Penzance St. Piran’s Events

Cornish Flags will be hoisted throughout the town.

No Furry or Procession of Dignitaries will be taking place on March 5th, however packs are being sent out to all participating schools which include badge stickers and mini flags, the notation, steps and audio recording of St Piran Furry, Cornish Song sheets and an Art Competition instruction.

It is hoped that schools will be open sufficiently for staff to encourage celebration and to record visually for online inclusion on our Facebook page

Alternatively, if schools are closed on March 5th, pupils will be encouraged to send us their relevant artwork to be judged and uploaded onto the FB page.

In addition, committee members Christine Judge and Lindsey Eddy, both teachers of music, will conduct an online St Piran-in-Penwith Choir. leading children through a variety of their favourite Cornish songs, including lyrics in Kernewek and ending with a rousing “Trelawney”! Further details of this event to follow.