Gool Peran yn Sen Ostel 2021

This year the celebrations are online and St Austell Old Cornwall Society has worked with the Rescorla Centre and St Austell St Piran’s Event. We are collaborating so that we can put together a number of ‘events’ to celebrate St Piran’s Day online this year. We have been supported by many people in order to make this happen. 

On Thursday we will post photos, footage and music videos of previous celebrations and on Friday we will post new videos and music made to celebrate St Piran’s Day 2021.

Our Friday line up is:

Music from:

Esedhek Rescorla:

Merv Davey

Chris Bartram.

Lamorna Spry and John Carter,

The Stun’sls

Larry McLaughlin

Garry Tregidga

Nigel Nethersole

Jon and Phili Mills.

A video of the Story of St Piran in Cornish and English,

Cornish phrases and a quiz from Bagas Kernewek Sen Austel with Andrew Johnson.

Short articles related to St Piran will be posted on the day as well.

There are also live events that are free to join:

A Cornish World/Bys Kernow on Friday at 7pm.

Trelawny Shout at 9pm

Cornish Story Online ‘Flight of the Hawkes’ on Saturday at 10am.

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