Gorsedh Kernow names New Bards for 2021

Thirteen new bards will be welcomed into the College of Bards of Gorsedh Kernow at Bude Castle on 4th September 2021 by the Grand Bard of Cornwall Elizabeth Carne, Melennek, in recognition of their outstanding work in serving Cornwall.

“Gorsedh Kernow was established with the aim of celebrating and promoting Cornwall’s distinctive Celtic culture and many of this year’s new bards are honoured for working in their community to nurture and promote Cornish culture” said Grand Bard Elizabeth Carne, Melennek. “Some have recorded the history of their parish and its archaeology; some have been spokespersons for the current needs of their community and others have recorded our landscape and way of life through painting, poetry and film. Some have used Kernewek, our language to promote Kernow while others have fostered relationships with other Celtic countries through music. Two new bards live in Australia where they work to celebrate Cornish culture and conserve the Cornish way of life which their ancestors brought from their homeland. Whatever way they have demonstrated their love for Cornwall, the commitment to Kernow by all is exemplary and Gorsedh Kernow is proud to have them in the College of Bards.”

We are excited to able to hold the ceremony in public again, which was not possible in 2020. It will be held in the Castle grounds in Bude at 2pm on Saturday 4th September and all are welcome. A concert will follow at 6.30pm at the bandstand. On Sunday, there is a chance to try your hand at the Cornish language in an open fun morning session in Stratton Lecture Hall at 10am on Sunday and a guided walk around Stratton at 12pm (meet at the carpark). The weekend finishes with Evensong at the Parish church in Stratton at 3pm.

The new bards for 2021 are:

  1. Michael BUNNEY, Gorran Haven, for promoting Cornish culture and identity through exceptional service to St. Gorran Parish.
  2. Barbara GRIGGS, Tregeare, Launceston, for the promotion of Cornish culture and identity through music. 
  3. Alice HOLLAND-BYWATERS, Helston by examination in the Cornish language and continuing work for Kernow. 
  4. Anne KENNEDY-TRUSCOTT, Liskeard for promoting Cornish/Irish relations through music. 
  5. Jo MARCH, Gunnislake, for promoting and recording Cornwall’s unique culture, identity and landscape through painting. 
  6. Terry MOYLE, South Darenth, for exceptional community service to the Parish of St.Keverne.  
  7. Ken PEAK, Victoria, Australia, for promoting Cornish Identity in Australia.
  8. Kenneth RICKARD, St. Dennis, for his exceptional community service to the Parish of St. Dennis.
  9. Colin ROBERTS, Mullion, for promoting Cornish culture and identity throughout his life.
  10. Adrian RODDA, Camborne, for promoting Cornish heritage and identity through poetry, history, and archaeology.  
  11. Bill SCOTT, Constantine, for embracing Cornish identity and culture in the Media.
  12. Tamsin SPARGO, Redruth, for being a valuable supporter of Cornish culture and language. 
  13. Liesl WARNER, South Australia, for promoting Cornish identity in Australia.