“The Cornish are on the Up” says the Grand Bard of Cornwall

GORSEDH KERNOW – The Celtic Spirit of Cornwall

Press release EXTRA issued Thursday 5th March 2015 by Delia Brotherton, Myrghwyn Melynor, Gorsedh Kernow Communications Officer.

“The Cornish are on the Up” says the Grand Bard of Cornwall

“Since I stood here on the steps of the cathedral a year ago for St. Piran’s Day, something spectacular has happened!”

So rang out the words of the Grand Bard of Cornwall Steren Mor, Maureen Fuller as she urged the Cornish people and all those who love Cornwall to make the most of the recently bestowed minority status and help put Cornwall on the map.

“On the 24th April 2014, the U.K. government finally recognised the Cornish as a nation, on a par with Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Isle of Man. Let us celebrate this with three cheers for Kernow and think about what happens next!”

Citing several practical examples Mrs Fuller spoke of the importance of flying the flag of St. Piran on Cornish castles when these very castles had been in existence before the English had arrived in these islands and how vital it was to include Cornwall’s flag of St Piran every time the national flags of the British Isles are flown.

Turning to the gathered groups of schoolchildren assembled in front of the cathedral, she also urged the school teachers of Cornwall to insist on the inclusion of Cornish national history in their curriculum.

“Our present history curriculum is designed and made in Westminster, and there is no room on the school timetable for our Cornish national history; local historical studies yes, but not our national history. Now we are a nation it is very important that the Cornish national history is taught in schools, and that Cornish children learn Cornish history.”

The Grand Bard continued by officially launching the “Gorsedh Kernow ‘Do Something for Cornwall’ Challenge”.

“Gorsedh Kernow consists of ordinary people who work hard in the Cornish community, doing things for Cornwall. They are made bards in recognition of this vital voluntary work. Today, we want to extend this to everyone and invite one and all to take up the Gorsedh Kernow ‘Do Something for Cornwall’ Challenge. Use your skills to help others. The Gorsedh Kernow Challenge is aimed at anyone whether they are at school, college or university, at work, retired, a member of a club or organisation or an individual. Let’s celebrate by doing something for Cornwall.”

“The Cornish are on the up!” said the Grand Bard rounding off her message with a rallying cry and a twinkling smile that brimmed with pride.

“Let us all in our own way, celebrate Recognition Day and St. Piran’s Day by doing something for Kernow! And have fun doing it, One and All!

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Further notes

Gorsedh Kernow is one of the most well respected organisations in Cornwall and beyond and counts among its College of Bards representatives from many other well known groups and societies. It has a long tradition of supporting people of Cornish descent around the world and fostering and promoting goodwill between Cornwall and other Celtic countries.

Gorsedh Kernow is neither party political nor affiliated to any religion and works against sometimes overwhelming odds to safeguard the integrity of Cornwall against cultural, political and economic threats.

The Gorsedh Kernow ‘Do Something for Cornwall’ Challenge will be launched by the Grand Bard Maureen Fuller, bardic name Steren Mor, on St Piran’s Day Thursday 5th March and will continue through 2015 until December.

Events will be announced through the year by press releases, on the Gorsedh Kernow website and Facebook page and participants are welcome and indeed encouraged to send in reports of their events to Gorsedh Kernow.

For further information about the Gorsedh Kernow ‘Do Something for Cornwall’ Challenge please contact in the first instance enquiries@gorsedhkernow.org.uk

For press enquiries only please contact  Delia Brotherton, Myrghwyn Melynor, Gorsedh Kernow Communications Officer, by email  communications@gorsedhkernow.org.uk