Truro’s Virtual St. Piran’s Day Celebrations 2021

Every year across Cornwall residents and others come together to march in parades to celebrate the Patron Saint of Cornwall St Piran.

Truro City Council are delighted this year to be hosting a St Piran’s Day virtual celebration on Friday 5th March 2021. Poster

Kicking off the fun is a Childrens St Piran’s Day webinar party at 12.30 hosted by Lauren. There will be some fun family challenges including dancing and a practice sing of ‘Oggy, Oggy’ ready for later in the evening.

Families who would like to join in should register in advance with Suzie West, Tyller A Nerth project leader by emailing .

At 1.00pm the St Piran’s Day Celebratory Film commissioned by Truro City Council will be released via the Truro St Piran’s Day Facebook page and on the Cornwall Channel You Tube Channel. The film will feature memories, photos & film of past St Piran’s Day’s in Truro, short dance clips of local Children doing the St Piran’s day dance at home and a few words from Bert Biscoe, Mayor of Truro, The Bishop Philip, High Sheriff of Cornwall Kate Wild, the Lord Lieutenant Edward Bolitho and the Grand Bard of Cornwall Elizabeth Carne.

Next up is the Oggy, Oggy shout, residents are being encouraged at 6pm to come together outside there homes, or from windows to join in with the shout or tune into the Truro St Piran’s Day Facebook page at 6pm for a live post with two of Truro’s well known residents.

To finish off the day as is tradition on St Piran’s Day at 9pm, the City of Truro Male Voice Choir will sing the Trelawny Shout.

Bert Bisco, Mayor of Truro said

The last event in Truro before all this locking down started was St Piran’s Day. It feels like a lifetime ago we were in High Cross and celebrating in a very modern Cornish way the values and expressions which lie at the heart of Cornish life, and which spur deep feelings about Cornwall in so many people all over the World.

St Piran’s Day 2021 is a very different sort of event – an on-line experience, but no less profound and renewing for that. I always associate St Piran’s Day with daffodils, birdsong, renewing old friendships, hoping desperately for dry weather, and singing, spouting and silently reflecting about all those fine values which St Piran represents.

Thanks to those creative, communicative, and organisational people who have come together to make things, to think stuff, and to help launch St Piran’s moment of renewal and goodness. Thanks to our funders, not least Truro City Council. We all hope you enjoy the ideas for celebrating St Piran’s Day safely at home – and for sharing.

This year the Mayor is sending greetings on St Piran’s Day to as many Truro’s as we can find on the map, and to our twinned towns of Boppard and Morlaix. Goel Sen Pyran. Truro bys vykkien. Lowenad dhys.

The team have also put together activity packs inspired by St. Piran’s Day. You could create an animal mask for the virtual tea party on 5th March, colour in a picture to display in your window or learn some Cornish phrases and interesting facts. To get your activity sheet go to the Visit Truro Website, Truro St Piran’s Day Facebook Page or they are available for collection in person from Truro Community Library.

Editors Notes

All information can be found on the Truro St Piran’s Day Facebook page & Visit Truro website,

This project has been made possible with the support from Truro City Council,  Cornwall Dance School, SALT Projects Ltd, Tyller A Nerth, Truro Old Cornwall Society, Russell Pascoe, Aesthetip, Robin Holmes and St Piran.

For further information about the events planned for St Piran’s Day please contact Taren, Events Co Ordinator at Truro City Council –