Helston Lantern Processions on St Piran’s Day 2022

March 5th 2022. After a busy couple of weeks creating lanterns at Workshops, three Helston Schools and members of CAST will create 4 separate processions of light from their individual bases, joining together at The Museum of Cornish Life. Their Itinerary is listed below….

 6.15pm Participants departure, to be led by event marshal’s.

6.10pm Welcome address for spectators at Market Place in front of the Museum of Cornish

Life, by Cornish speaker and volunteer Museum Co-ordinator Julia Chambers.

6.15-6.45pm Cornish Acapella singers will entertain spectators

6.30 – 6.45pm Processions assemble in front of the Museum of Cornish life.

6.45 – 7pm  Helston Town Band will play ‘Trelawney’ accompanied by the Cornish singers.

The school children are  invited to join in. The band will then play a medley of favourite Cornish tunes.

7.10pm One and all will sing ‘Cornwall My Home’.

7.15pm Thank you address and cry of Oggy-Oggy-Oggy! and response Oi Oi Oi! to close.

7.20pm The Museum of Cornish Life will remain open for the public until 8.30pm as will the  CAST Cafe, eateries and bars around Helston.

This event has been supported by the Welcome Back fund.