Evocative Cornwall Greetings Card – Coast Path to Porthtowan


Evocative Cornwall’s blank greetings card, ‘Coast Path to Porthtowan’.  The rich and varied heathland cloaking the cliffs around Porthtowan is the legacy of historic mine spoil which contaminated the soil and spoilt it for agricultural use, allowing the coast path to meander from cove to sandy cove.  The distinctive outline of Wheal Tye stack is on the skyline.

The walk from Chapel Porth to Porthtowan is a pleasant one, not too long or too steep, although you do conquer a decent sized cliff!  Good beaches and facilities at both ends.


  • blank greeting card with white envelope
  • 145 x 145mm
  • plastic-free
  • 10% of annual profit donated to Cornish charities each year