Henry & Katharine Jenner: A Celebration of Cornwall’s Culture, Language and Identity


Published – August 2004
This important book marks the centenary of Henry Jenner’s publication of The Handbook of the Cornish Language which initiated the modern study of Cornish. In the same year, 1904, through Jenner’s efforts, Cornwall was admitted as one of the six Celtic Nations at the Pan-Celtic Festival in Caernarfon, Wales.

This new book, a collection of essays by many present day Cornish writers on Henry and Katharine, his wife, with examples of their writings and numerous photographs, is also a milestone. It is the first detailed study of these these important figures in the Cornish revival in the twentieth century, putting their beliefs and achievements into the wider context of Victorian and Edwardian society.

Edited by Derek Williams, (Map Jethan), it is published by Francis Boutle Ltd, with sponsorship from Gorsedh Kernow.