News Release – Notes from Bardh Meur Steren Mor/ Grand Bard Maureen Fuller, Breton Gorsedd, Sunday 19th July 2015

Bardh Meur Kernow Steren Mor / The Grand Bard of Cornwall has sent the following report of her visit to Brittany..

Grand Bard Maureen Fuller/Steren Mor at the Breton Gorsedh in 2015

Grand Bard Maureen Fuller/Steren Mor at the Breton Gorsedh in 2015

“Together with the Deputy Grand Bard Merv Davey, Telynor an Weryn I attended the Breton Gorsedd at the stone circle in St. Kaduan, near Brasparts in Brittany on 19th July 2015. The circle had not been used for over 30 years, so much clearing had to be done to uncover it, but it was a welcome return to this venue. Mist wafted around and added to the atmosphere of the ceremony in this special place. Wales was represented by Jim Parc Nest, the Deputy Archdruid of Wales and his wife Manon Rhys. The ceremony was conducted by the Grand Druid Pierre Marie Kerloc’h. In his speech from the rock, the Grand Druid congratulated his Scottish brethren for their landslide victory in the recent general election, who won 56 seats out of 59 in their country.

In France at the end of the year, there will also be elections. He saluted the striving of various parties belonging to the Breton movement for uniting their forces in favour of Brittany. Due to the new law, known as the French Patriot Act, he was worried that it would be used to bring the harmony of the Breton movement into disrepute and urged everyone to be vigilant. This Act grants the state sweeping surveillance powers which are supposed to protect France’s security, but the Prime Minister is given ‘exorbitant powers without any democratic control’. He was afraid that it would be used to point out so-called ‘terrorists’ by using ‘shabby tricks’ and scapegoats would be identified. This would then be used to denigrate the Breton vote. The Grand Druid said he would write to the various democratic lists of candidates for the next elections to ask them:

  • what is their stand on the reunification of Brittany?
  • what action for the Breton languages, and will they appoint a vice president in charge of this problem at the moment?
  • what is their stand about devolution of the competence in languages for we don’t admit any longer the dictatorship of the State Council or the Constitutional Council proclaiming every time the illegality of our languages and culture.

He said the Breton Gorsedd would publish their answers onto their website and they would communicate them to the newspapers. The Breton Gorsedd wishes the next election campaign will have dignity and democratic fervour. He hoped the candidates would be guided by understanding Brittany’s and Breton’s people’s interests. He summoned everyone to put a lot into the debate and to vote en masse. As their Celtic brethren, we wish the Breton Gorsedd success in their endeavours for the good of the Breton language and culture. Bevet Breizh! Long live Brittany!”

Steren Mor

Bardh Meur 2015