Gorseth Kernow/The Cornish Gorsedd: what it is and what it does


Rod Lyon

This year marks the 80th anniversary of Gorsedh Kernow and sees the publication of a booklet which looks at the organisation from the inside.

As well as charting its origins in early Britain and Wales, Rod Lyon (Tewennow) looks at its ceremonies and regalia and explores the impact of key figures such as Henry Jenner and Robert Morton Nance.

He explains, too, how Gorsedh Kernow has changed over the years and how it sees its role in 21st-century Cornwall and across the Cornish diaspora.

Lavishly illustrated in full colour with many previously unseen photographs, “Gorseth Kernow/The Cornish Gorsedd” also contains explanatory notes about Gorsedd regalia and handy lists of Grand Bards, Deputy Grand Bards and Gorsedd sites