Hwarvosow Peran

An folen ma a dhiskwedh rol a hwarvosow Peran yn Kernow ha leow erel.  Gwrewgh kestava orth mester an wiasva orth webmaster@gorsedhkernow.org.uk gans manylyon a hwarvosow yn agas tyller yn 2021.


Hungan (yn Sowsnek ha Kernewek)

Hungan (sung in Cornish and English) by Cornwall Youth Chamber Choir. The song is featured in the Lev Crev book and  another harmony part was added to the three existing ones, specifically to be recorded on St Piran's Day https://youtu.be/ReobnI8BP1w

Galow dhyworth Hilary Coleman ha Sally Burley

Sadly, we cannot yet get together in a pub somewhere to celebrate St Piran’s Day so instead I thought we could at least have a bit of a sing on Zoom at 7pm this Friday 5th March. This will include Trelawny and I intend to record it and then put it up on Facebook at...

Gool Peran yn Sen Ostel

Gool Peran yn Sen Ostel

This year the celebrations are online and St Austell Old Cornwall Society has worked with the Rescorla Centre and St Austell St Piran’s Event. We are collaborating so that we can put together a number of ‘events’ to celebrate St Piran’s Day online this year. We have...

Servis Gool Peran 2021

Y fydh servis rag Gool S Peran synsys dydh Sen Pyran an 5es mis Meurth dhe 4.30 wh dre Zoom..  Y hyllir iskarga an folennik omma. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87122336608?pwd=REJSUlF3dHFDc0Z4QllFdnVoSVc2QT09

Areth rag Dydh Peran dhyworth Elizabeth Carne, Melennek, Bardh Meur

Mirewgh Areth Bardh Meur omma Gool Peran 2021 yw dihaval. Nyns eus keskerdhow hengovek, na kerdh a-dreusan tewennow may hwren ni omvetya rag solempnya Gool Peran, mes yn aga le yma dhyn gool marthys warlinen. Hemm a wra ri dhyn, yn Kernow hag oll a-dro an bys, chons...

St. Piran’s Cornish Music and Dance Session on-line

St. Piran’s Cornish Music and Dance Session on-line

A chance for musicians and dancers to join us for a participatory St Piran’s celebration online with the brilliant Davey & Dyer playing from their homes to yours via zoom.DANCERS---------------No experience or partner necessary - it’s fun, you get moving and it’s...

St Piran’s in Penwith

St Piran’s in Penwith

The children of Penzance and the surrounding area will be holding Virtual’ activities instead of the usual celebrations this year. The event will run up to March 5th,the day when the children would normally have danced through the town. Due to Covid lockdown measures...

Truro’s Virtual St. Piran’s Day Celebrations

Every year across Cornwall residents and others come together to march in parades to celebrate the Patron Saint of Cornwall St Piran. Truro City Council are delighted this year to be hosting a St Piran’s Day virtual celebration on Friday 5th March 2021. Poster Kicking...