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front cover of Gorseth Kernow videoGorseth Kernow video

The official Gorseth Kernow video of the ceremony in Launceston is now available.

The PAL VHS video, which runs for 2 ½ hours, also includes highlights from the evening concerts and fireworks. It costs £5 plus p+p (£1 in UK, £2 Europe, £3 rest of world) and can be obtained from the Secretary.

Please note that enquiries from people living in Australia should be addressed to Tom Luke. NTSC versions are £1 extra. All remittances must be in Sterling.


Towards a University for Cornwall

Combined Universities in Cornwall (CUC) is a Partnership of the Universities and Further Education (FE) Colleges which provide Higher Education (HE) in Cornwall. The proposed Incubator Units and Business Development Programmes make it a major economic regenerator. It builds on the existing HE work at Falmouth College of Arts, Camborne School of Mines, The Institute of Cornish Studies, and the FE Colleges. Its unique structure of a RIM of FE Colleges and a HUB at Tremough, Penryn, suits Cornwall.

artist's impression of the new Hub at Tremough

As well as an 80-90 million building programme at Tremough there are already two new HE buildings in Truro, two at Trevenson Redruth, and one each at Rosewarne (Camborne), St Austell, Newquay and Callington, plus extensions at Saltash and Trevenson. A new site at Penzance is being planned.

By about 2015 HE student numbers will have risen to 10,000 and the initiative will continue to work towards a University for Cornwall


Exciting finds at excavation in Cornwall

Report by Vanessa Beeman (Gwenenen)

column uncovered at Glasney

The excavation at Glasney Recreation Ground, directed by Dick Cole, was very successful in that enough of the walls was found to establish that it was definitely the site of Glasney Collegiate Church. Despite the fact that the walls had been extensively used elsewhere in the area after the Reformation, there were still many pieces of carved stone from the pillars on the site.

It was very exciting to see many fragments of the decorated floortiles, some painted with animals and others patterned. For example, there are birds, fishes, and even a lion on them. There were also found fragments of plaster with red paints and flecks of gold, ridge tiles from the roof, and many small items. It was especially important to Cornish speakers as the source where the Ordinalia and other plays were written in the Cornish Language.

tiles uncovered at Glasney


New tartan for Brittany

Brittany now has a new tartan. There are two designs: the Brittany National Tartan and the Brittany Hunting (or walking) Tartan.


Cornish Sub-committee of the European Bureau for Lesser-used Languages

Welcome sign at Penzance railway station

The Sub-committee held its six-monthly meeting on 20 February 2003. It was agreed to adopt the Cornish language news website run by Matthew Clarke (http://www.geocities.com/cornishnews) which will in future be operated under the Sub-committee's name. A grant has been received from Cornwall Council to develop the site, which will in future accommodate different spellings.

Cornwall Council has arranged the first tripartite meeting with Government Office Southwest and representatives of the language movement to start the process of implementing the terms of the European Charter for Minority Languages as regards Cornish. The first task will be to produce a draft strategy to spell out the concrete measures the Council will need to take to move the process forward.

The next meeting of the Sub-committee will be on 18 September 2003.




cover of 2003 calendar
2003 calendar - page for March

Barbara Shaw (Mentenour an Ertach), Gorseth secretary, produced a few sample copies of a Gorseth calendar for 2003. She would like to know how many people would be interested in a Gorseth calendar for 2005. She would also like to know the amount of support there might be for a bilingual Christmas card.

Please send your comments to secretary@gorsethkernow.org.uk.


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