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Statement from the Ad-Hoc Group 19 12 2007
A Standard Written Form for Cornish

The Ad-hoc group set up to work with the Arbiter on a Standard Written Form for Cornish met again on the 13th and 14th December.

We are pleased to announce that the representatives of the Cornish language groups and orthographies achieved an agreement†by the end of the meeting on the principles for a standard written form of Cornish.

Details will be available†from the MAGA† web site.

Bi lingual sign

Kernewek Lowender AGM December 2007

Australian Bards

Three rather special bards at the Lowender AGM held recently at Kadina on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia.

Bard Richard Hancock - Patron of Kernewek Lowender, Lillian James Cornish Language Bard and foundation president of the Cornish Association of South Australia Yorke Peninsula Branch with Mayor of the Copper Coast and President of Kernewek Lowender, Bard Paul Thomas.

A†photo of three†bards still working hard for the glory of Cornwall.

Gorseth Conference 2007

View of St Ives from the Conference Centre

The Gorseth Conference was held on Saturday 13th October in St. Ives.

The theme was the Life and Work of Robert Morton Nance, Mordon, to celebrate a new book published on behalf of the Gorseth, and the day began with two papers from Derek Williams and Peter Thomas on the Celtic Congress of 1926 and Mordon's Spirituality.

After that, there were five readings from his work by Peter Thomas, Mick Paynter, Roy Phillips, Ann Trevenen Jenkin and Tamsin Donaldson (Mordon's Grand-daughter).

In the afternoon, two groups visited St Ives Museum and St Ives Archives in turn. We are grateful to everyone who helped.

At the Conference

Holyer an Gof Trophy 2008

Holyer Shield

Entries are invited for this annual Gorseth Award, which includes seven preliminary sections, plus two major overall awards, for prestigious publications on Cornwall or Cornish themes, from the calendar year 2007 only.

Full details are available from:

Ann Trevenen Jenkin, tel 01736 850 332 or email

Penzance Gorsedd

Penzance Gorsedd

A fine, dry day, superb organization and a local team of helpers all helped to make the 2007 Gorseth a wonderful experience.

The afternoon procession, led by the Golowan band followed a route decorated with dozens of black and gold banners.

A packed St Johns Hall appreciated the 3 choirs, a play in Cornish by children from St Hilary school, and a feast of talent.

For the speech by the Grand Bard please click here and photographs click here.

2008 Competitions Under Way

The 2008 Gorseth Kernow competitions are now under way. There are classes for both adults and young people in poetry, prose, Cornish studies, music (in English or Cornish), art and photography.

Full details of the classes and rules for entry are now available on this site. The closing date is 31st March 2008 and the awards will be presented by the Grand Bard at the Open Gorseth in Looe on the first Saturday in September 2008.

For full details click here for adults, and here for young people.

"Setting Cornwall on its Feet"

Book Launch
Douglas Williams, (Vanessa Beeman), Peter Thomas, Derek Williams,
Tamsin Donaldson, Ros Prigg, Ann Jenkin and Rod Lyon

During the Cornish Eisteddfod at Penzance this year, the new book 'Setting Cornwall on its Feet' was launched - a book about the work done by former Grand Bard Robert Morton Nance (Mordon).

The launch was by Bard Douglas Williams (Lef ha Pluven) on Thursday the 29th of August at the Morrab Library. The book is a collection of essays by different authors, each individually recounting the various aspects of the work done by this noted man for Cornwall.

The book was published by Francis Boutle Publishers and carries a price of £12.50.

Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru

Eisteddfod 2007
Mererid Hopwood - Welsh Gorsedd Liaison, Keith Shaw - Kaswydh,
Barbara Shaw - Mentenor a'n Ertach - Scryvynyades, Adrian Morgan - New Welsh Bard,
Vanessa Beeman - Gwenenen - Barth Mur and Ludovic Louboutin - Breton Bard

The National Eisteddfod of Wales, Mold, Flintshire, held on the 5th to the 12th of August, was as colourful and as bustling as ever.

Delegates from the five Celtic Countries were invited to the national Eisteddfod of Wales from the 5th to the 9th of August. Representing Gorseth Kernow were Vanessa Beeman, Barbara Shaw and Keith Shaw.

Eisteddfod 2007
Keith Shaw - Kaswydh, Vanessa Beeman - Gwenenen - Barth Mur,
Selwyn Griffith - Archdruid, Barbara Shaw - Mentenor a'n Ertach - Scryvynyades

The weather was kind for the Gorsedd ceremony on Monday, held outside at the Stones to receive the Initiates. Later in the day, Tudur Dylan Jones was Crowned amidst much ceremony and excitement. At 20.30 in the evening, there was an excellent concert with Dafydd Iwan, who is President of Plaid Cymru, but also a singer-songwriter. There was another good concert from the Eisteddfod Choir on Tuesday.

Finally, on Wednesday, we witnessed the bestowing of the Prose Medal, which was won by a young woman, and in the evening, all the Celtic Guests met with Gorsedd Dignitaries for dinner and goodbyes.

New Bards 2007

For a list of the new bards at the Penzance Gorsedd please click here

Gorseth Kernow -
The Cornish Gorsedd 2007

Carrek Los yn Cos
Carrek Los yn Cos

Saturday 1st September 2007.

Penlee Park, Penzance.

For further information please click here.

Gorseth Council Awards 2007

The Awards made by the Council of Gorseth Kernow can be seen by clicking here

Breton Gorsedd - July 2007

Breton Gorsedd 2007

This year there were two delegates from the Cornish to the Breton Gorsedd, the Deputy Grand Bard Mick Paynter and Phil Rendle.

We must note the peerless kindness and hospitality of the bards in Britanny.

On the Gorseth day the weather was excellent and we really were under the sun, the eye of the day.

Although the Grand Druid, Gwenc'hlan was present, and sitting in his place, the ceremony was led by his Deputy Per Vari Kerloch. This year the two parts of the broken sword were joined by Phil Rendle (Cornwall) and Edith Guenguino (Britanny) and presented to Mererid Hopwood (Wales).

After a speech from the Welsh Delegate Mererid Hopwood Mick Paynter spoke for Cornwall. He said he was happy to bring good wishes from the Grand Bard, Vanessa Beeman, and the Council of the Cornish Gorsedd. The delegates were also pleased to be in this place with their cousins both Breton and Welsh on this brilliant day. BRITANNY FOR EVER!

The Deputy Grand Druid replied in Cornish CORNWALL FOR EVER!

There were two new bards received in our midst by the Arch Druid Gwenc'hlan. After singing the Breton Anthem the Bards drank from a horn of mead or chuchenn and the Gorseth was over.

Mick Paynter, Skogynn Pryv

Proclamation in Falmouth


A second Proclamation ceremony took place in Falmouth on Thursday 26th July 2007. This coincided with the Celtic Congress week, when delegates from Alba, Breizh, Cymru, Eire, Kernow and Mannin were atttending cultural events at Tremogh, Penryn. Due to rain the Proclamation took place in the Maritime Museum. About 60 Bards attended.

To see a video clip of the Proclamation please click here.

Gorseth Announces Competition
Results for 2007


Results for the Adult and Childrens classes can be seen by clicking on the following link, winners 2007.

Progress with the Cornish Language

Bi-Lingual sign

A report by Jory Ansell / Caradok was given to the Gorseth meeting at County Hall, Truro on Saturday 2nd June 2007. A copy of the bilingual report, as submitted, can be read by clicking here.

Christian Prayers and Readings

Launch of the new book
Keith Syed/ Gwig Los, Grand Bard Vanessas Beeman / Gwenenen,
and the Rev Brian Coombes / Cummow at the launch of the new book.

A new edition of the Lennlyver Berr, a book of readings and prayers for various occasions during the year, was used for the first time at a service for St Petrok following the Closed Gorsedd on Saturday 2nd June. The original edition of 1978 has been expanded to include, amongst others, the Feasts of St John the Baptist and St German. The work has been carried out by Keith Syed (bard Gwig Los) with the co-operation of the Bishop of Truro's Advisory Group and published by the Cornish Language Board. The Bishop has provided a Foreword as did his predecessor in 1978.

The book is in KK and a CD in KU is also available.

Map Kernow

Map Kernow

Map Kernow, the 8.5m / 25ft statue of a Cornish miner at Kapunda, South Australia, was re-dedicated on Sunday 3rd June 2007.

Nine of South Australia's Bards of the Cornish Gorsedd were present at the event and around 25 CASA members. The ceremony had songs sung by the Cornish Association of South Australia's Singing Group, a welcome from the Mayor of the District Council of Light, speeches by various dignitaries and a re-dedication prayer given by the incoming Chaplain of C.A.S.A. Rev. Matt Curnow.

A message of congratulations and support from the Chairperson of the Cornwall County Council was read in English and translated into Cornish by Bard Lilian James of Moonta. Anthems and songs sung were Advance Australia Fair, Trelawny, Hail to the Homeland and There is a Land in Cornish

Grand Bard meets Australian Cornish

Grand bard in Australia 2007

Gwenenen arrived in Australia in early May 2007. One of the first places she went to see was Bendigo.

left to right: George Ellis (Map Bendygo) President Cornish Association of Bendigo and District. Peter Mundy, Sister Cities representative (Bendigo is twinned with Penzance). Robert Beeman. Cr. Julie Rivendell, Mayor of the City of Greater Bendigo. Vanessa Beeman (Gwenenen) (Barth Mur). Libby Luke and Tom Luke (Colon hag Enef yn Bendygo) members of Bendigo Cornish Association and the Cornish Association of Victoria in front of Bendigo's tribute to the Cornish Miners.

Grand Bard Gwenenen went to Kernewek Lowender the largest Cornish Festival in the world.

There are more photographs from Australia. Please click here

Gorseth Proclamation

Gorseth Proclamation

The Gorseth Proclamation in Penzance took place in glorious weather and with a good attendance of Bards. The picture shows the Mayor of Penzance, the Grand Bard and Gorseth Marshal.

A short video clip of the ceremony can be seen by clicking here.

For further details see www.penzance2007.btik.com.

Phoebe Procter

Sadly, Phoebe Procter, once a bard, Morwennol,†of Gorseth Kernow, died recently at 97 years. She was Robert Morton Nance's daughter, a Cornish speaker, who wrote poetry and was a gifted violinist.

St Piran's Day 2007

St Pirans procession in Penzance. Grand Bard Gwenenen leading
with bard Howard Curnow on her right, and Andrew George MP on her left.

With so many events taking place around St Piran's day (5th March) it is impossible to cover them all. Our Grand Bard Gwenenen attended the Penzance procession and childrens dance on Friday 2nd, and opened the Troon
Fair on Saturday.

On the Sunday she joined the march across Peran Sands, and went on to the Dinner at Newquay. Monday morning at 1030 Gwenenen joined the march through Bodmin, and at 1pm the march through Truro.

Cornish Studies Library
An exhibition entitled A look at Cornish influence worldwide took place
at the Cornish Studies Library, Redruth from 5th to 31st March 2007.

There was the exhibition to visit in Redruth, and she attended the Perantide service at Peranarworthal church, near Peranwell.

Hurling at St Columb Saturday 3rd March.
Someone is about to catch the silver ball.

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