at the head of the Gorsedd since 1980. Under his leadership, the Gorsedd became "the Fraternity of Druids, Bards and Ovates in Brittany" in other words Gwenc’hlan made deep changes in the spirit of his druidic society.

He stood in favour of the defence of human rights and against racism as early as 1988, proclaiming Gorsedd’s support to the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

He was a prolific writer on the Breton field and one of his latest publications is a  book in three volumes about the history of Druids and druidic philosophy throughout the ages.

Ra vo gwenn e ved en tu all d’ar mor don!
(May he be happy on the other side of the deep sea!).

The Cornwall we love

Carrek Los yn cos

Libby Luke of Melbourne has produced a DVD with a slide show of beautiful pictures of Cornwall. It is a tribute to our Cornish heritage from compatriots in Australia. In the UK it is being distributed by Gorseth Kernow which receives all the profits.

Available at £4 plus p&p £1. Click here.

Lanyon Quoit

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