2021 Pacific Northwest Cornish Society On-line event.

An opportunity to meet with Cornish expats and Cornwall enthusiasts based in the Pacific North West to share thoughts and sentiments about what it is to be home. This event is hosted by the Pacific Northwest Cornish Society and led by Karenza of Hireth Medicine to reflect on ‘Hireth’, a Cornish word with no direct translation to English, but known as ‘a longing for home, a place never yet known’. Discussing themes such as the Cornish identity, the brave exploring nature of the Cornish people, and the intense, sometimes emotional, impact of ‘being at home’ in more than one geographical place, sometimes continents apart. Due to the proximity of St Pirans Day, this event will also include an opportunity to sing together both ‘Cornwall My Home’ and the Cornish National Anthem, ‘Trelawney’. This event is free to attend, and information on membership to the society will be shared.

https://fb.me/e/3UiUpHAGK MAR 7 AT 2 AM UTC