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Gorseth Kernow

Competition Results, 2007

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Competition Cups

Cornish Classes 2007 Winners

Class 1: Gwersyow Yn kernewek – Cornish Crystal

1st: Mrs Mary Sutcliffe (Tan Y’m Kolonn) Whittlesford, Cambs
2nd: Mrs K.M.C. Trevanion (Tan Y’m Colon) Carlyon Bay, St. Austell

Class 2: Yeth Plen Yn Kernewek – Mordon Caradar Rosebowl

1st: Simon Harner (Kevryn an Manorjy) Malaga Spain
2nd: Polin Pris (Kevryn an Manorjy) Falmouth
3rd: John Parker (Kevryn an Manorjy) Ludgvan, Penzance

Class 3: A Short Story For Beginners In Kernewek – Keskerth Kernow 500 Salver

1st: Linda M Truscott (Nevra War An Zeel) Veryan, Truro
2nd: Catherine Eustace (An Myghtern Ankredor) Ventonleague, Hayle
3rd: Christine Marks (Seera Widn Ve) Veryan, Truro

Class 4b: Cornish Essay in English - Sybil Pomeroy Cup

1st: William A Morris (New Mill) Hampstead, London
2nd: Charles A. Lovell (The Cornish Constabulary) Gorran Haven
Highly Commended:
Jill Thomas (Windows 1498) Tremartyn, St. Neot, Liskeard
Erik Grigg (The Cornish Bible) Lincoln

Class 5: Cornish Dialect Prose - Rosemergy Cup

1st: Liz Harman (Aunt Sarah And The Pudden Skins) Newlyn, Penzance
2nd: Rosina Thomas (Summer Visiters) Helston
Highly Commended: Mary Quick - Carbis bay, St. Ives
Commended: Diana Manning - Drumlemble, Campbeltown, Argyll

Class 6: Cornish Dialect Verse – Kewny Cup

1st: Kathryn L Garrod (A Bit Of Laugh And Grizzle) Penware Parc, Camborne
2nd: Bryan Teague (Passun Tha Time) Tyr Gwedhen Vyhan, Helston
3rd: Priscilla Milne (Maister Cloon) Alvah, Banff
Highly Commended: Ben Batten – Chesham, Bucks;
Commended: Mary Quick - Polwithen , Carbis Bay, St. Ives; Trevor Hicks - Bolsover, Chesterfield, Derbyshire; Enid Mavor – St. Agnes

Class 7: Short Story Set In Cornwall - Ruth Moss Trophy

1st: Tony Mansell (The Rendezvous) Goonown, St.Agnes
2nd: Charles Lovell (The Chapel) Gorran Haven, St. Austell
3rd: Mary Quick (A Pretty Kettle Of Fish) Carbis Bay, St. Ives
Highly Commended: Ben Batten (Proper Cornish) Chesham, Bucks
Commended: Enid Mavor (Forward Planning) St. Agnes

Class 8: English Verse On A Cornish Subject – Morris Cup

1st: Michael Dundrow (Subterrestrial) Penzance
2nd: Brian Harris (Cornish Granite) Pengersick , Praa Sands, Penzance
3rd: Diane Simkin (Bosigran) Camborne
Highly Commended: Trevor Hicks (Fowey Jetties) Bolsover, Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Class 9: English Verse By Cornish Poets - Jack Evans Cup

1st: Jessie Johnson (Longing) Trelowarren, Mawgan, Helston
2nd: Roland Gurney (October) The Old Cottage, Penzance
3rd: Diane Simkin (Come into the Garden) Camborne
Highly Commended: Ben Batten (Besants) Chesham, Bucks
Commended: Elizabeth Harman (The Fox) Newlyn, Penzance

Class 10: Song in English about Cornwall - Bert Thomas Cup

1st: Esme Francis (The Bal Maidens) Nanquidno Valley, St.Just, Penzance
2nd: Bob Watson (Free Harvest) Earley, Reading
3rd: Bob Watson (Cornish Bill) Earley, Reading

Calligraphy - Callygrafyeth
Calligraphy - Callygrafyeth

Class 11: Calligraphy – Tallyour Trophy

1st: Pat Power (Kernow Bys Oll) Leedstown, Hayle
2nd: Mrs. Megan Timmins (Liwyow) Plogonnec, Bretagne, France
3rd: Mary Jean Griffin – Hayle

Class 12: Photography Single Print – Den Delynyans Plaque

1st: Kerensa Morris (Eden Project) Hampstead, London
2nd: Gennie Peters (New Grimsby Sound) Flushing, Falmouth
3rd: Hayley Thorpe (Arthur Sat Dish) Okehampton, Devon
Highly Commended: Gennie Peters (The Rock Bryher) Flushing, Falmouth
Commended: Maureen Jacket (Pendeen) Perhaver, Flushing, Falmouth

Class 13: Photography Group Prints – Rosenwyn Evrok Trophy

1st: Tony Buscombe (Cornish Crosses) Trepenpol, Fowey
2nd: Tony Buscombe (Around Bodmin) Trepenpol, Fowey
3rd: D. F. Lamerton (3 ways of Ignoring The Weather) An Morhogh, Helston
Highly Commended: Hayley Thorpe (North Cornwall) Okehampton, Devon
Commended: Tony Buscombe (Around Hidden Around Fowey) Trepenpol, Fowey

Class 14a: Painting Watercolour – Delywyor Hayl Cup

1st: Mr Roy Billingham, Pennance, Lanner, Redruth
2nd: Trudy Hawthorne, Mullion
3rd: Joyce Foster. Mullion

Painting - Lywans
Painting - Lywans

Class 14b: Painting Any Other Medium but Watercolour - Carer Lywans Cup

1st: Mr Roy Billingham, Pennance, Lanner, Redruth
2nd: David Platt, Dinas Powys, Bro Morganwg, Cymru
3rd: Mr Roy Billingham, Pennance, Lanner, Redruth

Gorseth Kernow Under 18 Results 2006

Class 15: English Verse On A Cornish Subject 12-18yrs – Treneer Shield

1st: Bethany White (Cornwalls Coast) Cape Cornwall School
2nd: Tom Hansell (Ascending Cornwall) Cape Cornwall School
3rd: Leonie Denning (I Wish) Cape Cornwall School
Highly Commended: Maryam Louise Rasoolzadeh (Cornish Beaches) Cape Cornwall School
Commended: Melody Denman (Morrab Gardens) Cape Cornwall School

Class 16: English Verse On a Cornish Subject 10–11yrs – Crida Cup

1st: Elizabeth Weston (Pendennis Castle) Crowan C.P. School
2nd: Georgia Pentland (Cornwall) Calstock C.P. School
3rd: Joseph Vincent (The Boxing Day Meet) Crowan C.P. School
Highly Commended: Piers Drinkell (The Cornish Sound Collector) Calstock C.P. School
Commended: Ben Cambridge (The Mine Inspector) Calstock C.P. School

Class 17: English Verse On A Cornish Subject under 10 yrs – Trophy

1st: Beccy Ives (The Sound Collector) Calstock C.P. School
2nd: Sam Johns (Cornwall) Crowan C.P. School
3rd: Grace Murray (It’s Cornwall) Calstock C.P. School
Highly Commended: Isabelle Edwards (Cornish Sounds) Calstock C.P. School
Commended: Kathryn Butcher (Cornish Poem) Crowan C.P. School

Class 23: Short Story Set In Cornwall 12-18yrs - Cardiff Cornish Association Cup

1st: Jade Toms (Tamara’s Ocean) Cape Cornwall School
2nd: Daisy Atherton (Sennen Turf Tragedy) Cape Cornwall School
3rd: Rowan Taylor (The Faeries Of St. Loy Woods) Cape Cornwall School
Commended: Rebecca Thomas, Katie Brace, Anton Brown, (The Beast Of Bodmin Moor) Cape Cornwall School; Kelly Rogers (The Piskie And The Pasty) Cape Cornwall School; Adam Glenville (Cornish Story) Cape Cornwall School

Class 24: Short Story Set In Cornwall 11yrs and under – Scholar Shield

1st: Rhys Fairlie (The Mine) Crowan C.P. School
2nd: Joseph Vincent (The Demons Of Gurnards Head) Crowan C.P. School
3rd: Samuel Johns (Maxsis And The Sea Monster) Crowan C.P. School
Highly Commended:
Lauren Evans (The Sword In The Stone) Crowan C.P. School
Elizabeth Weston (Who Is She) Crowan C.P. School; Gabby Dey (The Beast Of Godrevy) Crowan C.P. School

Class 25: Photography – Shield

1st: Alice Brown (Family Picture) Crowan Primary School
2nd: Alice Brown (Rough Sea) Crowan Primary School
3rd: Alice Brown (Air Ambulance) Crowan Primary School

Class 27: Painting In Any Medium 11yrs And Under – Shield

1st: Callum Rogers - Crowan Primary School
2nd: Joseph Vincent - Crowan Primary School
3rd: Ryan Fisher - Crowan Primary School
Highly Commended:
Alice Brown - Crowan Primary School
Elizabeth Weston - Crowan Primary School


Competition winners - Fethoryon kesstryf
Competition winners - Fethoryon kesstryf

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