Awen 2022 – Gallery

Photographers Ivor Corkell and James Kitto..

Key:  1. On the way to the circle  2. On the way to the circle 2  3.The Awen banner  4. Arriving at the Stones  5. Bardh Meur and the Book of Life exchange  6. Bardh Meur with elders and youngers  7.Bardh Meur with elders and steward  8. Kanoryon Lowen  9.Bardh Meur with youngers  10. Former Grand Bard, Deputy Grand Bard and Deputy Marshall  11.Nearly back after the ceremony  12.Return procession  13. Mo Keast  14. Bardh Meur Pol Hodge  15. Piper  16. Youngers with the Book of Life