The Holyer year 2021-22

Here are the main dates in the Holyer year 2021-22. Further details will be added as they become available. Please contact the organisers, Pat and Gareth Parry, with any queries.

November 1st. 2021First date for the submission of books published in 2021
28th. February 2022Closing date for books published in 2021
Early March 2022Book distribution. Beginning of Reading Period 1
11th. May 2022Beginning of Reading Period 2
23rd. June 2022All reviews should be with the organisers by this date.
29th. June 2022Readers’ meeting to evaluate entries and publication of nominations on website. Invitations to ceremony sent out to publishers and nominated writers.
16th. July 2022Awards Presentation Evening
21st. September 1.30 via ZoomReview Meeting
Meetings are at 1.30pm unless otherwise stated. More details on the awards event later in the year.