Holyer an Gof Publishers’ Awards Short List 2023

Our congratulations to all short-listed publishers and authors. You’ll find images of the publications’ covers and links to the publishers/ websites here: https://gorsedhkernow.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/NominationsCovers23-1.pdf

Class 1 Dyllansow yn Kernewek (Publications in the Cornish language)

Class 1a:  Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag dyskas (Books in Cornish for teaching)

  • Gerlyver Mur dhe Les by Clive Baker published by Agan Tavas
  • Origo Mundi (Student Edition) edited by Roger Courtenay and published by Kesva an Taves Kernewek

Class 1b:  Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag fleghes (Books in Cornish  for children)

There were no submissions in this class this year.

Class 1c:  Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag tevesigyon ha tevesigesow (Books in Cornish for adults)

  • Dadhel an Dega en Pluw Bawl by Rod Lyon published by Spyrys a Gernow
  • Kegin Esther by Esther Johns published by Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek
  • Unn Ethves Kernewek by Philip Chadwick published by Kesva an Taves Kernewek

Class 1d:  Lyvrow treylyes yn Kernewek (Books translated into Cornish)

There were no submissions in this class this year.

Class 2 Books for children

Class 2a:  Books for children of primary age

  • The Cornwall Sticker Book by Evelyn Sinclair published by Inspired by Lakeland
  • The Moon Over Pennycomequick by Mike O’Connor published by Lyngham House

Class 2b:  Books for young adults

  • Seal Song by Mike O’Connor published by Lyngham House
  • Smiley and the Acorn – Treasure on the Isles of Scilly by Roger Underwood published by MAPublisher (Writer’s Champion)

Class 3 Fiction for adults

Class 3a:  Literary fiction

  • Mother’s Boy by Patrick Gale published by Tinder Press
  • The White Hare by Jane Johnson published by Head of Zeus (Apollo Fiction)
  • Whistling Jack by Josephine Gardiner published by Hypatia Publications

Class 3b:  General fiction

  • Be Brave for Me by Elaine Johns published by Bookouture
  • Every Shade of Happy by Phyllida Shrimpton published by Arla, Head of Zeus
  • Happenstance by Melville Jones published by Troubador Publishing Ltd.
  • Maiden Point by J.T. Croft published by Elmfire Press
  • The Body in the Wall by Anna Penrose published by Mudlark’s Press
  • The Girl with the Yellow Star by Natalie Meg Evans published by Bookouture

Class 4 Poetry and Drama

Class 4a:  Poetry

  • Cornish Modern Poetries by Aaron Kent and Ella Frears published by Broken Sleep Books
  • U-Boy by Simon Parker published by Scryfa

Class 4b:  Drama

There were no submissions in this class this year.

Class 5 Non-fiction for adults

Class 5a:  Social, cultural and political history

  • A Murderous Midsummer by Professor Mark Stoyle published by Yale University Press London
  • A Time to Build by Michael Warner published by Scryfa
  • Agan Kernow by Ken Peak published by the Cornish Association of Victoria
  • Illuminating our Lantern Crosses:  A Catalogue of late medieval Cornish Lantern Crosses and related stone sculpture by Andrew G. Langdon and Ann Preston-Jones published by Andrew Langdon
  • Vaccination Wars by Ella Stewart-Peters published by University of Exeter Press
  • The Cornish Buildings Group: First 50 Years by Paul Holden, John Stengelhofen, Joanna Mattingly and Patrick Newberry published by The Cornish Buildings Group

Class 5b:  Science, Environment and Industrial/Marine

  • Adrift:  The Curious Tale of Lego Lost at Sea by Tracey Williams published by Unicorn
  • Dodging about in the Mullion Roads by Robert Felce published by Robert Felce
  • Listening to the Enemy by Michael Griffiths published by Pearl and Michael Griffiths
  • The Lowlands (An Iseldiryow) by Terry Moyle published by Terry Moyle
  • The St. Ives Branch Line:  A History by Richard C. Long published by Pen and Sword Books Ltd.

Class 5c:  Leisure and Lifestyle

  • Cycling in Cornwall by Liz Hurley published by Mudlark’s Press
  • Matter of the Otherworld by Samuel Davison published by Samuel Davison
  • Salty Cove by Barbara Hocking, Jill Edwards, Matthew Facey, Sally Mitchell and Lauren Hunkin published by Fishermen’s Mission Charity
  • Waves Volume 2 – Seascapes, Surf and Storms by Mike Newman published by Trevale Press

Class 5d Memoir

  • The Draw of the Sea by Wyl Menmuir published by Aurum Press
  • Tony Giles, Painter of Man-made Cornwall by John Branfield published by Mingoose Books

Class 6 Booklets

  • Grove Hill:  Falmouth’s finest eighteenth-century mansion by Mike Jenks published by Mike Jenks
  • Rosamunde Pilcher’s Cornwall by Gill Knappett published by Pitkin
  • The New Zealand Cornish Association 1962-2022 by Judy Wright, Geoff Curson and Nick Bartle published by The New Zealand Cornish Association
  • The Story of Travelling Showman Joseph Brewer and his family by Ken Rickard published by K.H. and V.J. Rickard