George Pawley White - Gunwyn

George Pawley White - GunwynThe passing of Gunwyn (pronounced "goonwin") marks the end of an era.

He was the last Bard to know Henry Jenner, whom he described as looking like Moses.

Gunwyn was born 26 May 1907 and attended school in Penzance.

Gunwyn was a legendary figure in Cornwall and his obituary covered a half page in The Times (London 2 September 2006). Amongst the many tributes that flowed in was the following via Bard Ros Paterson / Roslyn an Dyghow of the South Australia Cornish Association.

An obituary for George Pawley White - Gunwyn - Past Grand Bard

Much venerated George Pawley White - a life member of the Cornish Association of South Australia, died in Cornwall on 24th August 2006 at the grand age of 99 years and three months.

Pawley White, as he was known to all, was a bank manager in his working life, and in the political sphere was the treasurer of Mebyon Kernow believing in self government for the Cornish. He was held in high regard as the 4th Grand Bard of the Cornish Gorsedd and served from 1964 to 1970.

Pawley White was a lay preacher for the Methodist Church in Cornwall. Amongst many uplifting moments in his religious life he stated that preaching at the Heritage Church Service during a Kernewek Lowender at the Moonta Mines Uniting Church was his most satisfying experience.

The past grand bard conducted Gatherings of the Bards in Australia at Moonta and Ballarat. He served on the Bardic Council for many years. Pawley White and his wife, Ethel / Rosvur were gracious hosts to many Cornish exiles. Following his first trip to Australia, five of our members were guests in his home at Tregenna.Lane, Camborne, Cornwall.

Pawley White was very interested in historical matters and his book "A Handbook of Cornish Surnames" is well regarded to this day. He was a vice president of the Royal Institution of Cornwall. He was a most supportive vice president of the Cornish Methodist Historical Association.

George Pawley White leaves a son Martin and family who cared for Pawley White in latter years.

A 27 minute interview with Gunwyn recorded in July 2000 with his memories of the early days is available from the Gorseth on DVD.


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