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MAGA Conference 2010

Lostwithiel Community Centre was the ideal venue for the 5th conference, which gave an opportunity to look at progress over the past year and discuss plans for moving the language forward over the next three years. Most of the reports were delivered in Cornish, with simultaneous translation for those without the language.


The Development Manager, Jenefer Lowe (Gwythvosen), reported on the work of the Corpus Group, which has produced a provisional glossary in the Standard Written Form and is now working on a series of dictionaries ranging from one suitable for beginners and schools to an historical dictionary. There will be a review of the SWF in 2013, when there will be an opportunity to improve what we have and look at points that have not been well received by teachers, students and translators.

The present funding package expires at the end of March 2011 and a full application has been submitted to Cornwall Council and to the Government for funding for the next three years to 2014.

The two Education Officers, Pol Hodge (Mab Stenak Vur) and Mike Tresidder, gave a full account on progress made in introducing Cornish into schools, where the demand for Cornish often runs ahead of the provision of both teachers and materials.

The Status Group has made considerable progress in raising the profile of Cornish both at home and internationally. Bilingual street signage has now appeared throughout Cornwall and Cornish has been represented on many international bodies.

Further information from www.magakernow.org.uk

2011 Competitions Under Way


The 2011 Gorsedh Kernow competitions are now under way. There are classes for both adults and young people in poetry, prose, Cornish studies, music (in English or Cornish).

Full details of the classes and rules for entry are now available on this site. The closing date is 17th April 2011 and the awards will be presented by the Grand Bard at the Open Gorseth in Helston on the first Saturday in September 2011.

For full details click here for adults, and here for young people.

Holyer an Gof Trophy 2011

(for books published in 2010)

Holyer Shield

Entries are invited for this annual Gorsedh Award, which includes seven preliminary sections, plus two major overall awards, for prestigious publications on Cornwall or Cornish themes, from the calendar year 2010 only.

These publishers’ awards are given annually in memory of the late Leonard Truran of Redruth, a Cornish publisher, whose bardic name was Holyer an Gof – the follower of An Gof.

Closing date 18th February 2011.

For full details and form click here

Summary of October 2010 GK Council Meeting

GK Council

Progress is being made on the Mid Summer Awen Ceremony with two reports received from the Working Group tasked to develop the ceremony. A date of Sunday June 26 is being targeted for a return to Boscawen Un. It was agreed to target a venue within the Clay Country for next year.

Bewnans Kernow has been successful in obtaining a £1,000 grant from FEAST which it will match with its own Sector Development money from Cornwall Council to expand and develop St Piran’s Day events in Cornwall.

Approval was granted to the Australian Bards to gather in South Australia next year.

A report was given by Kannas Bardh Meur on the St Ives Open Gorsedd. There were a number of lessons that can be learned, as ever, but overall it was felt to be a very successful event.

A report was received from the Administrator regarding secretarial arrangements following his retirement from the role of Administrator at the end of the year. It was agreed to split the role with one individual with expertise in database management to carry out the role of Membership Secretary and another person with secretarial experience be appointed to the role of Council Secretary.

It was agreed to get nominations for Deputy Grand Bard to consider at the February 2011 Council meeting.

It was agreed that Brian Coombes remain in the role of Gorsedd Chaplain for the time pending a review of the role at the February Council meeting and a possible debate at the AGM.

The schedule of meeting dates for 2011 were agreed.

Reports were received from all Gorsedd officers and sub-committees.

The date of the next GK Council meeting is 5th February 2011.

Ted Chapman - Glywys Venta

Ted Chapman - Glywys Venta

Sad news. Our good friend Ted Chapman - Glywys Venta died on Wednesday the 13th October 2010.

The funeral took place on Saturday 23rd October at Penmount Crematorium, Truro.

For tributes please click here

Gorsedh Kernow Conference 2010

Group photo
John Brush, Brian Menear - Skoodhyer a Vandys Brest,
Philip Hunt - Lef a Vrest, Chris Blount - Edhen Avar, Tony Mansell

This year the annual conference took place at St Dennis Band Room and the theme was Brass Bands in Cornwall, their history and place in the community.

After the opening by the Grand Bard - Skogynn Pryv, Philip Hunt - Lef a Vrest talked about how Brass bands had originated in Cornwall, after which Brian Menear - Skoodyer a Vandys Brest identified the various instruments of the band, giving demonstrations of their individual sounds. Then John Brush spoke on the early brass bands and the contests.

After a pasty lunch the afternoon continued with Tony Mansell who spoke on the Brass band as part of Cornish history, culture and heritage. This was followed by Chris Blount - Edhen Avar who had brought archive recordings of an interview he had made with W.E. (Billy) Moyle the Cornish composer and conductor.

The day ended with music by the Barefoot Brass Ensemble a quintet of musicians who delighted the audience with music from Handel to Gershwin, and a surprise performance of 'Hail to the Gorsedd' a piece of music found by the Grand Bard in a St Ives shop which he had forwarded previously to Lef a Vrest.

A truly memorable conference, with special thanks to Philip for organising it, and to everyone who took part.

Rally at Saltash

On the 10th October at Saltash a rally was held about constituencies breaching Cornwall's border which is the river Tamar. To hear the Grand Bard's speech please click here.

2010 Saltash Rally

The Gorsedd works to support Cornwall's identity and culture, but is not affiliated to any political organisation.

Gorsedh Kernow Special Book Collection

Tremough Campus Library in agreement with Gorsedh Kernow is to develop a collection of books by and about Bards, which will be held in the Tremough Library Special Collection Area.

The Tremough Campus has been established since early 2000 and both University College Falmouth and the University of Exeter share the space. Tremough are keen to establish a Cornish identity to the campus and believe the Gorsedh Kernow Special Collection would be a significant addition.

The Bardic books will be added to the catalogue and the collection will be shelved in the Special Collections area, which already contains several collections with a Cornish theme, such as the Cornish Poets collection. Although the books will not be available to borrow, viewing the collection will be actively encouraged from not only Cornish Studies students and academics but also visiting school parties and the public. An area of the library website will also be dedicated to the collection.

To promote and celebrate the work of Gorsedh Kernow we would like to enlist your help and invite you to donate any books you may have by or about Bards, to help build this special collection.

Please click here for a form to be attached to each book, clearly labelled and marked for the attention of Rachael Browning,

    Liaison Librarian for University Exeter in Cornwall (HuSS and Law)
    University College Falmouth
    Tremough Campus
    Penryn, Cornwall TR10 9EZ. U.K.
In return receipt of the books will be acknowledged, and any item not accepted will be returned to you with an explanation.

The initiative has been set up by the Gorsedh Kernow Archives and Publications Committee.

If there are any individual queries please contact Ann Trevenen Jenkin chair of the above committee by email on pellgowser@btinternet.com, by telephone 01736 850332 or by letter to An Gernyk, Fordh an Chapel, Leedstown, Hayle TR27 6BA, Kernow, U.K.

Gorsedh Kernow 2010

GK 2010

On Saturday 4th September the 2010 Gorsedd was held in St Ives.

Although the weather was overcast many lined the narrow streets to watch the short morning procession of Bards and local dignatories as they proceeded through the town to the Memorial gardens where a warm welcome was received from the Mayor Mrs Yvonne Watson.

In the afternoon the sun was shining when the main procession of more than 300 Bards left the Guildhall to process to the Island where the ceremony was to take place. Some Bards had travelled from Australia and the USA to attend.

The Gorsedd was opened with the customary cry of peace. Delegates were present from Wales and Brittany, and the Gorsedd's new sword was used in the ceremony for the joining of the sword, a symbol of the uniting of the three Celtic nations.

To read the Grand Bard's speech please click here.

After the Flower Dance and the offering of the Fruits of the Earth by the Lady of Cornwall, the Deputy Grand Bard read out the names of the deceased Bards. As a symbol of continuity 16 new Bards were welcomed into the Gorsedd, following which awards and prizes were given out.

Oath of Loyalty

As the ceremony drew to a close The Grand Bard called all Bards to the Omborth to place a hand on the shoulder of the Bard in front, and when all were linked to the Swordbearer, the oath of loyalty was given and the song "Old Land of our Fathers" was sung with passion in what was a memorable setting with the sea gently lapping the shore.

In the evening a concert with Cornish music and songs was held in the Guildhall.

Gorsedh Kernow Council Awards 2010

For Gorsedh Kernow Council Awards 2010 please click here.

Gorsedh Kernow 2010 Conference

For details please click here.

National Eisteddfod 2010

Grand Bard and Deputy Grand Bard

The National Eisteddfod, this year held in Ebbw Vale in South Wales is a brilliant celebration of the Welsh language. Delegates from Kernow, Brittany, Scotland, Ireland, the isle of Man and Y Wladva (Welsh Patagonia) gathered together as guests of the Gorsedd of the Bards of the Isle of Britain for the Eisteddfod there for four days. Mick Paynter and Mo Fuller joined the other Celts on the Eisteddfod field to celebrate the Welsh language, Culture and our shared Celtic roots.

There were John Morrison and John McLeod from Scotland, Gweltaz and Maryse le Fur from Brittany, Hector MacDonald, Oscar Arnold and Gladys Thomas from Patagonia. Paul Salmon was the Manx delegate and Maire O' Laoire, Caitlin Ui Chochlainn and Mairaed were from Ireland. We were very happy to hear that the Gorsedd Y Wladfa holds its Gorsedd every October in Patagonia.

On the next day the Scots delegate made a speech on behalf of all the Celts in his fluent Scots Gaelic. That speech was well received by those listening in the Pavilion awaiting the Chairing of the Bard. We visited two more ceremonies of that type, the Crowning of the Poet , and the Medal for prose literature. As always we were looked after by Mererid Hopwood in her exemplary fashion.

This year the Eisteddfod has been held in a district where most of the people are English speakers but certainly many of them have been persuaded to become students of Welsh. The Eisteddfod is a fabulous festival of Welsh and with more than 18,000 coming each day, and without hearing many words of English it was a joy for us to be in Ebbw.

Wales for Ever! Kembra bys Vyken! Cymru am byth!

Skogynn Pryv

Competitions 2010

For Competition Results 2010 please click here.

Commemoration at Penryn

Penryn Memorial

There is a granite memorial in Penryn to the loss of Glasney College and the thousands of Cornish who died defending their faith and language. Every year a short ceremony takes place at this stone in Quay Hill (near the traffic lights). This year it will be at 12.30pm on Saturday 28th August.

Breton Gorsedd 2010

This year the Breton Gorsedd was held in Bro Gwened in the town of Arzano amidst meadows and green trees, the day brilliant under a bright sky before the sun, the eye of the day. Mick Paynter and Mo Fuller travelled from Cornwall as the Gorsedd's delegates. and Penry Roberts, Recorder of the Welsh Gorsedd and his wife Susan were there as delegates from Wales.


The Bretons accommodated the delegates in the Hotel des Ajoncs d'Or where the Artist Paul Gauguin lived in his day. The town of Pont Aven is very beautiful and we were all very happy to be there.

On Sunday a Breton bard took both ourselves and the Welsh in his car to another Hotel in Arzano and we met up with Per Vari Kerloc'h, the Grand Druid of Brittany and we drank fine coffee and chatted to the large crowd there. At about midday the procession to the field and the circle commenced and then the ceremony led by Per Vari and the other officers of the Gorsedd, on a rock in the middle of that fine field. There were many people there to support the event New bards were initiated and the two half swords were joined as a symbol that the three nations were but one people.

Per Vari made a fine speech in Breton about the tradition of the Gorsedd of Brittany and it's first Grand Druid and spoke of the many difficulties their culture has with the French State which had maybe forgotten its own values. Per Vari left the circle to repeat his speech in French for those who had no Breton. this year's ceremony was well ordered with fine music. It was excellent to see the young people initiated there.


After the ceremony Mick Paynter was interviewed by Breton TV (See here). A splendid meal was prepared afterwards for us and the large number of Gorsedd supporters, the kindness and fellowship of those people was exceptional. In the evening we met the Delegates and Gorsedd Officers again in a fine restaurant in Pont Aven. As always a brilliant day, thank you Per Vari and our good friends.

Skogynn Pryv

Summary of July GK Council Meeting


It was reported that the manufacture of a new ceremonial sword was progressing well. The new sword will be made in two halves and Cornish and Breton Bards will carry the two halves for the ceremonial joining by the Grand Bard who will pass the united sword to the representative of the Welsh Mother Gorsedd as a symbol of unity and friendship.

The Gorsedd conference set for 2 October is progressing well and will feature the topic of Brass Band music in Cornwall.

Plans are underway to develop a new mid-summer ceremony for Bards to gather at some of Cornwall’s ancient sites. The Open Gorsedd is so large now that only Town centres can accommodate the numbers. In the past, when the Gorsedd was not so big, the ceremonies took place at sites such as Boscawen-un, the site of the first gathering of the Modern Gorsedd.

A positive report on the progress towards the Open Gorsedd ceremony in Porthia was provided by Kannas Bardh Meur.

A report was received from the Competitions Review Sub-Committee aiming to make the number and types of competition classes reflect more contemporary values.

A review of the Awards will be undertaken by a sub-committee of Gorsedd Council members to achieve a similar aim.

A grant of £300 was provided to the Cornish Wrestling Association to ensure that the planned hosting of the Inter Celtic tournament with Brittany can go ahead at Wadebridge on 1 August. A Past Grand Bard will present the trophies at the tournament.

News of the American gathering of Bards was received and a delegation from Cornwall is expected to support the event in Wisconsin.

Reports were received from all Gorsedd officers and sub-committees.

The date of the next GK Council meeting is 23 October 2010.

Gorsedh Kernow

The Cornish Gorsedd 1928 - 2010
Saturday 4th September 2010

Porthia Guildhall
Photo by Mike Murphy © St Ives Archive Study Centre

The gathering of the bards of Cornwall this year is to take place in St Ives. Public attendance is free and welcomed. Details of the ceremony and supporting events can be seen by clicking on the following link. Click here.

New Bards 2010

For a list of new Bards at the St Ives Gorsedd please click here.

Gorsedh Kernow
Bards of the St Ives Area /
Berdh a'n Ranndir Porthia

To commemorate the 2010 Gorsedd taking place in St Ives, Gorsedh Kernow has put together a publication which details the lives of fifty-three deceased bards who lived and worked in the St Ives area. This is the first in a planned series of publications covering the area in which the annual Gorsedh Kernow is held.

For further details and how to order a copy please click here.

Holyer an Gof Awards 2010
(for Books published in 2009)

An Gof

These publishers’ awards are given annually in memory of the late Leonard Truran of Redruth, a Cornish publisher, whose bardic name was Holyer an Gof – the follower of An Gof. The original one book award has expanded from a single book to seven sections and three overall awards. This emphasises the continuing growth and strength of Cornish publishing, and publishing about Cornwall. There were 80 entries received from Cornwall, England, Wales, and overseas. The awards were presented by the Grand Bard, Mr. Mick Paynter/Skogynn Pryv.

For details of the awards please click here.

Can you help?

We need a safe place to store the Omborth, the mobile stage used in the Gorsedh's ceremonies from this September after the Open Gorsedh in St Ives. This is because the cover of the Omborth has been damaged at its present storage location near St Austell.

The Omborth should preferably be stored under cover. It is about 15 feet long, 7 feet wide and 6 feet 6 inches high when not in use.


If you can help, please contact the Gorsedh Marshall, Mike Millard on 01566 774298 or the Deputy Marshall, Tim Hambly on 01566 773716, tchambly@btinternet.com

Gorsedd AGM - Chairman’s Report

GK AGM 2010

Bardh Meur reported that the main issue was building on the work of the previous Grand Bard and Council in developing the role of Bewnans Kernow, which now boasted 60 member organisations all concerned with indigenous Cornish Culture. Work included a seat on the Cornwall Cultural Partnership which contributes to a growing working relationship between the Gorsedd, Bewnans Kernow and Cornwall Council.

He reported a growing demand for the presence of Gorsedd officers at cultural events in Cornwall and advised that he would need support from other officers to support him in attending these events as none should ever be turned down.

The new ceremonial sword was reported to be in prototype stage and would be ready for the Porthia Gorsedd negating the need for the Breton Gorsedd to bring theirs, with the customs issues that this incurs. The inscription on the sword will indicate that it is intended as a symbol of peace, but he acknowledged that some Bards have objections to the use of ceremonial swords.

He advised that following discussions with the Welsh Gorsedd, the Grand Bard and Deputy Grand Bard would be subject to election from the next occasion forwards.

The Welsh Gorsedd had also given in principle support for the proposed Awen Ceremony, to take place at historically significant sites in Cornwall. This will be planned for 2011 in East Cornwall and the Arch Druid of the Welsh Gorsedd is expected to attend if and when this is approved.

Bardh Meur called upon Kannas Bardh Meur to provide an update on the Open Gorsedd planned for Porthia in September. She reported that the ceremony will take place on the Island which will offer a picturesque setting for bards, guests and visitors. The Chairperson of the Local Organising Committee, Janet Axten, was reported as providing strong leadership to a solid team. She advised that the bardic circular would be released shortly which will contain all details for the event, including two clear maps for entering and leaving the Town. Cornwall Council was thanked for sorting out a difficult situation regarding the use of part of a car park for stalls. She emphasised that due to the location of the circle and the changing facilities, the procession would be a long one this year and bards with reduced mobility were encouraged to use the transport available. The AGM was advised that a very good quality celebratory mug was under production.

Bardh Meur asked an Menystror to read a communication from Ros Paterson from Australia and to keep a copy with the minutes. Bard Peter Williams advised that he had attended the Bardic Gathering at Eaglehawk in Victoria, Australia earlier this year and reported how proud Australians were of their Cornish roots.

Brian Stowell - Scryfer Kynyaf

Dr Brian Stowell of Douglas, Isle of Man has been nominated to receive the Tynwald's highest award. Brian was made an honorary Bard of Gorsedh Kernow at the International Celtic Congress in Bude in 2000 taking the Bardic name Scryfer Kynyaf. Dr Stowell has worked extensively for the language and culture of the Isle of Man over many years.

He is an active member of the International Celtic Congress and has held several of its offices including President. The Grand Bard has sent congratulations on behalf of Gorsedh Kernow. To read the letter please click here.

Dr Brian Stowell
Photograph is courtesy of
Isle of Man Newspapers

Summary of April 2010 GK Council Meeting


The 2010 Gorsedd Conference is progressing with the title ‘Brass Bands in Cornwall, their History and Place in the Community’. The date is to be Saturday 2 October, which unfortunately clashes with the Federation of Old Cornwall Society’s (FOCS) AGM. This is due to key brass band presenters being away at the Great Britain Titles on the weekend normally allocated for our Conference. Bardh Meur has tendered a formal apology to the President of the FOCS.

A detailed report was provided by Kannas Bardh Meur on progress towards the 2010 Open Gorsedd in St Ives. The Local Organising Committee was reported to be working very well with everything falling into place.

GK Council has appointed a small sub-committee to review the Competitions Programme which is losing money from its budget each year. The sub-committee will report back in time for any new arrangements to be put in place for the Helston Open Gorsedd the following year.

GK Council also appointed a small sub-committee to review the Awards Programme to ensure it is meeting current requirements. It was agreed that the two Frank Pascoe trophies will no longer be awarded, but all other awards will continue at St Ives, as they have done in recent years, with any new arrangement to take effect for Helston in 2011.

It was agreed that a small group of Gorsedd councillors will develop a proposal for a Gorsedd ceremony that may be held at Midsummer at some of Cornwall’s historic sites, such as Boscawen-un - the place of the first modern Gorsedd. If agreed by Council, and the Welsh and Breton Gorseddau having been informed, it will be a public ceremony at midsummer. The Open Gorsedd in September will continue to be the Gorsedd’s main public event.

Reports were received and accepted from all officers.

The date of the next GK Council meeting is 10th July 2010.

Proclamation Ceremony 2010

Proclamation Ceremony 2010

The 2010 Gorsedd Proclamation was held on the 17th April at St Ives, and presided over by the Grand Bard, Mick Paynter - Skogynn Pryv.

It was a sunny Spring morning, although with a cool breeze. About 50 Bards from all over Cornwall gathered at the Guildhall from where the procession led by Gorsedd piper, Merv Davey - Telynor an Weryon wound its way up Tregenna Hill to the Malakoff Gardens.

The Mayor welcomed the Gorsedd and in reply the Grand Bard spoke of the Cornish language and culture,and thanked the Mayor and people of St Ives.

To read the Grand Bard's speech please click here.

The ceremony commenced with the Call for Peace, the ceremony of the Lady of the Flowers, the Proclamation of the Open Gorsedd in September and the song 'Bro Goth Agan Tasow' before ending once again with the Call for Peace.

Afterwards the procession returned down Skidden Hill to the Guildhall where tea, coffee and biscuits were provided.


Welcome Home Cousin Jack and Bardic Gathering 2010
Eaglehawk, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Eaglehawk 2010

The Festival at Eaglehawk (Bendigo) was attended by 24 Bards of Gorsedh Kernow, including Peter Williams - Map Carrek Dhu of Ponsanooth, and Bard Paul Thomas - Map Wallaroo, and Mayor of the Copper Coast in South Australia.

The Grand Bard of Gorsedh Kernow sent a message to the Bards and people of Bendigo which was received with great applause.

During the Festival there was a procession in which over 100 school children danced the Flora, followed by over 200 Cornish descendants all carrying banners and wearing Cornish Tartan and St Piran Flags.

Finally nine Bards bought up the rear of the Cornish contingent. The applause from the huge crowd assembled was deafening and four Bards all with Bendigo in their Bardic name walked together.

The Mayor of the City of Greater Bendigo Cllr. Rod Campbell gave great support for the Festival and also offered assistance in the work to place a monument at St.Just Point to commemorate the solidarity between Bendigo and Kernow and remember with pride their ancestors, who in the 19th century came from Kernow and made it the world's richest goldfield.

Many times over the weekend the words "Kernow Bys Vyken" rang out loud, and long may they do so.

For more pictures please click here

St Piran's Day 2010


Hundreds of people in Cornwall and across the world came together on Friday March 5th, St Piran's Day, to celebrate the patron saint of tin miners and their own Cornish identity.

It was near perfect weather in Cornwall with the sun shining on the hundreds of people with flags waving and children dancing, as the processions wound their way through the towns . There were also lunches and dinners held to celebrate the feast day.

On the Sunday hundreds took part in the annual walk following the St Piran play across the dunes to the site of St Piran's Oratory at Perranzabuloe.

The CASA Yorke Peninsula branch held a St.Piran's Day lunch in the historic Moonta Mines Sunday School Hall for more than one hundred people.

Yorke peninsula

Left to right are Margaret Curnow, Matt Curnow (Chaplain of CASA) of Adelaide, and Bard Peter Williams - Map Carrek Dhu and his wife Dawn of Ponsanooth, Cornwall. The flag of St Piran decorated the tables for the pasty lunch.

Peter also attended a St Piran lunch in Adelaide, held by the 110 year old Cornish Association of South Australia where he proposed the toast to St Piran.

For more pictures from around the world please click here

Gorsedd Proclamation 2010

St Ives

The Gorsedd Proclamation will be held at St Ives 17th April. The procession to the Malakoff, St.Ives will start at 10.30am at the Guildhall, Street an Pol. Bards can robe in the Guildhall which will be open for them from 9:30am

Summary of February GK Council Meeting


A report was provided on the trip to Copenhagen by a group of Cornish students and their supporters towards which the Gorsedd made a financial contribution by way of support.

The call for donations for a new ceremonial sword has reached its target and will be made in time for the 2010 Open Gorsedd ceremony in St Ives.

A report was received from the Admission Secretary detailing those initiates that had been recommended for Bardship following consideration from the Admissions Sub Committee. The recommendations were supported by the GK Council.

The membership of the various Gorsedd sub-committees was considered and memberships agreed for the triennium.

Suggestions were made in regard to the Gorsedd October Conference and it appears likely that this year’s conference will follow developments of Brass Band music in Cornwall.

Reports were received from all Gorsedd officers and sub-committee convenors.

The date of the next GK Council meeting is 24 April 2010.

Gorsedh TV

A play at the St Ives Cornish weekend and a new book (Kernewek), Cornish Language Creche (English)

BBC Radio Cornwall visits Melbourne

Melbourne 2010

Prior to his broadcast from Melbourne on Cornwall's Breakfast program, interviewer Denis Nightingale visited Bendigo. Here he is pictured standing in front of the town's statue to the Cornish Miner with the Mayor of Bendigo Cllr Rod Campbell, George Ellis and Tom Luke of the Bendigo Cornish Association.

He also visited St Just Point, where it is hoped that a monument will be erected to the Cornish miners who made Bendigo the richest goldfield in the 19th Century. Also in Newquay on the 20th February, the massed Cornish Male Voice Choirs held a concert to raise funds for it.

Sadly St.Just Point and it's little Cornish miners' cottages was razed in the tragic fires of Black Saturday in February 2009.

St Ives Bards

Gorsedh Kernow (The Cornish Gorsedd) is being held this year at St Ives on Saturday 4th September.

To coincide with the event, the Gorsedd's Archive and Publications Committee is working with the St Ives Trust Archive Study Centre to produce a collection of short biographies of around fifty deceased bards who had some connection with St Ives, Carbis Bay or the surrounding area. This booklet will be launched during the week leading up to the Gorsedd.

Whereas plenty is known about such bards as Robert Morton Nance, Peter Lanyon and Barbara Hepworth, the same cannot be said of others, many of whom have been largely forgotten.

Part of the brief of this project is to celebrate the lives and achievements of these lesser-known bards. Those researching them would, therefore, welcome any information about the following:

    Annie Bainsmith (1951), Captain Bruce Bainsmith (1951), Jane Hollow Curnow (1953), Richard Bernard Fishwick (1943), Catherine Gyles (1951), Henry Hodge (1949), May S. James (1931), Reginald Jennings (1963), Jane Kelynack (1935), Alfred Mata (1931), Charles Short Murrish (1937), Florence Nankivell (1962), Margaret Ricketts (1980), William Sandow (1955), Ethel Shakerley (1950), Dorothea Sophia Smith (1960), Margaret (Marjorie) Thornley (1953), Mamie Townsend (1979), Ivah Treffry Westlake (1938), Joyce Wigley (1963), Edith Williams (1951)
The year in which they were received into the Gorsedd appears after each name.

If you feel you can help in any way, then please contact:
    The St Ives Trust Archive Study Centre
    Upper Parish Room, St Andrew's Street
    St Ives, TR26 1AH, Cornwall
    Tel: 01736 796408
    Email: supervisor@stivestrust.co.uk

A Thank You to Glywys Venta - Ted Chapman


During Ted's time as manager of the Gorsedh website, he has worked tirelessly for its success by directing traffic to it with regular updates, news items and innovations such as video clips, whilst constantly adding to the information archives. He has kept the world in touch with the Gorsedh, in particular Australia where descendants of the diaspora eagerly await news from Cornwall.

He has put much care into the website's content and its small but important details, and we are so pleased he agreed to remain on its committee. With his unfailing good humour, kindness, friendship and support, his work over the last 8 years is much appreciated and we thank him and wish him success with his new projects.

Pat Miller - Myrgh Jowna, Website Manager

We are fortunate Ted Chapman has worked for many years to strengthen and beautify our website. Ted is lucky he can take a little rest now. And we are certainly fortunate that Ted is to continue on the website committee.

Well done, good and faithful comrade.

Mick Paynter - Skogynn Pryv, Grand Bard

Bards attend Constantine Event

Tolmen Centre
Tolmen Centre, Constantine, January 2010

Three Bards of Gorsedh Kernow participated in the annual Heritage Centre event.

Merv - Telynor an Weryn and Alison Davey - Corolyores held a dance workshop and Professor Philip Payton - Car Dyvresow delivered an interesting talk about John Betjeman in Cornwall

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