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Report of Gorsedh Council Meeting Oct 2012

Awen Ceremony

The new Bardh Meur, Steren Mor, welcomed everyone and gave an address to Council which outlined her intentions on how to chair meetings for the next three years.

It was resolved that a Communications Team be set up to work on all aspects of media and public relations for the Gorsedh and this will be headed up by Kannas Bardh Meur, Telynyor an Weryn. The last Open Gorsedh ceremony at Camelford was discussed and, although this had been successful, several suggestions were made to improve upon this for the next one at Penryn. Notably, changes to costume and choreography for the dancing children are to be looked into and the overall planning of events around the Gorsedh also to be improved. Measures are to be put in place to ensure the quality of bardic robes is maintained.

Dates for Gorsedh Kernow Council meetings were agreed for 2013 as follows: 16th February, 13th April, 20th July, 26th October. The AGM will be held on 1st June.

Reports were received from the various sub-committees. A new auditor was appointed on the recommendation of the Treasurer. Work is continuing on revision of wording to the Constitution.

A suggestion was put forward that an appeal go out to all bards asking for a £50 or £100 donation to go into a capital fund that would not be touched but interest used for Gorsedh works.

Report on the Gorsedh Conference 2012
Education, Cornish Culture and a role for the Gorsedd?

The conference was opened by the Grand Bard, Mo Fuller, who described the challenges and opportunities now facing the Gorsedh in attracting young people to Cornish Culture. Delegates were then provided with a series of presentations on the educational work of different Cornish cultural organisations in Cornwall and then asked to discuss what role the Gorsedh and individual bards might play.

Plenary Discussion
The plenary discussion was led by Merv Davey and Will Coleman. Delegates divided into groups and each group asked to come up with three suggestions as to how the Gorsedh might engage in Education. The ensuing discussion was creative but consistently returned to the issue of communication and the need for the Gorsedh to fully embrace the new media and formats now available? Click the following link for a full list of the Conference outcomes. (pdf file)

Presentation of Gorsedh Certificates

Keith Hore, Mr & Mrs E.G.Fox

Paralymics - certificates were presented to:

Jonathan Fox from Newquay GOLD for 100m freestyle swimming, certificate collected by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.G.Fox.

Two other certificates were sent to Gemma Prescott BRONZE in women's club throw and Matt Whorwood BRONZE in 400m freestyle swimming. They were unable to collect them so were sent by post.

Cornwall Cricket Club - winning the Minor Counties Cricket League, the first time for 109 years. Certificate collected by Keith Hore the Treasurer of the Cornwall Cricket Club, based in Truro.

John Harris Festival, Liskeard

On Monday 8th October, the John Harris Festival opened at Stuart House, Liskeard.

From the left : Debbie Boden (Chief Officer WHS Office) Iain Rowe (representing CHAHP); Paul Langford (Chairman JHS);
Maureen Fuller - Steren Mor (Grand Bard of the Cornish Gorsedh); George Vaughan-Ellis - Penser (co-organiser of the Exhibition);
Gillian Langford (JHS); Eileen Crouch (co-organiser).

There was a comprehensive exhibition of John Harris' life and poems. Paul Langford, Chairman of the John Harris Society, is a descendent of John Harris and he read some of John Harris' poems and talked about his life and times. It was very moving to hear how poor he was and he used the inside of a bag of sugar for paper and his ink was blackberry juice.

The exhibition was very well attended during the week and the festival ended on Sunday 14th October with a concert in the Public Rooms at Liskeard. There were recitations of John Harris' poems, a folk opera about John Harris, music by Con Brio, and statements about the World Heritage site. It ended with a Cornish Cream Tea for everyone. A delightful Sunday afternoon was had by all.

Gorsedh Kernow : Holyer an Gof Awards 2013
(for books published in the calendar year 2012)

Holyer An Gof

Entries for the above awards are now being sought. These annual Publishers' Awards are for quality publications relating to Cornwall or the Cornish language. There are six primary Classes, and from these the overall award of the Holyer an Gof Cup will be chosen. This perpetual trophy was given in memory of Cornish Bard and publisher, Len Truran.

The closing date for entries is Friday 15th February 2013. The Awards Evening will be held at Waterstones, Truro in July 2013.

For full details and entry form go to www.holyerangofawards.org.uk

The 26th Assembly of the Bards of the Gorsedh of Cornwall in Australia

Bards in Australia

On a sunny Australian spring day on the Shoalhaven coast of NSW, 13 Bards gathered on 27 October, 2012 for their 26th Assembly in Australia.

Led by Terry Johnson - Den a Boll from South Australia, Bards had come from as far as Victoria, SA, and WA. Local MP and Mayor of Shoalhaven City Council, Cllr Joanna Gash welcomed the Bards and thanked the Grand Bard for allowing the ceremony to be held during the 3rd Cornish Cultural Celebration at the University of Wollongong campus in Nowra.

To superb harp music, the Bards applauded the Flower Dance performed by local children, and the Lady of the Southern Land presented a basket of local fruit and flowers such as Waratah, Bottlebrush, and Wattle, to the leader.

Flower dance

Next May is the 30th anniversary of the 1st gathering in Australia led by Denis Trevanion - Trevanion and an Assembly is planned for Moonta, SA. Bards from around the world will be welcome."

Chris Dunkerley - Kevrenor, for the Bards in NSW, 31 October, 2012

Gorsedh Kernow Competitions 2013


The 2013 Gorsedh Kernow competitions are now under way. These competitions are open to all, adults and young people alike. There are classes in Cornish and English, poetry, prose, Cornish studies, music, art and photography.

Full details of all classes, rules for entry, and an entry form, are now available on this website. The closing date for all classes is Monday 22nd April 2013 and the awards will be presented by the Grand Bard at the Open Gorsedh in Penryn on Saturday 7th September 2013.

For full details click here for adults, and here for young people.

Gorsedh Kernow 2012 Reskammel/Camelford DVD-R

A DVD of the afternoon Gorsedd ceremony 2012 at Camelford is now available.

The price is £6, plus £1-20 p & p in the UK, £3 p & p Europe, and £4 for the rest of the world.

It is European PAL format on a DVD-R, color printed disk.

It comes in a DVD Library case with color printed sleeve.


Contact: maid.kernewek@btinternet.com

2012 GK DVD

Charles Causley - Morvarth

As part of this year's National Poetry Day the poem 'I am the Song' by Cornwall's greatest poet, Charles Causley (1917-2003) CBE, was chosen to appear on the iconic display board above Piccadilly, London. A prolific writer, Charles, a Launceston man and local schoolteacher received his Bardship in 1952 taking the name Morvarth (Seabard). A true genius and son of Cornwall whose work is enjoyed by so many. It is hoped many new readers will discover and enjoy his books too.

Grand Bard attends Exam Awards Ceremony

The Cornish Language Board has held an awards ceremony in the council chamber at County Hall, to acknowledge the success of the 2012 candidates in their Cornish exams . Certificates were also awarded to those who had taken their exams through the OCR Asset Languages system. The Grand Bard was invited to present the certificates.

The event commenced with a welcome to the candidates, their family, and friends from Polin Prys the Chair of the Cornish Language Board. Also in attendance were Jenefer Lowe, Development Officer for the Cornish Language Partnership, Mike Tresidder, the Partnership Education Officer and Maureen Pierce, General Secretary of the Language Board. After a short speech from the Grand Bard, who was the Language Board Exam Secretary for 29 years until 2011, the candidates received their certificates.

The successful candidates in Language Board exams were:

1st Grade:

David Cockersell, Karen D.Tregaskin, Louise Garcia, Patricia Green, Peter Green, John Cocks, Donald Kenrick, Elizabeth Murfitt, Colin Short,Laura Smith, Johnny Smith.

2nd Grade:

Andrew Dunstan, Robin Hichens, Penelope Melmoth, Gary Taylor-Raebel, Gillian Cooke, Rowen Cunningham, Kerenza Dean, Caroline Vile, Robin West.

3rd Grade:

Stephen Gadd, Tamar Moffett, Stephen Penhaligon, John Prowse, William Sheaff, Jacqueline Wheaton, Jill Bartlett, Tony Burt,Pamela Cox, Nev Meek, Linda Murphy, Rosalind Peskett, Akira Peters, Brian Watson.

4th Grade:

Delia Brotherton, Barnaby Carver, Ray Chubb, Edwina Dorman, Simon Margetts, Ani Saunders, Patricia Tremain, David Trethewey, Heather West.

Successful candidates in the OCR Asset languages were:

Breakthrough: Jenny Lewis, Rosemary Stone, Monica Best, Rowen Pearce, Sue Fallon, Barry Munday.

Preliminary: Jan Edmondson, Esther Johns, Richard Ormond.

Camelford Gorsedh 2012

GK 2012
Grand Bard, Deputy Grand Bard, Previous Grand Bard

On a fine day and with Rough Tor in the background more than 300 Bards gathered in the grounds of Sir James Smith’s Community School, Camelford for the annual Gorsedh.

The Welsh delegate to the ceremony was the Archdruid of Wales, Jim Parc Nest and Bernard and Mona Cousquer were the delegates from Brittany.

With the customary cry for peace, the ceremony commenced, first with the joining of the sword, then with a group of young dancers, and the offering of the fruits of the earth.

Lady Mary Holborow (Gweresores Egloslasek)         /         Joining of the Sword

After the commemoration of deceased Bards by the Deputy Grand Bard, 15 initiates were each awarded a Bardship, including two from Australia and another from the USA.

With presentations to Competition and Award winners complete, the assembled Bards moved towards the Omborth to sing 'Bro Goth Agan Tasow', before declaring their loyalty to Cornwall with the familiar cry of 'Kernow Bys Vykken'.

At the end of the ceremony a new Grand Bard was installed into office, Maureen Fuller - Steren Mor, who then installed as her deputy, Merv Davey - Telynor an Weryn. Merv's wife Alison is also a Bard, and their daughter Jowdy was one of those awarded a Bardship earlier in the afternoon.

Afterwards, the traditional Gorsedh tea was enjoyed, friends were together again, sharing news, new friendships were forged, before wending their way home. Another Gorsedh was over... Camelford 2012 was a truly memorable occasion. For more pictures please click here

The 2013 Gorsedh will be held in Penryn on Saturday Sept 7th.

Kernow bys vykken!

Gorsedh Kernow Conference 2012
Education, Cornish Culture and a role for the Gorsedd?

Our passion for, and assertion of, a distinctive Cornish culture is celebrated in the proclamation and ceremonies of the Gorsedd, but is this enough? We live in a time of change and change offers both threat to and opportunity for Cornish culture. Education, in adult life as well as childhood, is a powerful vehicle of change. This conference will explore ways in which educational opportunities can be realised to encourage and promote Cornish Culture.

This year's event will be held on Saturday 13th October, at Lostwithiel Community Centre, Liddicoat Road, Lostwithiel. The event is only open to Bards of Gorsedh Kernow who may bring a guest or partner with them.

For full details and a booking form please click here

National Eisteddfod 2012

Eisteddfod 2012
Bardh Meur and Christine James (Archdruid Elect) and Bardh Meur (Elect)

The National Eisteddfod, this year held in Cowbridge in Glamorgan, South Wales was once again brilliant celebration of the Welsh language. Delegates from Kernow, Brittany, Scotland, Ireland, and the Isle of Man gathered together as guests of the Gorsedd of the Bards of the Isle of Britain for the Eisteddfod there for four days. The location is a place of significance for it was here that Iolo Morganog the founder of the modern Gorsedd was born.

Mick Paynter and Mo Fuller joined the other Celts on the Eisteddfod field to celebrate the Welsh language, Culture and our shared Celtic roots. There were John Morrison and James Greumacht from Scotland, Youen Amice and Hod Pals from Brittany. Cinzia Yates was the Manx delegate and Maire O' Laoire and Eileen Barry attended for Ireland. Sadly, this year no-one came from Y Wladfa in Patagonia.

On the next day Maire, the Irish delegate made a speech on behalf of all the Celts in her fluent Gaelic, also bravely attempting some Welsh which was well received by those listening in the Pavilion awaiting the Crowning of the Poet. The Medal for prose literature was not awarded this year. We were treated to an excellent and enjoyable meal with the Archdruid Jim Parc Nest who was as usual very supportive. We learnt that the next Archdruid will be Christine James, a very accomplished poet. She will be the first woman to hold this post following, as Jim pointed out, the Cornish example. As always we were looked after by Mererid Hopwood in her exemplary fashion.

This year the Eisteddfod has coincided with the Olympic Games, has been held in a district where most of the people are English speakers and in a time of austerity. The Eisteddfod remains a fabulous festival of Welsh and with more than 15,000 coming each day, and without hearing many words of English it was a joy for us to be in Cowbridge.

Arch Druid
Wales for Ever! Kembra bys Vyken! Cymru am byth!

Skogynn Pryv

Cornish Remembrance Day, Penryn

penryn memorial

Shortly after 12.30 on Saturday 25th August - Penryn Fair Day - the ceremonies will open with the annual 15 minute Service of Remembrance at the Memorial Stone on the Green adjacent to the Commercial Road traffic lights.

This Service commemorates the many Cornish who, over the centuries, have given their lives for their Homeland. Civic dignitaries are joined by representatives of the Armed Forces, the Bards of Cornwall and members of the general public. All are welcome.

News from South West Wisconsin, USA

"The Cornish were amongst the first settlers in SouthWest Wisconsin, USA, in the 1830s, where they employed their skills to extract lead from the surrounding countryside.

In the last century it was possible to argue that there were more people of Cornish descent living in this area than of any other race. Still heavily populated with Rules and Jewells, the people of Mineral Point are proud of their heritage, at the centre of which are 'Pendarvis', the Gundry Mansion and the magnificent Library. At the heart of the recent renovation of this library is the bas-relief sculpture of local artist, Bruce Howdle, depicting this 'Little Cornwall beyond the Seas'."

As would be expected there are a number of Cornish Bards in the area, including Catherine Whitford who will be made a Bard in Camelford on the 1st September.

Catherine wrote these words to describe Howdle's work (see PDF document).

Gorsedh Kernow Council Awards and Competition Results 2012

For Gorsedh Kernow Council Awards 2012 please click here.

For Competition results 2012 please click here.

New Bards 2012

For a list of new Bards at the Camelford Gorsedd please click here

Grand Bard and Deputy Grand Bard elect

Mo and Merv

At the first meeting of the new Gorsedh Council, Maureen Fuller - Steren Mor, the current Deputy Grand Bard, was elected as the next Grand Bard of Gorsedh Kernow 2012-2015. Maureen entered the Gorsedh as a language Bard in 1977. Her deputy will be Merv Davey - Telynor an Weryn who for many years has been the Gorsedh Piper. Merv received a Bardship in 1978. They will be officially installed into office at the end of the Gorsedh Ceremony at Camelford on the 1st September.

Maureen will be installed as Grand Bard of Cornwall on 1st September 2012 at Camelford in north Cornwall, in the shadow of Roughtor. She will continue in office for 3 years. She is hoping to visit the Cornish overseas, especially in Australia where some of her family settled in the 19th century. She is looking forward to seeing their descendants and holding a gathering for the bards in Australia who will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of their Cornish Gathering Kernewek Lowender and the 30th Anniversary of the first bardic gathering next year.

Breton Gorsedd 2012

Breton Gorsedd

It was a long and exceptionally busy weekend for Mick Paynter and Maureen Fuller when they were in Brittany as delegates to the Breton Gorsedd.

After crossing the Channel from Plymouth to Roskoff on Saturday morning they travelled to Quimperle to attend a short ceremony in the town cemetery organised by local people to honour three famous men who had lived in that town and were buried in that graveyard. The first of these was the Viscount Hersant de Villemarque (KERVARKER) who wrote the Barzhas Breizh (the Poetry of Brittany) the most important book of Breton Culture. Matalin an Dall, the second of them was a well known piper who collected a great deal of the melodies of traditional Breton music; and the third was Dr Cottonoc, a well loved surgeon who organised in its modern form, the rules of Breton Wrestling and was also an important figure in the history of our Cornish Wrestling.

It rained heavily throughout this ceremony but later the sun was shining brightly in the sky. Then they visited Kerault Manor where they met the current Viscountess de Villemarque and studied the books in Kervarker’s library. After dinner at Pont Aven there was a brilliant firework display at about midnight absolutely without any rain.

Breton Gorsedd

After breakfast on Sunday the Grand Bard and Deputy Grand Bard, under the sun, the eye of the day, went with the Bretons to Arzhanou for the Gorsedd ceremony. This ceremony is much like the Cornish one but is smaller as there is not a large number of members. The Grand Druid, Per Vari Kerloc’h made a speech about Breton hopes for the new French President and especially the advancement of their language. As the ceremony finished some bards brought mistletoe for everyone who then were able to drink mead from a large horn. In the afternoon there was a hearty meal shared by about a hundred people. As usual the Breton hospitality exceeded all expectations.

In the evening, in another restaurant, the Cornish an Welsh delegates discussed with the Bretons matters both common and tricky in the world of the Gorsedds.

On Monday, at Roskoff, there was a Yeth an Werin with Cornish speaking Bretons. How wonderful that was.

Thanks again to the Bretons for their kindness in receiving us so well.

Can you help?

Gorsedh Kernow needs two volunteers please. Firstly we need someone to act as a PR/Press officer for our organisation. Secondly we need a co-ordinator for the Gorsedh stall at the Royal Cornwall Show.

If you can help with either of the above, or would like further details please contact secretary@gorsedhkernow.org.uk

Gorsedh Kernow 2011 Hellys/Helston DVD-R

A DVD of the afternoon Gorsedd ceremony 2011 at Helston is now available.

The price is £6, plus £1.20 p & p in the UK, £3 p & p Europe, and £4 for the rest of the world.

It is European PAL format on a DVD-R, color printed disk.

It comes in a DVD Library case with color printed sleeve.

Order form here (PDF document)

DVD cover

Holyer An Gof Awards 2012 (for Books published in 2011)

Holyer An Gof

The Grand Bard Mr. Mick Paynter/Skogynn Pryv recently attended the annual presentation evening for these literary awards which were set up by Gorsedh Kernow in memory of Redruth publisher Leonard Truran - Holyer an Gof.

The winner of the major overall award of the Holyer an Gof Trophy was "Falmouth Frameworks" by Brian Stewart, Paul Mitchell & Lynn Roberts - Publisher: Sansom & Company Ltd, Falmouth Art Gallery

Other winners were:
Souvenir Press. "Held by the Sea". Jane Darke
Evertype. "An Beybel Sans : The Holy Bible". Translation : Nicholas Williams
Dew Vardh. "Trurra". Bert Biscoe
Atlantic Press Ltd. "Howl on the Wind". Charmian Hussey
Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek. "Karol Nadelik (A Christmas Carol)". Translation : Steve Harris
Bears on Location Books. "The Bears of Porthors Go Tin Mining". Dale Reardon
Orion Children's Books. "Adventure Island - The Mystery of the Whistling Caves". Helen Moss
Scryfa. "Solid". Simon Parker
Federation of Old Cornwall Societies. "Good Fellowship of Padstow". Barry Kinsmen
David & Jan Penprase. "Harbour to Harbour". David & Jan Penprase
Francis Boutle Publishers. "Funding the Ladder. The Passmore Edwards Legacy". Dean Evans
Federation of Old Cornwall Societies. "Carols of the Stratton Hundred, North Cornwall". Bude Stratton Old Cornwall Society

For full details please see www.holyerangofawards.org.uk

Gorsedh Kernow: The Cornish Gorsedd 1928-2012


On Saturday 1st September 2012 the gathering of the Bards of Cornwall will take place in Camelford. As this year marks the end of the 3 year term of office of both the current Grand Bard, Skogynn Pryv and of his deputy Steren Mor, a new Grand Bard and Deputy Grand Bard will be installed at the ceremony.

Public attendance is free and welcomed.

Details of the ceremony and supporting events can be seen here.

The Awen Ceremony

Awen Ceremony

In past Celtic times, assemblies were regularly held at important sites throughout Britain, one of which was the ancient stone circle at Boscawen Un, in the parish of St Buryan on the high moors of West Cornwall. The stone circle is believed to date back to about 2000 BC, before the Celts settled in Britain.

On Midsummer's day, the Bards of Gorsedh Kernow returned to Boscawen Un for the Awen ceremony. This circle of 19 granite stones with a central stone leaning at an angle, was the site of the first Gorsedd in 1928, and first Awen ceremony last year.

A film of the Awen ceremony can be seen here.

Summary Report of Gorsedh Kernow AGM

Awen Ceremony

A total of 47 bards attended the AGM which was held in the Council Chamber of Lys Kernow (County Hall) on Saturday 16th June 2012. 23 bards sent apologies.

Bardh Meur thanked those members of the outgoing Council for their work during the last three years and gave his address in which he stressed the ongoing need for recruitment of younger people and outlined recent changes in the procedure for nomination of new bards.

He was also encouraged by the continuing growth of the influence of the Gorsedd and the increase in celebrations around Pirantide. He summed up by mentioning the significance of the presence of our national flag on the royal galley Gloriana flying as one of the nations of Britain and reminded us that there is much yet to do, so we’d better get on and do it.

Reports were presented and accepted by the various sub-committees. The treasurer’s report from David Lindo Carer Lowarthow was followed by a tribute to him from Carl Roberts Whyler Ertach Sen Ostell, as he has now retired. The new Treasurer, Jerry Rogers Mab Eglosvelyon, was introduced and approved unanimously by the assembled bards.

Cum Morek reported that there will be 15 people invited to become bards this year. They include 8 accepted through qualification in Cornish language, 2 from Australia and one from USA.

Following the election held earlier this year, the results were read out by An Skrifenyades. The Gorsedh Kernow Council will now consist of the following 20 elected members: Terry Bale, Russell Bennett, Bert Biscoe, Wella Brown, Eileen Carter, Marion Coombe, Howard Curnow, Merv Davey, Susan Davey, Peter Harvey, Terry Knight, Mike Millard, Pat Miller, Vanessa Moyle, Maureen Pierce, Alastair Quinnell, Phil Rendle, Colin Roberts, Barbara Shaw and Keith Shaw as well as the Grand Bard, Deputy Grand Bard, former Grand Bards, Treasurer and Secretary.

The following motion was carried:
Amendment to Rule 6a which at present reads:
"a) The Grand Bard, Deputy Grand Bard, Secretary and Treasurer (hereinafter called ‘the Officers’)"
To be amended to read:
"a) The Grand Bard and Deputy Grand Bard who will both be qualified by their competence in the Cornish Language, Secretary and Treasurer (hereinafter called ‘the Officers’)"

The following motion was carried:
"That Gorsedh Kernow becomes a member of the Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association."

The following motion was carried:
"That this AGM asks the Council of the Gorsedd to review procedures of election of the Grand Bard and Deputy Grand Bard and to present a report with recommendations to the AGM 2013."

The meeting closed and was followed by Evensong in the Long Gallery conducted by The Chaplain to the Gorsedd, Rev Jane Kneebone Colum Wyn.

Cornish Bards of the North Cornwall Area / Berdh Kernow Ranndir Kernow Gledh

To commemorate the 2012 Gorsedd taking place in Camelford, Gorsedh Kernow has put together a publication which details the lives and works of forty-six deceased bards who lived and worked, at least for part of their lives, in the North Cornwall area. There are also details of twenty-six living Bards, and the work they are doing for Cornwall now. This is the third in a planned series of publications covering the area in which the annual Gorsedh Kernow is held.

For further details and how to order a copy please click here.

Calendar and Christmas Cards for 2013

calendar 2013

A high quality Cornish, 13 month, calendar 2013 is available to Bards with dates of key annual Cornish events, festivals and celebrations including Gorsedh Kernow activities and dates. Days and months are in Cornish and English.

The Christmas cards are in packs of 5 assorted Cornish scenes, with a seasonal greeting in the Cornish language.

Also available is a selection of 5 assorted general notecards with a greeting in Cornish, designed and printed in Cornwall for Gorsedh Kernow. Order form here.

Marjorie Trevanion - 100 not out!

Family, friends and Bards were present at a special party for Marjorie Trevanion to celebrate her 100th Birthday. Marjorie has regularly entered Gorsedh Competitions and in 2008 won first prize in the class for Cornish verse. The widow of past Grand Bard Dennis Trevanion - Trevanyon, Marjorie was made a Bard in 1981, at Nance, Illogan.

Marjorie Trevanion - 100

Deputy Grand Bard Maureen Fuller - Steren Mor presented a special certificate to her from Gorsedh Kernow, marking the 100th Birthday of Rosen Wyn Evrok, White Rose of York.

Marjorie Trevanion

Summary Report of Gorsedh Kernow Council Meeting April 2012

GK Council

Kannas Bardh Meur gave an update on the Open Gorsedd at Camelford, the plans for which are progressing well with local involvement and publicity very positive.

St Piran’s Day was discussed. More towns have taken up processions and this is encouraging. A public statement from Bardh Meur will be given to the press to encourage local authorities to organise events in the run-up to St Piran’s Day next year as well as calling on bards to engage in events in their own localities.

Reports from sub-committees were presented and accepted with a large amount of time devoted to suggested changes to procedures on admission of bards. This will be discussed further.

A new committee is now in place to handle Gorsedd Competitions.

This year will see the election of a new Council – this happens every three years - and this is well under way with the results being announced at this year’s AGM in June.

The Gorsedd Proclamation at Camelford 2012

Proclamation Camelford

In spite of the unsettled weather of the previous days, the morning, though cold was sunny. With a banner welcoming the Gorsedd to Camelford hanging across the street, the procession of about 60 Bards led by the piper, Merv Davey - Telynor an Weryn, wound its way through the town to Enfield Park where the ceremony began with a welcome in Cornish from the Mayor.

In reply the Grand Bard thanked him and the people of Camelford for their hospitality, and presented the town with a framed piece of prose in Cornish by Tim Saunders - Bardh Gwerin.

Proclamation Camelford

After the short ceremony and the announcement that the main ceremony, the open Gorsedh would take place in the town on Saturday the 1st September, the procession returned to the Methodist church for refreshments.

News from Gorsedh Kernow Bards in Australia

Gathering at Eaglehawk

Eaglehawk (Bendigo) is the former gold mining town in Victoria, Australia where 20 Bards resident in Australia came together in March for their Bardic Gathering and to proudly promote their Cornish Heritage.

A huge crowd gathered to watch the ceremony and to the delight of those assembled, the girls dancing in the ceremony were step perfect.

Included in the photograph with the Bards and Banner Bearers are the Mayor Clr. Rod Fyffe, Former Victorian of the year Lola Miller, and Sister Cities (Bendigo and Penzance) President, Peter Mundy. Photographer was CAV Member Arthur Coates

Luncheon at Moonta

On a recent visit to South Australia the Gorsedh membership secretary, David Holman - Rifelwas, met up with the Bards of the Yorke Peninsula. Terry Johnson - Den a Bol, and Noel Carthew - Map Caddy, drove the 100 or so miles up from Adelaide to Moonta to join other Bards for lunch.

From left to right : David Holman (Rifelwas), Ros Paterson (Roslyn an Dyghow), Noel Carthew (Map Caddy), Terry Johnson (Den a Bol), Beth Vayne (Awhesyth Byasen), Liz Coole (Myrgh Moonta), Lilian James (Ula Ruthvelen), Paul Thomas (Map Wallaroo).

Dr Kaspar Stephen Hocking - Car Broghas

Kay at chess board

A celebration for the life of Kaspar was held recently when family, friends and colleagues came together to remember him and share their memories after his death in February at the age of 99.

Kaspar Hocking, was born in January 1913. He studied biology at Imperial College in London and worked for 30 years as an entomologist in East Africa (Tanganyika, Uganda, and Kenya), before retiring to Polwheveral, Constantine in 1967. Along with his younger daughter Vanessa Beeman he attended Hilary Shaw's Cornish class at Penryn both becoming Bards of Gorsedh Kernow in 1993, when he was 80. He was Chairman of Agan Tavas from 1996 to 1998, and in 2009 his Cornish translation of 'Around the Word in 80 Days' was published. With a passion for wildlife he was still attending meetings of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust of which he had been both its Chairman and President.

He regularly played chess running the Constantine school chess club for 6 years, and enjoyed cruising.

He was so proud when Vanessa became Grand Bard 2006 and again when his other daughter Shelagh Garrard received her Bardship in 2010.

I will always remember 'K' as a quiet, kind friend, a man of dignity so interesting to talk with, and someone who will be much missed by so many.

Kay in 1942

Pat Miller - Myrgh Jowna
Website manager

Gorsedd Proclamation 2012


The Gorsedd Proclamation will be held on 21st April 2012 at Camelford. Bards can robe in the Methodist Church in the main street from 10 am.

The Proclamation site is Enfield Park, entrance is in the main street by the bridge.

The Ceremony will start at 11 a.m.

There will be a short procession back to the Methodist Church for refreshments.

Gorsedh Kernow Competitions 2012


Can we remind everyone that the closing date for the 2012 competitions is Tuesday 17th April.

For full details click here for adults, and here for young people.

St Piran's Day Celebrations 2012

The distinctive flag of St Piran could be seen throughout Cornwall and overseas as Cornish communities came together to celebrate the feast day of their patron saint. The number of events continue to increase every year as more towns, villages and schools become involved. One of the towns participating with its first St Piran's day procession and shop window competition was Falmouth.

Perranporth / Falmouth / Perranporth


Truro / Bodmin



Summary Report of February 2012 Gorsedd Council Meeting

GK Council

Twenty-three Council Members attended the meeting which was held at The Quaker Meeting House in Truro.

Once again, a strong emphasis was placed on getting youth involvement and this sentiment was echoed by members of the Celtic Congress whose theme for this year’s conference will be ‘Youth’.

Good news came from Rod Lyon who reported that, although the BBC had had to make cutbacks, his Cornish Language radio programme remains safe at present.

The Admissions Secretary reported a decision to invite 17 people to become bards this year and the Council noted with delight the amount of sponsorship received for the Holyer an Gof publishing awards.

A preliminary report was presented with an aim to revamp the yearly Gorsedd competitions which are open to all and recommendations should be ready by the April meeting. The need for better publicity was also discussed.

All Cornish schools are to be surveyed in the coming weeks to see what they are planning for St Piran’s Day and bards are urged to contact their local school to encourage cultural events.

Preparations for the Open Gorsedd ceremony in Camelford are well under way. This year there will be a civic parade in the morning as well as the main event in the afternoon on Saturday 1st September. The Proclamation will take place in the morning on April 21st.

Gathering of Cornish Cousins

Lady of Flowers USA

Bards from all over North America attended the bi-ennial Gathering of Cornish Cousins in Mineral Point, Wisconsin in August 2011. The highlight of this four-day event was planned to be the Bardic Ceremony which was to be held on the lawns in front of the grand Gundry House on the edge of town.

Bard Howard Curnow, had been asked by Grand Bard Mick Paynter, to lead the proceedings, which they had scripted for the occasion back in Cornwall. However the visiting Bard from Cornwall, who has been to Mineral Point more than 20 times, was also enlisted as Town Crier and so, in the tail-end of a heat-wave, he paraded the (sheltered side of the) steep streets of the Town, announcing both the Ceremony and the (very successful) performance, in the newly-refurbished theatre, of 'The Cry of Tin'. This was led by fellow Bard, Eleanor Kenitzer - Steren an Cleth - who brought men from her Californian Grass Valley Choir to perform the different roles.

Expectations were rising as the final hour approached before the outdoor Ceremony by the Bards, but the Good Lord had other plans. He opened the Heavens, and in that one hour, five inches of rain fell on Mineral Point, leading folks to think that the Mississippi itself had been diverted.

Undaunted (as in Helston three weeks later) the Bards carried on with their Ceremony, out of respect for the planning, the expectations of the general public and so as not to disappoint the beautiful Lady of Flowers, Krystal Blabaum, who had learned her speech in Kernewek to perfection, a shortened Cermony went ahead (in the hotel dining room). Of course Krystal stole the show, but many comments of appreciation were voiced as this Cornish American Heritage Society Gathering, in this old lead-mining town with its rows of Cornish houses, came to a successful conclusion.


Cornish Bards of North Cornwall

Gorsedh Kernow (The Cornish Gorsedd) is being held at Camelford this year on Saturday 1st September. To coincide with the event, the Gorsedd's Archive and Publications Committee is working with the Old Cornwall Societies of Bude, Camelford, Padstow and Wadebridge, to produce a collection of short biographies of Bards who had some connection with the surrounding area. This book will be launched at the end of August 2012 during the week prior to the Gorsedd.

If you feel you can help in any way, then please contact the following Old Cornwall Societies:

Bude, - dreymer@btinternet.com (Audrey Aylmer), Camelford - rod@rkeat.freeserve.co.uk (Rod Keat), Padstow - jebucki@btinternet.com (John Buckingham) and Wadebridge - helen.richards0@btinternet.com (Helen Rawe)


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