Grand Bard’s Speech 27th June 2021

Pur Lowen on ni bos omma yn Strasnedh hedhyw rag agan Solempnita Awen

 Kyns dalleth an Solempnita my a vynn powes rag unn mynysenn ha perthi kov a’gan koweth Kernow neb a dhallathas an kynsa Awen nans yw deg bledhen yn diw vil onan war’n ugans.

Ni a borth kov hedhyw ynwedh a Michael Joseph an Gov ha Thomas Flamank ledhys an jydh ma yn mil peswar kans seytek ha peswar ugans hag oll an Gernowyon oll ledhys wosa an rebellyans.

Wosa an rebellyans tus Strasnedh a veu pardonys wosa pe spal a dew ugans sols. Lowen ov vy bos genen hedhyw Mer PorthBud-Strasnedh, Amanda Tame.

We are very happy to be here in Stratton today to celebrate our Awen Ceremony

Before we begin the ceremony I would like to take a moment to remember our friend Kernow, Howard Curnow, who introduced the first Awen ceremony ten years ago  in 2011.

We remember today as well Michael Joseph An Gov and Thomas Flamank executed on this day in 1497 along with all the other Cornishmen killed after the rebellion.

After the rebellion all the parishioners of Stratton were pardoned on paying a fine of 40 shillings.

I am pleased that we are joined today by the mayor of Bude/Stratton, Amanda Tame. (She then gave a speech in Cornish and English)