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Why Gorsedh Kernow?

Procession in Falmouth

 Open Gorsedh in Falmouth, 2000

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Gorsedh Kernow exists to maintain the national Celtic spirit of Cornwall:

  • to promote the study of literature, art, music and history;

  • to promote the study and use of the Cornish language;

  • to maintain and nurture links with other Celtic cultures;

  • to provide a forum and encouragement to all who work to further these aims.

The Gorsedh is non-political, not affiliated to any religion, non-profit-making and, contrary to some belief, has no connection with Druidism or any pagan practices.

It exists solely to uphold the Celtic traditions of Cornwall and to honour men and women who have made outstanding contributions to Cornwall and its ancient culture, history and language.

How does Gorsedh Kernow do this?

Gorsedh Kernow pursues its aims by holding annual competitions and awarding trophies for excellence;

  • by awarding Bardships to individuals for meritorious work for Cornish culture;

  • by holding the Open Gorsedh ceremony each year;

  • by responding to requests for information and supporting many fora, committees, agencies, etc. with delegates;

  • by providing a focal point for Cornish societies and interest groups in Britain and worldwide.

John Bolitho and Rod Lyon

Grand Bard, John Bolitho/Jowan an Cleth, and Deputy Grand Bard, Rod Lyon/Tewennow, at the Open Gorsedh in Falmouth, 2000.

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