Gorsedh Young People’s Awards Winners 2024

Gorsedh Kernow’s Awards judges were delighted with the quality and variety of this year’s submissions, showing a sense of pride in Cornwall, its language, landscape, history, culture and people. It was very pleasing to receive an increased number of school submissions, from Connor Downs, Luxulyan, Madron Daniel, Menheniot, Mousehole, Penpol, Perran-ar-Worthal, St Mary’s Penzance, Trewirgie, Trythall and Troon, some entering for the very first time, as well as several good quality individual entries. Once again there were some wonderful entries from music ensembles led by Christine Judge of Cornwall Music Service Trust.

Yeth Kernewek/Cornish Language

over 7/KS2

Joint Winner individual – Anwen Knights for her booklet “What I like to do each month in Kernow” and Amelia Way for her Kanker Story.

Highly commended – Lexi Pascoe for her Cornish phrase book.

Whole Class winner – Sycamore class Luxulyan for their book of opposites.

7 and under/KS1

Joint Whole Class Winners – Beech class Luxulyan for their counting book and Trewirgie Infants for

Winner Individual – Kenza Rose Jacob for her counting song in Cornish.

Highly Commended – Harry Way for “My Cornish World“ and St Mary’s Catholic Primary School Penzance for the song “Ow Skyber yw Leskys”.

Dons Kernewek/Cornish Dance

Highly commended – Beech class Luxulyan for “Mr Martin’s Reel”.

Ilow Kernewek/Cornish Music

over 11/KS3

Winner – Cornwall Youth Chamber Choir for “Kana Kelyn”.

over 7/KS2

Winner – St Piran in Penwith for Gool Peran.

Highly Commemded – Perran ar Worthal for their song “Lost and Alone”; Troon for their song “Mary Kelynack 9 miles a day” and Madron for their harvest song.

Commended – Connor Downs for their song about District Nurses; Luxulyan for “Cornwall my Home”;  Mousehole for”Schooner Detective Theme”; St Mary’s School for “Cornwall my Home”and Trythall Class 2 for their Sea Shanty.

7 and under/KS1

Winner – Ash class Luxulyan for their daytime routine songs.

Highly commended – Trewirgie infants for “A Song for our School” and Trythall class 1 for their song “Roaring Raging Sea”

Fylm ha Drama Kernewek/Cornish Film and Drama

Winner – Luxulyan Musical Theatre Club for “Going Places”.

Studhyans Kernewek/Cornish Study

Whole School Winner – Penpol for their class work on Cornish Myths.

individual over 7/KS2

Winner – Scarlett Freckleton for her poem and artwork on Holywell.

 7 and under/KS1

Joint winners – Trewirgie for their A-Z of Redruth and Trewirgie Klub Kernewek for “Paloresow, a study of Choughs”.

Commended – Kerra Tonkin and Martha Rendle for their Mousehole Myths.

Art ha desin ha diskwedhyans besyel Kernewek/Cornish Art and Design

Over 7/KS2

Winner – Lily-Jane Giles for her Kanker model.

Whole School winner – Menheniot for their three arts projects.

Highly commended- Oak class Luxulyan for posters inspired by “Cornwall my Home”

Commended – Kaitlyn Elston and Jorgie Savidge for their posters on Cornish festivals.

7 and under /KS1

Winner – Ash class Luxulyan for their Tales from Porth models.

Highly commended – Lacey Pascoe for her booklet “Why I love Cornwall” and Trewirgie infants for their artwork on My Cornwall.

Commended  – Trewirgie Y1&2 for their medals; Logan Bettison for artwork “Cornwall my Home”; Talia Keith for her poster on Dydh Trevithick and Bella Kneebone for her picture of an engine house.