St Austell St Piran’s Day 2024 Event

St Austell’s St Piran’s Day Event is a free community event for one and all to enjoy.

The event is being held in St Austell Town Centre on the 2nd March 2024, 10 am till 3pm. The event will celebrate Cornwall’s Patron Saint Piran and all things Cornish.

·         There will be a craft fair in Vicarage Place St Austell.

·         There will be music and a craft fair in the Market House.

·         There will be cultural/heritage stalls in the Market House. There will also be Cornish language sessions. Anyone can join to learn a taster of Kernewek.

·         Kres- Stories and Sounds of the Clay Country will be in the Market House from 11am till 1pm.

·         At 1.30pm in Aylmer Square, we will set off for a parade around St Austell headed by local musicians. Please bring your banner Piran and your singing voices as there will be a Trelawney Shout when we return to Aylmer square. The parade will start gathering in Aylmer Square at 1pm.

·         There will be speeches after the parade from invited speakers.

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