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Gorseth Kernow Council Awards /
Pewasow Consel an Orseth Kernow, 2006

The Awards are presented by the Grand Bard at the Open Gorseth.

Pewasow a res gans Barth Mur dhe'n Orseth Ygor.


Hanaf Frank Pascoe
Pewas res dhe berson yowynk rak colonnekter hag ervyrans stowt erbyn let.
Frank Pascoe Cup
Awarded to young person for courage and determination in the face of handicap.

Rosie Howis - Heamoor - a keen fundraiser and inspiration to others despite a serious health problem.

Scos Cowethas Kernewek A Loundres
Rak gonys dres eghen dhe Gernow ha dhe dus Kernewek.
London Cornish Association Shield
For outstanding services to Cornwall and Cornish people.

Sir Richard Trant - Soudor a Gernow and past Chairman of Cornwall Heritage Trust.

Medal Bras Pewas Map Trevethan
Rak gonys dhe Gernow gans nebonen usy ow tryga yn-mes a Gernow.
The Paul Smales Medallion
For services to Cornwall by someone living outside Cornwall.

Graham Pearce - Maidstone, Kent - for over fifty years a keen member of three Cornish Associations in England.

Weryson An Gannas
Rak avonsyans a Gernow tramor.
The Ambassador’s Trophy
For the promotion of Cornwall Overseas.

Katrine & Patric Lohro Pasco - Brandivy, Brittany - for fifteen years hosts then visitors to Breton and Cornish Festivals (accepted on their behalf by a friend, Ann Mason)

Aventuryans Kernow
Rak cowlwryans dres eghen yn Kernow gans nebonen usy ow tysquedhes dallethyeth ha drehedhes sowena.
Cornwall Enterprise
For outstanding achievement in Cornwall by someone showing initiative and attaining success.

Nicholas Johnson and the Historic Environment Group which has worked for a decade on the recently recognised World Heritage Site status for Cornish Mining

Music Awards

Scos An Orseth
Rak gonys dres eghen dhe ylow yn Kernow.
Music Shield
For outstanding services to music in Cornwall.

Russell Jory / Cryer Ylow – Maker of Music for over half a century, particularly in Penzance.

Hanaf Sampson Hosking
Pewas res dhe ganoryon aga honen a os.
Sampson Hosking Cup
Awarded to senior solo singers.

Catherine Pearce – Penzance – for over thirty years an outstanding soloist.

Hanaf Cowethas Kernewek A Bournemouth
Rak Bagas Ylow an Gwella.
Bournemouth Cornish Association Cup
For the Best Music Group

Truro Methodist Church Choir – Musical Director Philip Davey, himself a renowned organist.

Weryson Menestrouthy Brest
Brass Band Trophy

Constantine Silver Band – represented by its Chairman for 30 years, Mr. W.D. Down.

Scos Treverva
Rak kennerth a wryans-ylow gans tus yowynk.
Treverva Shield
For the encouragement of music-making by young people.

David Hendry – Head of Expressive Arts at Fowey College, where musical performances encompass all aspects of the art

Crows Cornwhylan
Rak gwaryow ylow a syns neppyth cryjyk.
Cornwhylan Cross
For musical performances which include a religious element

Albert Kemp – founder member in 1944 of Four Lanes Choir and proud to perform at the Gorsedd Concert.

Holyer An Gof

An re ma a res dhe'n dhylloryon lyver a sew.
These are made to the Publishers of the following books :
  • Class 1: Books in Cornish
    Gerlyvrik by Dr Ken George
    Commended: Vocabularium Cornicum by J Calvete

  • Class 2: Children's Books
    Brave Tales by Will Coleman
    Commended: Ingo by H Dunmore

  • Class 3: Mainly Illustrative
    Blessings of the Light by J Batten

  • Class 4: Adult Fiction, Poetry and Drama
    The Ordinalia by Alan M. Kent
    Commended: The Short Day Dying by Peter Hobbs
    Proper Job Charlie Curnow by Alan M. Kent
    Apocalypse Dreckly by Roy Phillips

  • Class 5: Adult non fiction
    A.L. Rowse and Cornwall by P. Payton (+ overall award)
    Commended: Letters to Lydia by B Eaton,
    Carnon Downs Backalong by EJ Irwin

  • Class 6: Books under £12
    St Agnes Down Quay by C Benney
    Commended: Around Peranporth, St Agnes and Porthtreath by Bob Acton
    Meditations on Carn Brea by Bert Biscoe & C Jones
    Eglosow Kernow/Cornish Church Poems by Donald Rawe
    Seny by Esme Francis

  • Class 7: Books over £12
    Heligan by McMillan Browse
    Commended: Crosses in a Gold Field by Gage McKinney

  • Literary Salver
    The short day dying by P Hobbs

  • Lifetime Award To Cornish Publisher
    Donald Rawe / Scryfer Lanwednock

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