Cornish Language exam successes celebrated

No less than 89 people have successfully passed the Cornish language exams set by Kesva an Taves Kernewek, the Cornish Language Board, in the current year. Results just published point to a very successful year and a continuing rise in interest in the Cornish language. These students represent part of a much larger number of people learning at all levels. Students come from a wide range of places, with many learning from outside Cornwall, including Russia, Poland, New Zealand and Spain. ‘It is great to see so many people learning and enjoying our language and becoming speakers of Cornish’ said Maureen Pierce, Secretary of Kesva an Taves Kernewek. ‘The expansion of classes held over Zoom in the past couple of years has made it easier for those living outside Cornwall to take up the language, while the number of people in Cornwall who are learning has also risen, making the future for Cornish brighter than ever.’

Classes re-start in September and anyone inspired to start their journey to speaking Cornish, or simply wanting to learn a little bit can find details of classes for 2022-23, both in-person and online on

Keslowena (congratulations) to one and all!

Examination successes

1st Grade
Wendy Trevennor, Cornwall
Dewi Rhys-Jones, Wales
Robynne Sanderson, Australia
Toby Howes, Wales
Sarah Harrison, Cornwall
Jenny Crowe, Cornwall
Laura Opel, Cornwall
Elizabeth Frederick-Preece, Cornwall
Tristan Veryan, Cornwall
Cameron Kelso, England
Cath Fincher, England
Elizabeth Gill, Cornwall
Christopher Gill, Cornwall
Jacqueline Dymond, Cornwall
Graeme Plunkett, Cornwall
Jo White, Cornwall
Mike Thomas, England
Ross Crichton, Scotland
Hannah Elford, Cornwall
Graham Wormald, Cornwall
Alan Wood, Cornwall
Jowan Nute, New Zealand
Rachel Moseley, England
Barry Calder, England
Joanna Grzybowska, Cornwall
Piotr Szczepankiewicz, Poland
Debbie Darling, England
Eddie Murt, Cornwall
Helen Musser, Cornwall
Amanda Harris, Cornwall
Arina Parkhomova, Russia
Jonathan Henwood, England

Grade 2
Louis James, Spain
Jane Cunio, England
Jim Holton, USA
Harriet Cooper, England
Terry Moyle, England
Richard Simcott, England
Bridget Collinge, England
Yvonne Frankson, Cornwall
Jonathan Ryan, Cornwall
Mandy Potts, Cornwall
Vincent Roddy, N Ireland
Carolyn Allen, Cornwall
Steve Waring, Cornwall
Rhiannon Thompson, England
Roger Doo, Cornwall
Angela Roberts, Cornwall
David Fieldsend, Cornwall
Lee Mason, England
Lucy Ellis, Cornwall
Gulliver Griswood-Cambell, England

Grade 3
Linda Beskeen, Cornwall
Jerry Forbes, Cornwall
Steve Waite, England
Gem Prout, England
Adam Wheeler, Cornwall
CharlieFripp, Cornwall
Dafydd Cadog, Cornwall
Christina Lake, Cornwall
Suzanne Elliott, England
Martinvan Staeyen, Cornwall
Emma Jenkin, Cornwall
Alexandre Le Gall, Spain

Grade 4
Kim Hopewell, Cornwall
Sue Dustow, Cornwall
Carole Street, Cornwall
David Pollard, England
Davyth Fear, Wales
Cam Andrever, England
Will Orchard, Cornwall
Johanna Harvey, England
Diana Trudgeon, Cornwall
Paul Tyreman, Cornwall
Fiona O’Cleirigh, Cornwall
Rita Nield, Cornwall
Deborah Pollard, Cornwall
Melanie Frankell, Cornwall
Ivor Frankell, Cornwall
Raymond Bridgewater, Cornwall