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Gorseth Kernow

Competition Results, 2006

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Competition Cups

Cornish Classes 2006 Winners

Class 1: Gwersyow Yn kernewek – The Mordon-Carador Rosebowl

1st: Dr. Ken George (An Velyn Goth) Torpoint
2nd: Pol Hodge (An Velyn Goth) Truro
3rd: Philip Chadwick (An Velyn Goth) London
3rd: Mary Sutcliffe (An Velyn Goth) Cambridgeshire
Highly Commended: Mina Dresser (An Velyn Goth) Truro
Commended: Marjorie Trevanion (An Velyn Goth) St. Austell

Class 2: Yeth Plen Yn Kernewek – Cornish Crystal

1st: Tony Hak (Whedhel Wharthys) Bracknell
2nd: John Parker (Whedhel Wharthys) Ludgvan, Penzance
3rd: Polin Prys (Whedhel Wharthys) Falmouth
3rd: Mina Dresser (Whedhel Wharthys) Truro
Highly Commended: Roger Garside (Whedhel Wharthys) Penzance
Commended: Lilian James (Whedhel Wharthys) South Australia,
June Halls (Whedhel Wharthys) Victoria, Australia.

Class 3: Short Story For Beginners In Cornish – Keskerth Kernow 500 Salver

1st: Elizabeth Trathen (Deaw Abm) Falmouth
2nd: Mary Reynolds (Mis Meurth) Helston
2nd: Chris Marks (Ewa hendres) Veryan, Truro
3rd: Erik Grigg (Hens Horn) Lincolnshire
3rd: Esmè Tackley (An Pol Hudol) Falmouth
3rd: Ryan Davies (Pereeg Doaz) St. Just In Roseland
Highly Commended: W.Magor (Ostias trawythis) Redruth,
Edward Curry (Badger) Feock, Margaret Adams (Pub Jorna) Truro.
Commended: Edward Curry (Gothal Alban) Feock,
Chris Marks (Good Tom Bawcock) Veryan,
Elizabeth Trathen (Caravannel) Falmouth.

Class 4a: Cornish Essay – Henry Jenner Cup

1st: Mina Dresser (A Poland Tha Gernow) Truro

Gorseth Kernow Results 2006

Class 4b: Cornish Essay in English - Sybil Pomeroy Cup

1st: Charles Lovell (Boconnoc and it’s People) Gorran Haven, St. Austell.
2nd: Jill Thomas (From Fringes And Fountains) St. Neot, Liskeard
3rd: Alan Kent (Some Ancestry...) Probus, Truro.
Highly Commended:
Joy Stevenson (Remembering The Cornish Privvy) Truro
Tony Buscombe (Oyez Oyez Oyez) Fowey.
Jill Thomas (Scat To Littick) St. Neot, Liskeard.
Brendan McMahon (All The World) Codnor, Derbyshire.
Trev Lawrence (A Hitch In Time) Penzance.
Mary Quick (Faith, Hope & Charity) Carbis Bay, St. Ives

Class 5: Cornish Dialect Prose - Rosemergy Cup

1st: Mary Quick (The Prallen Of Enoch Penrose) Carbis Bay, St. Ives.
2nd: Rosina Thomas (The Ghost Of The Washing Machine) Helston
3rd: Doris Davies (Christmas Week) Bolingey, Perranporth.
Highly Commended:
Ron Grubb; Enid Mavor – St. Agnes
Commended: Pol Hodge – Grampound

Class 6: Cornish Dialect Verse – Kewny Cup

1st: Enid Mavor (Granfer’s Party) St. Agnes
3rd: Pol Hodge ( Trip Ta Baath) Grampound.
Highly Commended: Ben Batten – Chesham, Bucks; Mary Quick - Carbis Bay, St. Ives; Trevor Hicks - Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Class 7: Short Story Set In Cornwall

1st: Charles Lovell (The Cotehele Miracle) Gorran Haven, St. Austell
2nd: Trevor Hicks (Emily) Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Class 8: English Verse On A Cornish Subject – Morris Cup

1st: Maureen Jackett (The Longships Lighthouse) Flushing
2nd: Trevor Hicks (Golitha) Chesterfield, Derbyshire
3rd: Ruth Haspell (Portreath) Bodmin.
Highly Commended: Rosina Thomas - Helston; Esme Francis - St. Just, Penzance; Alan Kent - Truro
Commended: Mary Quick - Carbis Bay, St. Ives

Class 9: English Verse By Cornish Poets - Jack Evans Cup

1st: Alan Kent (The Carvings At Treloyhan) Truro
2nd: Diane Simkin (Eli Pentecost) Camborne
3rd: Andrew Robinson (I Have Not Slept Soundly) Truro
Commended: Margaret Adams; John Trevena - Newquay

Class 10: Song in English about Cornwall - Bert Thomas Cup

1st: Mina Dresser (The Little Balmaiden) Truro
2nd: Bob Watson (Cornish Red Bells) Reading
3rd: Mina Dresser (The Miner’s Song) Truro
Highly Commended: Elizabeth Capp - Bodmin

Class 11: Calligraphy – Tallyour Trophy

1st: Mrs. M.J. Griffen (Forester) Trelissick, Hayle
2nd: Pat Power (Angel) Leedstown, Hayle
3rd: Mrs. Megan Timmins, Plogonnec, Brittany/Breizh

Class 12: Photography Single Print – Den Delynyans Plaque

1st: Gennie Peters (Morning Mist) Falmouth
2nd: Gennie Peters (River Fal) Flushing
3rd: Lorna Cocks (Altarnun) Lanner
Highly Commended: John Cocks (Cotehele) Lanner
Commended: Elizabeth Moore (Ripple Beach) Constantine

Class 13: Photography Group Prints – Rosenwyn Evrok Trophy

1st: Tony Buscombe (Eden Craft) Trepenpol, Fowey.
2nd: Tony Buscombe (Bridges B) Trepenpol, Fowey
3rd: Lorna Cocks (Mabe Steam Up & Shindig) Lanner
Highly Commended: John Cocks (Bards 2005 Padstow & Mayday) Lanner
Commended: John Cocks (China Clay) Lanner

Class 14a: Painting Watercolour – Delywyor Hayl Cup

1st: Mrs J. Nunn, Ruan Minor
2nd: Mr. T Slater, Helston
3rd: Diana Honeyford, Mullion

Class 14b: Painting Any Other Medium but Watercolour - Carer Lywans Cup

1st: Mrs D.A. Pascoe, Redruth
2nd: Mrs D.A. Pascoe, Redruth
3rd: Mrs. J Nunn, Ruan Minor

Gorseth Kernow Under 18 Results 2006

Class 15: English Verse On A Cornish Subject 12-18yrs – Treneer Shield

1st: Jess Burton & Hannah Williams (Our Home Of West Penwith) Cape Cornwall School
2nd: Samantha Jane Dawson ( The Sally) Cape Cornwall School
3rd: Holly Fifield de Saint Pierre (Seasons In Cornwall) Cape Cornwall School
Highly Commended: Robbie Cercdig-Evans - Cape Cornwall Schoo
Commended: Annie Mae Rorke - Cape Cornwall School

Class 16: English Verse On a Cornish Subject 10–11yrs – Crida Cup

1st: Tommy Lumley (Under The Sea) Flushing Primary School
2nd: Bethany Richards (The Making Of Cornwall) Pensilva Primary School
3rd: Jessica Chambers (The Making Of Cornwall) Pensilva Primary School
Highly Commended: Laura Whitehead - Flushing Primary School
Commended: Tean Pascoe – St. John’s Catholic Primary School, Camborne

Class 17: English Verse On A Cornish Subject under 10 yrs – Trophy

1st: Tegen Bolitho Harris (A Walk Through Cornish Woods) Bude
2nd: Aaron Payne (The Haunted Tin Mine) Flushing Primary School
3rd: Hugh Osmond (The Moors) Flushing Primary School
Highly Commended: Zoe Osmond ( Sea Life) Flushing Primary School
Commended: Biba Cole (The Sea) Flushing Primary School

Class 18: Detailed Study of A Cornish Subject - Scos Pol Ter Shield

1st: Katherine Nelhams (An Essay on Cornish Identity) Penwith College

Class 23: Short Story Set In Cornwall 12-18yrs - Cardiff Cornish Association Cup

1st: Jacob Stone (A Birthright Betrayed) Cape Cornwall School
2nd: Rosie Pentreath (Agatha’s Cornwall) Cape Cornwall School
3rd: Adam Roberts (The Miner’s Fall) Cape Cornwall School
Commended: Emily Pentreath (John’s Last Wish) Cape Cornwall School

Class 24: Short Story Set In Cornwall 11yrs and under – Scholar Shield

1st: Logan Payne (The Giants Of St. Michaels Mount) Flushing Primary School
2nd: Tommy Lumley (Mermaid Of Zennor) Flushing Primary School
3rd: Kate Tarrant (Sir Chancel And The Dragon) Chacewater C.P. School
3rd: Sadie Thomas (Pendennis Castle) Crowan Primary School
Highly Commended:
Lois Pengelly (Charlie And The Giant), Tom James (The Big Match) [all Crowan Primary School]; Martha Mitchell-Gillespie (How Fire Came to Cornwall), Saskia Jackson (Tom), Bethany Martin (St. Michael’s Mount), Ben Annear (How Fire Came To Cornwall) [all Flushing Primary School]
Kimberley Taylor (Paul’s Adventure), Eden Pitt (Girl On Beach), Oliver McGeorge (Wave Through), David Fisher (The Game) [all Crowan Primary School]; Frederick Tomlinson (Fire Cornwall) Flushing Primary School

Class 25: Photography – Shield

1st: Emma Winder (Pendennis Castle) Crowan Primary School
2nd: Benjamin Gulland (Muddy Puddle) Helston
3rd: Alice Brown (Godrevy Light) Crowan Primary School

Class 26: Painting In Any Medium 12-Under 18yrs – Trevanion Shield

1st: Samantha Greagsby - Redruth School
2nd: Scott Mitchell - Redruth School

Class 27: Painting In Any Medium 11yrs And Under – Shield

1st: Liana Goss - Crowan Primary School
2nd: Elizabeth Weston - Crowan Primary School
3rd: Eden Pitt - Crowan Primary School
Highly Commended:
Joshua Thomas, Elizabeth Weston, Kimberley Taylor, Rhys Fairlie [all Crowan Primary School]; Molly Biscoe – Truro, Joe Hainen - Pensilva Primary School
Simon Thorpe, Thomas Badham, Danielle Welch, Paul Merrit, Steven Harris, Joshua Blewett, Sean Beaver, Chris Stuart, Charmaine Henderson [all Pensilva Primary School]; Alex Penney, Martha Hilliard, Tom James [all Crowan Primary School]


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