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Redruth Gorseth Picture Gallery 2006
Pycturva a Resruth an Orseth 2006

Gorseth shop window dressing competition
Kesstryf fenester gwerthjy an Orseth

Gorseth 2006 gallery

[L] This won 2nd prize [R] 3rd prize
[A-gleth] Hemma a waynyas 2a prys [A-dhyghow] Hem o 3a prys

Gorseth 2006 gallery

Window display / Dysquedhyans fenester.

Morning procession through Redruth
Keskerth myttyn dres Resruth

Gorseth 2006 gallery

[L] Redruth Town band [R] The procession started at the top of the town.
[A-gleth] Menestrouthy Resruth [A-dhyghow] An keskerth a dhallathas dhe ben an dre.

Gorseth 2006 gallery

[L] Braving the wind and rain [R] The Town Cryer and Mayor.
[A-gleth] Ow strevya warbyn an gwyns ha'n glaw [A-dhyghow] Cryer an Dre ha Mer.

The Open Gorseth in Redruth School
An Orseth Ygor dhe Scol Resruth

Gorseth 2006 gallery

[L] The two delegates from Wales, in white robes, are on the left
[R] The Sword Bearer leading the Lady of Cornwall to the Omborth.
[A-gleth] Yma'n dheu gannas adhyworth Kembry, gans powsyow gwyn aglethbarth
[A-dhyghow] An Cledvor ow hembronk an Arlodhes a Gernow dhe'n Omborth.

Gorseth 2006 gallery

[L] The Lady of Cornwall and attendants [R] The Grand Bard, Tewennow, presenting an award. The Secretary is on his left.
[A-gleth] An Arlodhes a Gernow ha servysy [A-dhyghow] Yma'n Barth Mur, Tewennow, ow ry pewas. Yma'n Scryvyades agleth dhodho.

Gorseth 2006 gallery

[L] Installation of Gwenenen as Grand Bard [R] Congratulations Gwenenen.
[A-gleth] Stallasyon Gwenenen avel Barth Mur [A-dhyghow] Keslowena Gwenenen.

Gorseth 2005 gallery

[L] Leaving the Hall [R] In his address Tewennow demanded recognition of the Cornish Flag
[A-gleth] Ow casa farwel an heyl [A-dhyghow] Tewennow, yn y areth a dhemondyas aswonvos a'n baner Kernewek.

The Gorseth Concert
Gol ylow an Orseth

Gorseth 2006 gallery

[L] View of part of Camborne Youth Band [R] Four Lanes Male Voice Choir
[A-gleth] Gwel ran an band Cambron Yowynkneth [A-dhyghow] Cur lef gorryth Pencoys.

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Rak deryvas lun Pewasow Consel an Orseth clykkya omma,
Kesstryvyansow clykkya omma, ha'n Rol a Vyrth Noweth clykkya omma.


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