Porthcurno Exhibition: History of the Mobile Phone 

Porthcurno was once the heart of international telecommunications, boasting the largest telegraph station in the world. Today, the PK Porthcurno is a vibrant and captivating museum and heritage site.

This October 2023, PK Porthcurno, Museum of Global Communications, opens a new exhibition on the 40-year history of the mobile phone. ‘Going Mobile’ explores the amazing journey of this everyday communication device from an exclusive status symbol, used mainly for voice calls, to a minicomputer in our pockets. Curated by PK Porthcurno, ‘Going Mobile’ includes over seventy phones and objects ranging from the earliest ‘brick’ devices of the 1980s, through flip phones, sliders, and clamshells, to the latest smartphones. This will be the first time that the phones have been on public display as a collection.

‘Going Mobile’ features original animations and illustrations by Falmouth based animator Syd Murphy. Mobile related work by celebrated photographers, Rankin and Levon Biss is also on display at the museum. The exhibition poster artwork was created by Penzance based illustrator Mat McIvor.

‘Going Mobile’ opens on 21st October and runs until October 2024.

For further information see www.pkporthcurno.com