Holyer an Gof 2024 shortlist

You’ll find pictures of the nominated books and links to publishers’ websites here: Link

Class 1 Dyllansow yn Kernewek (Publications in the Cornish language)

Class 1a:  Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag dyskas (Books in Cornish for teaching)

· Cornish Dictionary Supplement No. 4, compiled by Ray Chubb, published by Agan Tavas

Class 1b:  Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag fleghes (Books in Cornish  for children)

· Cornwall:  The Land You Can Count On, written and published  by Alasdair Hoswell

Class 1c:  Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag tevesigyon ha tevesigesow (Books in Cornish for adults)

· Mab neb Dama:  An Whedhel Ingrid by Heather Ashworth, published by Spyrys a Gernow

Class 1d:  Lyvrow treylyes yn Kernewek (Books translated into Cornish)

· Bresel an Bysow by Steve Harris, published by Ors Sempel

Class 2 Books for children

Class 2a:  Books for children of primary age

· A History of Cornwall by Edward Rowe, illustrated by Keith Sparrow and published by Cornwall Library Service

· The Good Ship True Love, written by John McWilliams, illustrated by Rose Forshall and published by Mabecron

· The Unlikely Tale of Morgowr and the Spanish Armada of 1588 by Judy Scrimshaw, published by Granny Moff Books

Class 2b:  Books for young adults

· Firecrow written by Mike O’Connor and published by Lyngham House

Class 3 Fiction for adults

Class 3a:  Literary fiction

· Set of Rowley Hall books, written and published by Andrew Lanyon

· Rabelais and Cervantes on the Road to Cornwall, written and published by Andrew Lanyon

Class 3b:  General fiction

· Dead Winter Bones by Anna Penrose, published by Mudlark’s Press

· Juggling Treacle, written and published by Andrew Lanyon

· Please Come Home by Elaine Johns, published by Bookouture

· The Wives Left Behind, written and published by L.K.Wilde

Class 4 Poetry and Drama

Class 4a:  Poetry

· Mordardh:  Surf Poetry by Ella Walsworth-Bell, Megan Chapman, Morag Smith, Fi Read, Kerry Vincent, Hannah Temme, Ulrike Duran Bravo, Kate Barden, published by Cornwall Writers

· Of Hands and Hearts / Dre Dhorn ha Kolon by Patrick Ashton, illustrated by Afsoon Shariari and published by Grey Stone

· Sweeping the Sea by Glynda Winterson, published by Vann Halman Publishing

Class 4b:  Drama

· Lyonesse by Penelope Skinner, published by Faber

Class 4c;  Music

There were no entries in this class this year

Class 5 Non-fiction for adults

Class 5a:  Social, cultural and political history

· Gorran Haven:  An alphabetical miscellany by Mark Mitchley, published by Fuzzy Flamingo

· Sacrament an Alter, edited by D.H.Frost and published by University of Exeter Press

· The Granite Kingdom by Tim Hannigan, published by Head of Zeus

Class 5b:  Science, Environment and Industrial/Marine

· A Complete Guide to the Engine Houses of East Cornwall and Devon by Damian Nance, Kenneth Brown and Tony Clarke, published by Lightmoor Press

· Flower Finders in Cornwall by Selina Bates, published by Scryfa

· Secret Gardens in Cornwall by Tim Hubbard, published by Frances Lincoln

Class 5c:  Leisure and Lifestyle

· Cornish Seascapes, written and published by Thomas Harper

· Cornish Wrestling:  A History by Mike Tripp, published by the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies

· The Tamara Coast to Coast Way by Steve Church, published by Tamar Valley National

· Top Walks in West Cornwall by Liz Hurley, published by Mudlark’s Press

Class 5d Memoir

There were no entries in this class this year.

Class 6 Booklets

· More Peeks into Liskeard’s Past by Brian Oldham, published by Liskeard and District Museum

· St. Julitta’s Bells, written and published by John Pearce