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Gorseth Kernow Council Awards /
Pewasow Consel an Orseth Kernow, 2007

The Awards are presented by the Grand Bard at the Open Gorseth.

Pewasow a res gans Barth Mur dhe'n Orseth Ygor.

Pewasow specyal - Hantercans bledhen avel Byrth
Special Awards - Fifty years as Bards


Hazel Bennett - Know Wedhen, Hugh John Miners - Den Toll, Dorothy Ann Trevenen Jenkin - Bryallen

Hanaf Frank Pascoe
Pewas res dhe berson yowynk rak colonnekter hag ervyrans stowt erbyn let.
Frank Pascoe Cup - Hospital Education Service
Awarded to a young person for courage and determination in the face of handicap.

Pupils of the Hospital Education Service - Janet Knight and Caroline Johnson – Joint Heads of Centre.

Scos Cowethas Kernewek a Loundres
Rak gonys dres eghen dhe Gernow ha dhe dus Kernewek.
London Cornish Association Shield
For outstanding services to Cornwall and Cornish people.

Professor Alan Livingston – Truro, Principal: Falmouth College of Art.

Medal Bras Pewas Map Trevethan
Rak gonys dhe Gernow gans nebonen usy ow tryga yn-mes a Gernow.
The Paul Smales Medallion
For services to Cornwall by someone living outside Cornwall.

Mary Brunst – Cannas Kernow – Canada.

Weryson An Gannas
Rak avonsyans a Gernow tramor.
The Ambassador’s Trophy
For the promotion of Cornwall Overseas.

Peter Williams – Map Carrek Dhu - Ponsanooth.

Aventuryans Kernow
Rak cowlwryans dres eghen yn Kernow gans nebonen usy ow tysquedhes dallethyeth ha drehedhes sowena.
Cornwall Enterprise
For outstanding achievement in Cornwall by someone showing initiative and attaining success.

Lowena Hosken – Redruth Young Cornish Dancers.

Lowena Hosken

Music Awards

Scos An Orseth
Rak gonys dres eghen dhe ylow yn Kernow.
Music Shield
For outstanding services to music in Cornwall.

Philip Davey – Truro.

Hanaf Sampson Hosking
Pewas res dhe ganoryon aga honen a os.
Sampson Hosking Cup
Awarded to senior solo singers.

Melville Osborne – St. Ives.

Hanaf Cowethas Kernewek A Bournemouth
Rak Bagas Ylow an Gwella.
Bournemouth Cornish Association Cup
For the Best Music Group

Illumination Brass – Director: Ian Edwards – St. Keverne.

Weryson Menestrouthy Brest
Brass Band Trophy

St. Dennis Bands Organisation – Chairman: Ronald Craddock and Mrs. Shirley Craddock.

Scos Treverva
Rak kennerth a wryans-ylow gans tus yowynk.
Treverva Shield
For the encouragement of music-making by young people.

Christopher Gray – Cornwall Junior Choir.

Crows Cornwhylan
Rak Gwaryow Ylow A Syns Neppyth Cryjyk.
Cornwhylen Cross
For musical performances which include a religious element

Angeline Seymour – Lewyth Kenysy – St. Columb Major.

Holyer An Gof

Holyer An Gof

Holyer an Gof Awards 12th July 2007

This year 64 books were received. This is 15 more than last year and is  particularly  encouraging in the tenth anniversary of this award.

Forty judges and readers (including pupils from various schools) helped the  organiser Ann Trevenen Jenkin / Bryallen.

The awards were presented by the Grand Bard Vanessa Beeman / Gwenenen.

Weryson Holyer an Gof 12ves a vys Gortheren 2007

Hevleny 64 lyver a ve degemerys. Hem yu 15 moy es warleny ha colon a rer ganso kens oll y'n degves penbloth an pewas ma.

Yth esa deugansves juj ha redyor (synsy ynno studhyoryon dyworth scolyow dyffrans) a weresas an ordenores Ann Trevenen Jenkin / Bryallen.

An weryson a res gans an Barth Mur / Vanessa Beeman / Gwenenen.

Holyer An Gof Class 1

An re ma a res dhe'n dhylloryon lyver a sew.
These are made to the Publishers of the following books :
  • Class 1: Cornish Language Publications / Dyllansow Tavas Kernewek
    (Mick Paynter, Deputy Grand Bard / Skogyn Pryv speaking in Cornish introduced the Cornish Language section in the Holyer an Gof awards.
    Mick Paynter, Cannas Barth Mur / Skogyn Pryv der Gernewek a gommendyas an ran Tavas Kernewek y'n Pewasow Holyer an Gof.)

    Francis Boutle Publishers. Nothing Broken. Recent Poetry in Cornish edited by Tim Saunders.
    Commended: Kesva an Taves Kernewek. Bewnans Ke. Author unknown. Editor Dr. Ken George.
    Commended: Kesva an Taves Kernewek. Cornish for Beginners. Graham Sandercock.

  • Class 2: Children's books, Fiction or Non-fiction
    Harvey Berwick publisher. Pip of Pengersick by J.A.C. West.
    Very Highly Commended: Bryanek books. The Legend of Bolster by Tanya Davies and D.B. Greenslade.
    Commended: U.C. Falmouth. We Wish. Thandie Newton/children from Cornish schools.
    Commended: Harper Collins Children's books. The Tide Knot by Helen Dunmore.

  • Class 3: Publications in which Illustrations Predominate
    Peck Publications. Painting a Mine with Light. Self published.
    Commended: Alison Hodge. Cornwall from Above by Keith Such.

  • Class 4: Adult Fiction (Under £12)
    Truran. Full as an Egg by Simon Parker.
    Commended: Lyonesse. Stannary Parliament by Alan Kent.
    Commended: Kenwyn Publishers, Wales. The Crystal Moment, by Phyllis M. Jones.

  • Class 5: Adult Fiction (Over £12)
    Portobello Books. A Fairy Find by Andrew Lanyon.
    Commended: United Writers. Katrinka. Geoffrey Rawlings.

  • Class 6: Adult non-fiction (under £12)
    Mingoose Books. Mingoose & Chapel Forth.
    Commended: Wheal Hawke. St. Agnes, A Photographic History vol. 2. Clive Benney.
    Commended: Truran. Henry Trengrouse. Bridget & Richard Larn.
    Commended: Hypatia. Digging for Memories edited by Melissa Hardie.

  • Class 7: Adult non-fiction (over £12)
    Alison Hodge. Golden Harvest by Andrew Tompsett.
    Commended: Robert Jones. Reuben Chappell. Self published
    Commended: Tabb House. One & All. Hugo White.
    Commended: Peter Lanyon- The Cuttings. By Andrew Lanyon.
    Commended: Trevithick Society. Cornish Explosives by Brian Earl.

  • Waterstones Special Award 2007
    Alison Hodge. Cornwall from Above. Keith Such.

  • Literary Salver (awarded by Cornish Literary Guild)
    For Francis Boutle Publishers. Nothing Broken edited by Tim Saunders.

  • Major Award: Holyer An Gof Award 2007
    Windowbox Books. The Dust of Heroes by Selina Bates & Keith Spurgin.

Holyer An Gof 1

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