Gorsedh Kernow

the Cornish Gorsedd of Bards

Maintaining the Celtic spirit of Cornwall through

poetry, song, dance, music, art, the spoken word and Kernewek – the Cornish language

Promoting strong links between Cornwall

other Celtic countries and the wider diaspora

The truth in the face of the world

Welcome to Gorsedh Kernow

Gorsedh Kernow – the Gorsedh of the Bards of Cornwall – exists to maintain the national Celtic spirit of Cornwall. The tradition of preserving Celtic history and culture through poetry, song, dance, music, art and spoken word stretches back to the story tellers – the Bards of ancient Celtic countries.

The bards of Gorsedh Kernow, who have each sworn allegiance to Cornwall as a Celtic nation, help maintain the national Celtic spirit of Cornwall by studying their own Cornish history and the Cornish language and literature, art, music, dance and sport. They actively promote strong links between Cornwall, other Celtic countries and the wider diaspora, and help promote a spirit of peace and co-operation among those who love Cornwall.  

Please visit our News page for more photos of the Gorsedh Awards and the Gorsedh ceremony.



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Esedhvos 2022

The Esedhvos festival this year moves back to a fuller programme, though with a fewchanges!Thursday 1st...


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