Skeusennow ha Gwydhyowyow 2019

Gorsedh Lannust, Awen orth Kres an Kylgh Men Dewlogh, Solempnyta Penn-blodh 90 a’n Orsedh, Gorthugherow Pewasow rag Gorsedh Kernow ha Holyer an Gof


90th. anniversary ceremony 2019

Presentation ceremony of the Cornish Language Board 2019

Guests and delegates at the Gorsedh 2019

Old Cornwall banners 2019

Girls (and Boys) of Cornwall 2019

New bards 2019

Awards ceremony 2019

Holyer an Gof Awards Evening 2019

Special Proclamation at the International Congress in Newquay April 2019

Proclamation 2019


The audio-visual presentation of entries to Gorsedh Kernow’s Awards and Competitions 2019 can be viewed here.