13.9.16 Press Release – Grand Bard expresses deep concern over proposed Devonwall

The Grand Bard of Cornwall has expressed deep concern over the proposed Bideford, Bude and Launceston Parliamentary Constituency.

“This proposal ignores Cornwall’s history, culture, distinct constitutional status and 1000 year old border,” said the Grand Bard today in an open letter to Chris Skidmore MP, Minister for the Constitution, following an announcement by the Boundary Commission for England.

“Importantly, it also contradicts the Government’s official recognition in 2014 of the Cornish as a National Minority alongside Wales and Scotland.”

Urging an immediate change to the legislation which has tied the hands of the Boundary Commission, the Grand Bard has expressed deep concern that the proposal also undermines the democratic process enshrined in Cornwall Council’s Devolution Deal agreed only recently with HM Government.

“I believe it would be relatively straightforward for central government to change this legislation,” said the Grand Bard, “and I would strongly encourage all those who love Cornwall to write to their local MP urging this simple change.”

“Only a few months ago, the Government agreed “emergency” legislation to extend the deadline for people seeking to register to vote in the referendum on the European Union following the failure of it’s registration website.”

“The legislation has been drawn up based on statistics which are totally inconsistent with the Government’s recognition of the Cornish under the 2014 European Framework Convention for National Minorities.

“A simple amendment would restore consistency and recognition under the Framework Convention and still be within the spirit of the Constituencies Act.”

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To see the full open letter from the Grand Bard to Chris Skidmore MP, Minister for the Constitution, please see https://gorsedhkernow.org.uk/wp/?p=475

To see the Grand Bard’s bardic ceremony speech “Keep Cornwall Whole” in full in Kernewek and English please see https://gorsedhkernow.org.uk/wp/?p=468

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