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Kanow Flehes / Children's Songs

Kanow Flehes

In spite of horrendous rain 8th December 2009 was a splendid day at the Marlborough School in Falmouth when the Grand Bard, Mick Paynter launched the book and dvd Kanow Flehes/Children's Songs in the School Hall. The Grand Bard spoke in Cornish and in English to the children and gave a copy of the book to every class in the school saying that they were stars every one. He praised them for their important work for the language.

The children then sang some of the Cornish songs from the book and dvd and also Happy Birthday to the Grand Bard who had been born on that day many years ago.

Holyer an Gof Trophy 2010

Holyer Shield

Entries are invited for this annual Gorsedh Award, which includes seven preliminary sections, plus two major overall awards, for prestigious publications on Cornwall or Cornish themes, from the calendar year 2009 only.

Closing date 15th February 2010.

Full details are available from:

Ann Trevenen Jenkin, tel 01736 850 332 or email pellgowser@btinternet.com.

Gorsedh Kernow 2009 Essa / Saltash DVD-R

DVD cover

A 2 hour video has been compiled from 5 camera angles. It includes the installation of the new Grand Bard, and Deputy Grand bard. All the new Bards, Council Award and competition winners appear, and there is a brief taste of the evening concert.

All profits from the sale go to the Gorsedh.

The price is £5, plus £1 p&p in the UK, £2 p&p Europe, and £3 for the rest of the world. It is European PAL format on a DVD-R, color printed disk. It comes in a DVD Library case with color printed sleeve.

Contact enquiries@gorsedhkernow.org.uk

Summary of October Gorsedh Kernow Council Meeting


The new Bardh Meur outlined his vision for the next three years, including support for Bewnans Kernow (the new Cornish Cultural Partnership), strengthening ties with Wales and Brittany and supporting Esethvos Kernow.

Approval was given for the manufacture of a new sword for the ceremony of the sword, re-introduced into the Open Gorsedh to symbolise unity and friendship with the Brittany and Wales Gorsedhow. This is to be paid for by an appeal to bards.

The list of meeting and ceremony dates for 2010 was agreed.

The resignation of Website Manager, Ted Chapman - Glywys Venta, was accepted with a strong vote of thanks for his work over the years. Pat Miller - Myrgh Jowna was appointed as the new Website Manager.

Discussion took place on the issue of archives and work to support this will be ongoing.

Council supported Bardh Meur’s desire to review the range of classes for the Gorsedh Awards. The Administration Working Group will carry out this work in the first instance in consultation with the Awards Sub-committee.

A donation was approved for the ‘Steps to Copenhagen’ campaign led by Howard Curnow.

Reports from all officers and sub-committees were received.

The date of the next GK Council meeting is 6th February 2010.

Christmas on Gorsedh TV

Click here (in Cornish only)

Council signage

Carbis Bay - Porthreptor

At its recent meeting the Cabinet of Cornwall Council adopted a policy on the Cornish language which includes the provision of bilingual street signage for new and replacement signs as well as an undertaking to give consideration to the use of Cornish in documents and other council usage.

This policy builds on work already carried out by the old Kerrier council and extends to the whole of Cornwall.

New Archdruid for Wales

Stone Circle

Poet and playwright T James Jones - Jim Parc Nest his Bardic name, has been nominated as the next Archdruid of Wales. He will succeed Dic Jones - Dic yr Hendre who died in August 2009

Raising the bar for Cornish Culture and Arts

The Gorsedh Kernow Annual Conference 2009


Bert Biscoe - Vyajor gans Geryow and Ross Williams - Map Crowan organised the day which was attended by more than 70 delegates consisting of Bards and guests.

The conference began with a presentation on the Region of Culture project by Miranda Bird. This is a Cornwall Council led campaign to persuade the EU to create the designation of RoC to match Cities of Culture.

The afternoon was dedicated to a presentation by Gorsedh Administrator, Colin Roberts, who is also charged in a partnership between the new Council and GK, with setting up Bewnans Kernow - the Cornish Cultural Partnership. It included a plenary discussion on the future role of GK in this process.

Between these two sessions were featured three practitioners who are engaged in different ways in extending and developing Cornish arts.

  • Pol Hodge on film making and the Cornish language.
  • Jowdy Davey on the opportunities and challenges of developing Lowender Peran for the next generation.
  • Neil Davey on the challenges and achievements of managing and promoting Dalla.
At lunchtime delegates experienced the work of two of our best practitioners - Jack Morrison showing 'Nebes geryow a-dro dhe'n SWF!', a short film that won Goven Kernewek in 2007, and a short play by Pauline Sheppard.

Feedback on this year's event has been very positive and the Gorsedh would welcome ideas for the next Annual Conference to be held October 2010.


Gorsedh TV

Climate change Video Report and Cornwall Film Festival 2009 Video Report - click here

Porth Peran 2009

The 31st Inter celtic dance festival in Peranporth had a large and varied program.

A speaker at the "Celticity" seminar had found people in Cornwall (who) do not regard Cornwall as part of England, or at least, query it. Many Bards support the Festival which has a very pleasant atmosphere, thanks to the Directors who answer every query or problem with a radiant smile.

The "Flash" format video clip gives a brief insight into the 5 day festival.

2010 Competitions Under Way

The 2010 Gorsedh Kernow competitions are now under way. There are classes for both adults and young people in poetry, prose, Cornish studies, music (in English or Cornish), art and photography.

Full details of the classes and rules for entry are now available on this site. The closing date is 17th April 2010 and the awards will be presented by the Grand Bard at the Open Gorseth in St Ives on the first Saturday in September 2010.

For full details click here for adults, and here for young people.

Laura Hardman

Laura Hardman

At the September Gorsedd ceremony in Saltash, a special certificate was presented to Laura Hardman's parents. Written on it were the words, "To Laura Hardman to acknowledge her special and unique contribution to Cornish Culture, above all through the Cornwall Film Festival and her great support for the Cornish Language."

Gorsedh 2009 - Essa

Gorsedh Kernow 2009 Essa

On Saturday 5th September the 2009 Gorsedd was held at Saltash.

In the morning the Lostwithiel Town Band led a procession of Bards, local dignatories and the Mace bearers carrying the ancient town maces. The Mayor Cllr Sue Hooper M.B.E. wecomed the Gorsedd and presented Gwenenen with a framed picture showing all the historical sites in Saltash.

The afternoon ceremony took place in Longstone Park with more than 300 Bards present including 6 from Australia.

The gorsedd was opened with the customary cry of peace. Delegates were present from Wales and Brittany, and included in the ceremony for the first time was the joining of the sword, a symbol of the uniting of the three Celtic nations.

Gorsedh Kernow 2009 - Essa

After the DGB had read out the names of deceased Bards, 15 new Bards were welcomed into the gorsedd, and awards and prizes were given including long service awards to Audrey Randall Pool - Keltya and James White Tonkin - Whyler Chyow who both entered the Gorsedd in 1959. There was a special award to John Jenkin - Carrek an Jawl -Secretary Emeritus who 70 years ago joined as a disciple. At the end of the ceremony a new Grand Bard Skogynn Pryv was installed with Maureen Fuller - Steren Mor as Deputy.

In the evening a concert was held in the Wesley Church.

Gorsedh Conference 2009

For further details click here.



For a tribute click here.

Gorsedh Kernow - Council Report


Meeting of the Gorsedd Council the 12th July, 2009.  For important matters decided, please click here.

Grass Valley California –
Meeting of Cornish Cousins

Grass Valley
A Group of Cornish Cousins looking at the Stamps at Empire Mine,
Grass Valley ,CA.

The largest Gathering of the Cornish west of the Continental Divide, USA, since Bob Fitzsimmons met James Corbett, was held in Grass Valley from the 21st to the 26th of July.

The Cornish men and women, from all over the world, met together in this very Cornish City for a week of visits to the mines, Virginia City, local wineries and the graveyards full of Cornish names. There was a big choice of interesting lectures, and, of course, singing!- Singing both formal and informal by the Marazion Apollo Choir, the Grass Valley Choir and Heather Dale.

The Bards, with the Grand Bard, held a short gathering at the Memorial Park. New friendships were made. It was an excellent week!

Grass Valley

Gorseth Council Awards

The Council of Gorseth Kernow awards for 2009 can be seen by clicking here.

Goursez Breizh 2009

For a report from the Breton Gorsedh click here.

The Welsh National Eisteddfod and Gorsedd of the Bards

Welsh Eisteddfod and Gorsedd of the Bards
A Brythonic Bardic Band at the Bala Eisteddfod
Brittany: Bernard Cousquier and Hod Pasl Assis, Patagonia: Sarah Irma da Graca,
Wales: Selwyn Griffiths, Dr Robin Lewis. Cornwall: Mick Paynter and Phil Rendle.

The delegates of Cornwall, Brittany, Scotland, Ireland, The Isle of Man and Y Wladva (Welsh Patagonia) met together for four days as guests of the Gorsedd of the Bards of The Island of Britain at the National Eisteddfod at Bala in North Wales.

Mick Paynter and Phil Rendle joined the other Celts on the Eisteddfod Field both in the Bardic Circle and in several Gorsedd Ceremonies to celebrate the Welsh Language and in many other ways both Welsh Culture and our shared Celtic Roots.

There was John Morison of Scotland, Bernard Cousquir and Hod Pasl-Assis from Britanny, Sean and Blathnaid O Bradaigh with Maire O' Laoire of Ireland, Jenifer Kewley Draskau from the Isle of Mann and from Patagonia Irma da Graca de Wiliams and Rini Griffiths Esquel.

At the Celtic Supper Mick Paynter made a short speech in Cornish to say thank you to the Welsh Gorsedd for their kindness on behalf of all the delegates.

The next day the Manx delegate made the main speech in fluent Welsh and in her own native Manx Gaelic.The speech was well received by the audience who were in the pavilion for the Crowning of the Bard. We also visted two other ceremonies like that, the Crowning of the Poet, and the Medal for literature in prose. As always Mererid Hopwood looked after us in her exceptionally good way.

The Eisteddfod is absolutely certainly a brilliant Festival of the Welsh tongue, with more than 20,000 coming daily and with not a word of English heard it was a joy for us to go to Bala.

Kembry bys Vyken! Cymru am byth!

Skogynn Pryv

Gorsedh Kernow

The Cornish Gorsedd 1928-2009
Saturday 5th September 2009, Saltash


The gathering of the bards of Cornwall this year is to take place in Saltash. Public attendance is free and welcomed. Details of the ceremony and supporting events can be seen by clicking on the following link. Click here.

New Bards 2009

For a list of the new bards at the Saltash Gorsedd please click here.

Gorseth Announces Competition Results for 2009

Competition entrant
Mawgan Porth

Results for the Adult and Childrens classes can be seen by clicking on the following link winners 2009.

World's Largest Cornish Festival


Kernewek Lowender or Cornish Festival, held in South Australia every two years is renowned as the World's largest Cornish Festival. Featuring music, dance, street parties and presentations on Cornish culture, the Festival attracts people from all over Australia and beyond. As part of the cultural program, held in the Copper Triangle of Moonta, Wallaroo and Kadina, there is a 'gathering of the Bards'.

A DVD recorded in South Australia for Ros Paterson by Lindsay Chapman and Debbie Ramsay, is now available price £5, including postage to any destination.

All profits are for Gorsedh funds. Overseas purchasers must pay in Sterling, if necessary using David Lindo's personal PayPal account. Please contact enquiries@gorsethkernow.org.uk.


Grand Bard to open inaugural
Keskan Kerensa

Tan ha Dowr
Tan ha Dowr displaying Cornish Dances

A  Charity Concert to be held in St Columb Major on the afternoon of Sunday 2nd August will be opened by the Grand Bard, Vanessa Beeman. The afternoon of Cornish cultural entertainment will raise money for Cornwall Hospice Care and the Precious Lives Appeal. Gorsedd Administrator, Colin Roberts, is co-ordinating the event at the request of the St Columb Major Carnival Committee.

Bell Man

Bell Man

Gorsedd Administrator, Colin Roberts, was appointed last year as the next Town Crier/Sergeant of St Columb. A native of the Town, Colin returned to live there last year after a 30 year absence, including 23 years in Australia. The role of Town Bell Man has a long and diverse background, probably starting as watchman of the town gate and caller of the hour during the night.  Colin can provide some fascinating details, click on admin@gorsethkernow.org.uk

Gorsedd Council

The new Gorsedd council 2009 - 2012 was announced at the Gorsedd AGM. Click here.

Pellwolok Gernewek 6

Click here.

World's Largest Cornish Festival

Kernewek Lowender

The biennial Kernewek Lowender took place in May. One of the founders Ros Paterson, our bard Roslyn an Dyghow, reported it was a big success. It was attended by tens of thousands of people. For further information please see www.kernewek.org

Kernewek Lowender

Front Row: L.-R. Ralph Thomas W.A., Paul Thomas S.A., Lilian James S.A., Rosanne Hawke S.A., Terry Johnston S.A., Gwen Phillips Vic., Tom and Libby Luke Vic., Beth Vane S.A., Bill Phillips Vic. & Ros Paterson S.A.

Middle Row
: Joy Dunkerley NSW, Philip Payton Cornwall, Steven Amos Vic., Noel Carthew S.A., Leanne Lloyd Vic. Kay Gill S.A. Susan Pellowe U.S.A. June Parrott Vic. Betty Johns Vic. Joy Menhennett Vic. Diana Hancock S.A.

Back Row: David Gill S.A., Jim Harbison S.A., Roger Thomas NSW, Richard Hancock S.A.

Gorsedd Proclamation - Saltash

Proclamation in Saltash

Saturday the 18th of April saw the Gorsedd Proclamation held at Saltash, on the banks of the River Tamar.

It was a fine morning, with a good crowd of Bards from all over Cornwall, gathered in the town for the Ceremony. The Guildhall was the place chosen for robing, and by nine o’clock, a good number had already arrived. Formed in order outside the Guildhall door, and at a quarter past ten, the procession started its way along Fore Street, following the piper to Victoria Gardens, where a circle was formed against the Men Omborth at the higher end of the gardens.

The Town Mayor welcomed the Gorseth saying how delighted he was to receive the Gorseth at Saltash, and especially that the Gorsedd will be there for the Open Ceremony in September. The Grand Bard replied and thanked the Mayor for his speech.

Lady of the Flowers

This was followed as usual by the Call for Peace, the Ceremony of the Lady of the Flowers, the Proclamation itself of the Open Gorseth and the anthem ‘Bro Goth Agan Tasow’.

The ceremony finished once again with the Call for Peace, and the procession re-formed and returned along Fore Street to the Guildhall, where tea, coffee and biscuits were waiting.

Gorseth Council

Council 2009
Left to right: Keith Shaw, Keith Truscott, Barbara Shaw, Marion Combe, Maureen Pierce, Mo Fuller, Vanessa Moyle, Mike Millard, (Wella Brown), Jory Ansell, Alastair Quinnell, Bert Biscoe, Mick Paynter, Pat Miller, David Lindo, (Brian Coombes), Polin Preece, Vanessa Beeman (chair), Colin Roberts, (Ted Chapman).

Gorseth Council meets five times a year to discuss the business of keeping Gorseth Kernow running, and its interaction with other cultural groups.

St Piran's Day: The Procession through Truro

St Piran's day

In recent years there has been a greater awareness of Cornish identity; part of this is recognition of patron saints – there are three for Cornwall – the Archangel Michael and two from the age of Saints. One is Petroc whose cult was based on the Padstow – Bodmin area, and is specially associated with Wales.

The other is Piran (Perran) who is the saint of the Cornish flag and patron of tinners. According to legend he came from Ireland on a millstone - possibly alluding to a portable stone altar that he used.

On St Piran’s Day (5th March) it is the custom for a procession to take place through Truro led by the Grand Bard and Mayor, with banners of Cornish societies and dancers from local schools. Earlier in the day there is a similar procession in Bodmin and in the evening in Launceston.

St Piran’s Day: The Celebrations at Perranzabuloe

St Piran's day 2009

Each of our three patrons had special place of pilgrimage in Cornwall. Piran was honoured above all at Perranzabuloe. Here is the site of the earliest remaining church structure (the “Oratory”), which it is hoped to re-excavate soon and the site of the Parish Church (moved in 1804 to a new site because of the continued advance of sand). The relics were lost at the Reformation, but the old parish church has been excavated recently.

On the Sunday after St Piran’s Day a great procession is held over the dunes to the old parish church, passing the Oratory; later, on the beach at Perranporth, there is a re-enactment of the coming of Piran on a millstone. On the previous Sunday there is Evensong in Cornish at Peranarworthal (between Truro and Falmouth). With dinners and other events in Cornwall and beyond, the affection of Cornish people for Perran is demonstrated.

Delynyans Kernow

Cornish Art

An exhibition of Cornish Art, “A Cornish Perspective” was held in London from the 4th to the 13th of February. It was opened by the Grand Bard on the evening of Tuesday the 3rd and was attended by many important people: Members of some European Embassies, Members of Parliament and others.

After much hard work by Robert Jones (Den Awenek) and his wife, Susie, paintings by Anthony Frost, Louise McClary, Andrew Lanyon, Francis Hewlitt, Mary Martin, Margo Maekelburghe, Ashley Hold, Clive Carter and Robert Jones (among them four bards) were carried from Cornwall and hung in Jean Monnet House, the Centre for the European Commission in the United Kingdom.

The event was facilitated by John Fleet, Secretary of Ceres, and was supported by Gorseth Kernow.

Bewnans Kernow

For developments in Cornish Culture please click here.

Concern for Australian Friends


Gorseth Kernow express deepest sympathy to the people of Australia - particularly those with kith and kin in Cornwall, many of whom reside in the areas most affected by the horrific devastation in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales, where many Cornish families settled on the Gold Fields and the Copper Coast.

The Gorsedd has sent several messages including one for the Book of Condolence

Language Update

Three reports from Jori Ansell / Caradok presented to the Council of Gorseth Kernow can be read in full by clicking here.

Greetings from Gaelic Board to Cornish Conference

Words of encouragement from Prof Ken MacKinnon, Gaelic Board member and principal researcher and author of  GOSW's Cornish Language Report in 2000, recorded at Cornish Language Conference, Lostwithiel 31st Jan 2009. Click here.



A DVD of the afternoon Gorseth ceremony at Looe is now available. It is in PAL (European) format and runs for 1 hour 35 minutes. It is a compilation from 4 mDV cameras. The price is a flat rate £5 including whatever the postage may be. Overseas purchasers must pay in Sterling, if necessary using David Lindo's personal PayPal account.

Please contact enquiries@gorsethkernow.org.uk

The Gorseth Council

CK Council
Carer Lowarthow, Mentenor a'n Ertach; Trevesiges, Gwaryer an Sarf;
Caradok, Bryallen, Gwas Costtentyn; Cum Morek; Vyajor gans Geryow, Kernow.

The Gorseth council meets regularly throughout the year.

At their February meeting a report was received from the Admissions committee on the proposals for new Bards. Processing will continue and the names will be announced in August.

Amongst other items received were reports from the Treasurer, competitions, Archives and publications, the Cornish language and the website.

Pellwolok Gernewek 5

Click here.

Souvenir Mug


Please support Gorsedd funds by purchasing a special mug as a memento of the recent Gorsedd Day in Looe.

It is an attractive, limited edition, commemorating the 80th Anniversary of Gorseth Kernow, with a picture of Looe, the Town Crest and, of course, the Awen.

Cost - only £3.50. Cheques payable to Gorseth Kernow should be sent to:

    The Secretary, Gorseth Kernow,
    Mrs. Barbara Shaw, Clitters House, Clitters,
    Callington, Kernow/Cornwall, PL17 8HP.
N.B. Distribution points have been set up throughout Cornwall via the Gorsedd network, to avoid the cost of postage.

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