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Richard Jenkin 
Richard Garfield Jenkin (Map Dyvroeth) 1925-2002

Gorseth Kernow mourns the loss of one of its most valued elder statesmen with the passing of Map Dyvroeth (Richard Jenkin).  Uniquely serving two terms as Grand Bard his scholarship and leadership have been invaluable to the work of the Gorseth and his lifelong commitment to the well-being of Cornwall and her people is an example to us all.

Jowan an Cleth, Barth Mur, 16th November 2002

For a full tribute to Richard Jenkin click here.



Cornish bards meet in Victoria, Australia

Cornish bards in Victoria, Australia

The Victorian Bards meet once a year on the 3rd Saturday in October to discuss matters pertaining to all things connected with Gorseth Kernow. From left to right Lesley Morton, June Parrot, Stephen Amos, Joy Menhennit, Alison Stephen, Janet Woolhouse, Lilian Dell, Peter Trevorah, Edna Ellis, George Ellis, Bill Whitford, Bill Phillips. Absent were Ruth Hopkins and Richard Snedden.


Cornish Bible

Cornish New Testament

A New Testament was published in unified revised Cornish in 2002.

choughChough breeds again in Cornwall

Due to habitat changes the Chough (pronounced "chuff" or, traditionally, "chaw") has not bred in the wild in Cornwall for 50 years, but a pair has now been sighted. It is a Raven with a red beak and red legs. The pair are thought to have come from Ireland or South Wales. It has been Cornwall's national emblem for so long that the Welsh word for a Chough is Bran Gernyw (Crow of Cornwall). It is believed to be the guardian of the spirit of King Arthur who will one day return to free his people. Rialobran (Royal Raven) was a Cornish Prince who is commemorated on the Men Scryfa near Madron/Morva.


Kea church towerNew Miracle Play

A hitherto unknown Miracle Play of the Life of St Kea and a story of King Arthur have been found at the National Library of Wales in Aberystywyth. Both are in Cornish and the manuscripts date from about 1540.

The tower of St Kea church, near Porth Kea, in Cornwall


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