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Competition Results, 2014

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Cornish Classes 2014 Winners

Class 1: Gwersyow yn Kernewek - Cornish Crystal

1st: Gari Retalek (London)
Highly Commended: Philip Chadwick (London)

Class 2: Yeth Plen yn Kernewek - Mordon Caradar Rosebowl

1st: Roger Courtenay (London)
Highly Commended: Mark Trevethen (London)

Class 4a: Henry Jenner Cup (Cornish Essay in Cornish)

1st: Roger Henley (Sherborne, Dorset)

Class 4b: Sybil Pomeroy Cup (Cornish Essay in English)

1st: Geoffrey Truscott (Torpoint)
2nd: Tony Buscombe (Bodmin)
3rd: Mary Quick (Carbis Bay)
Highly Commended: Sylvia McKenzie (Saltash), Margery Payne (Torpoint)

Class 5: Rosmergy Cup (Cornish Dialect Prose)

1st: Mary Quick (Carbis Bay)
2nd: Patricia King (Illogan)
3rd: Paul Philips (Helston)

Class 6: Kewny Cup (Cornish Dialect Verse)

1st: Jill Thomas (St Neot)
2nd: Mary Quick (Carbis Bay)
3rd: Patricia King (Illogan)

Class 7: Ruth Moss Trophy (Short Story Set In Cornwall)

1st: Veronica Bright (Torpoint)
2nd: Lizzie Congdon (Falmouth)
3rd: Nikki Welch (Torpoint)

Class 8: Morris Cup (English Verse On A Cornish Subject)

1st: Esmé Francis (St Just in Penwith)
2nd: Adrian Rodda (Camborne)
3rd: Alan M Kent (Probus)
Highly Commended:Michael Dundrow (Gunnislake), Elizabeth Morris (Kettering, Northants)

Class 9: Jack Evans Cup (English Verse By A Cornish Poet)

1st: Des Hannigan (Morvah)
2nd: Adrian Rodda (Camborne)
3rd: Stella Breakwell (Saltash) and Roland Gurney (New Mill, Penzance)

Class 10: Bert Thomas Cup (Song in English about Cornwall)

1st: Bob Watson (Reading)
2nd: Esmé Francis (St Just in Penwith)

Class 11: Pat Power Memorial Trophy (Calligraphy)

1st: Ewa Kellie-Smith (Exeter)
2nd: Clare Timmins (Plogonnec, Brittany)
3rd: Margaret Pedler (Truro)
Highly Commended: Megan Timmins (Plogonnec, Brittany)

Class 12: Den Delynyans Plaque (Photography)

1st: Phili Mills (Dover)
2nd: Angela Chappell (Goonhavern)
3rd: Wendy Hartman (Phillack)
Commended: Phili Mills (Dover), Hilary Spurrier (Blisworth, Northants)

Class 13: Rosenwyn Evrok Trophy (Photography)

1st: Phili Mills (Dover)
2nd: Hilary Spurrier (Blisworth, Northants)
3rd: Phili Mills (Dover)
Commended:Tony Buscombe (Bodmin), Angela Chappell (Goonhavern), Lizzie Congdon (Falmouth)

Class 14a: Delywyor Hayl Salver (Painting in Watercolour)

1st: William A Morris (London)
2nd: Jill Thomas (St Neot)
3rd: L E Pierce (Callington)

Class 14b: Carer Lywans Cup (Painting in Any Other Medium than Watercolour)

1st: L E Pierce (Callington)
2nd: William A Morris (London)
3rd: Jill Thomas (St Neot)
Highly Commended : Robert Padfield (Penzance)


Gorsedh Kernow Under 18 Results 2014

Class 15: Treneer Shield (English Verse on a Cornish Subject: 12 to 17 years)

1st: Jessica Georgelin (Richard Lander School)

Class 16: Crida Cup (English Verse on a Cornish Subject: 10 and 11 years)

1st: Zachary G Bryce (Millbrook CE Primary School)
Commended: Olivia Calladine, Rohan Oldham (both Millbrook CE Primary School)

Class 17: Den Arwennek Trophy (English Verse on a Cornish Subject: 9 years and under)

1st: Oskar Allerbrand (Calstock CP School)
Commended:  Florence Utton (Calstock CP School)

Class 19: Map Melyn Shield (Detailed Study of a Cornish Subject - IT: 13 years and under)

1st: Heather Clarke (Calstock CP School)
2nd: Joe Randle (Calstock CP School)
3rd: Finn Dingle (Calstock CP School)
Highly Commended: Oskar Allerbrand, Oscar Tierney (both Calstock CP School)
Commended:  Evie Billing, Sophia Bos (both Calstock CP School)

Class 22: Cyril Knight Cup (Detailed Study of a Cornish Subject – Non-IT: 11 years and under)

1st: Greta Spake-Urwin (Calstock CP School)
2nd: Flora Bennetts De Souza (Millbrook CE Primary School)
3rd: Taya Triggs (Millbrook CE Primary School)
Highly Commended: Karis Bloor, Reece Darren Bloor (both Millbrook CE Primary School)
Commended: Gabriel Bennetts De Souza, Jamie Blank, Molly West (all Millbrook CE Primary School), Lilly O’Byrne, Ruby Roberts (both Calstock CP School)

Class 23: Cardiff Cornish Association Cup (Short Story Set in Cornwall: 12 to 17 years)

1st: Lucy Timbrell (Richard Lander School)
Highly Commended: Freya Grainger (Richard Lander School)
Commended: Rohan Canavan (Oakwood Court College, Torpoint), Sam Carder (Richard Lander School)

Class 24a: Scholar Shield (Short Story Set in Cornwall: 8 to 11 years)

1st: Maisy Laur (Calstock CP School)
Highly Commended: Nathan Coates (Crowan Primary School)
Commended: Joseph Randle, Aine Tierney, Oscar Tierney, Florence Utton (all Calstock CP School), Marcus Roberts (Crowan Primary School)

Class 25: An Den Shield (Photography: all ages)

1st: Harry Howard (Cape Cornwall School)
2nd: Nikki Baker (Cape Cornwall School)
3rd: Robert Miles-Thomas (Cape Cornwall School)
Highly Commended: Mollie Knight, Olivia Woolcock (both Cape Cornwall School)
Commended: Shannon Bridgeman (Mounts Bay School), Ryver Green, Abe King, Logan Morse (all Cape Cornwall School), Maisy Laur, Charlie Southcott, Oscar Tierney (all Calstock CP School)

Class 27: Howldrehevel Shield (Painting in Any Medium: 11 years and under)

1st: Rebekah Bradley (Calstock CP School)
2nd: Fern Mitchell (Carbeile Junior School)
3rd: Zelah May Crooks (Cusgarne CP School)
Highly Commended: Rosie Downing (Carbeile Junior School), Jack Flannagan (Millbrook CE Primary School), Joseph Randle (Calstock CP School)
Commended: Jake Beck, Ebony Gallacher, Fern Mitchell, Lily Townsend, Jessica Welch (all Carbeile Junior School), Flora Bennetts De Souza, Joao Bennetts De Souza, Poppy Northcott (all Millbrook CE Primary School)


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