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Bards of the Cornish Gorsedd

    Gallery of Grand Bards

      Pictures of every past grand bard can be seen in our gallery. For further details, click here.

    Deputy Grand Bards, Treasurers, Secretaries

    Notable Bards

    Gorsedd Council Members 2012 - 2015

      Terry Bale - Den Cheryta Keuryow
      Russell Bennett - Trevear
      Bert Biscoe - Vyajor gans Geryow
      Delia Brotherton - Myrghwyn Melynor
      Eileen Carter - Gwythyades an Log
      Marion Coombe - Cum Morek
      Howard Curnow - Kernow
      Merv Davey - Telynor an Weryn
      Susan Davey - Cares Enevales
      Roger Garside - Karer Roskajek
      Peter Harvey - Godhonyth an Nor
      Terry Knight - Tresulwythen
      Mike Millard - Gwythyas Melyn
      Maureen Pierce - Cares Awgrym
      Alastair Quinnell - Map Bodmyn
      Phillip Rendle - Baneroniethor
      Colin Roberts - Mab Sen Kolomm
      Barbara Shaw - Mentenor an Ertach
      Keith Shaw - Kaswydh

      as well as

      The Grand Bard
      Deputy Grand Bard
      former Grand Bards

    Annual list of New Bards

    Alphabetic list of surnames of all Bards

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