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Gorseth Kernow: Byrth Noweth/New Bards

2006: Resruth/Redruth

Richard Baker - Wisconsin, USA (D)
For services to Cornwall in USA
Rag gonysyow dhe Gernow yn Ameryky
Map Murbras Byghan - Son of Little Prairie

Terry Bale - Bude
For his promotion of Cornish Music
Rag y avonsyans dh'ylow Kernewek
Den Cheryta Keuryow - Charity Man of Choirs

Harold Barriball - Porth Izek (D)
For long service to Old Cornwall Society and his exceptional work for the Wadebridge Gorsedd
Rag gonys pell dhe Gowethas Kernow Goth hag y ober marthys rag Gorseth Ponswad.
Map Egloskerry - Son of Egloskerry

Jean Ellis - Michigan, USA
For services to Cornwall in the USA
Rag gonysyow dhe Gernow yn Ameryky.
Kernewes an Keweenaw - Cornishwoman from the Keweenaw

Roseanne Hawke - South Australia
For the promotion of Cornish identity, especially among young people
Rag avonsyans an honensys Kernewek, kens oll gans pobel yowynk.
Myrgh Trevelyan - Daughter of Trevelyan

Richard Larn - St Mary's, IoS
For promoting Maritime History in Cornwall & IoS
Rag y avonsyans ystory morek yn Kernow hag Enesow Syllan.
Gonysyas an Mor - Servant of the Sea


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