Bodmin celebrates St Piran 2023

Bodmin always hold the procession on the week day nearest March 5th because of the schoolchildren. This year it’s Monday March 6th at 1100.

We have ten Primary schools from Bodmin and surrounding area from Blisland to St Wenn. and the Greenfield Unit from Bodmin College. Past Grand Bard Merv Davey and his wife Bard Alison have been attending the schools to teach the dance.

We assemble at 1030 at the top of Fore Street (by the old library and opposite top of Finn VC Estate). Procession starts at 1100. Led by Flag Bearers including an Irish flag for St Piran, with Merv and Alison on pipes and drum and speakers, The children are each waving a small St Piran flag. A marvellous sight! We stop halfway down Fore Street to pay our respect the stone commemorating the 1497 An Gov Rising with Michael Joseph and Bodmin man Thomas Flamank. We go to Mount Folly in front of the old court building where we have speakers, this year Bardh Mur Pol Hodge, the High Sheriff and the Town Mayor. Canon Rev Jane Kneebone our Gorsedh Chaplain will lead prayers in Kernewek and Rev Elaine Munday of St Petroc’s prayers in English. We will sing Bro Goth Agan Tasow / Hail to the Homeland and Trelawny. Merv and Alison will lead the dancing. We then go through Priory Pare escorted by Bodmin Lions to the Church All the schools perform either a song play or poem. The children, teachers and speakers are then given a pasty, and a drink This year there is a new initiative with re usable cups. The children then go back to their schools about 1245.

Everyone is welcome!

Bodmin’s St Piran’s Day celebrations were started in 2000 by three founder members, the late Mrs Beryl Tapp, who did so much for Bodmin OCS, past Bodmin Mayor, Mr John Chapman, and Bard of Gorsedh Kernow, Alastair Quinnell. Alastair’s late wife Pam, with Alastair, did so much for Bodmin including the erection of the Celtic Cross of De Lane granite on Town Wall. Alastair, at the age of 93, still leads our St Piran’s Procession. We have a very good committee this year led by Bodmin Lion Kevin Marshall who is our Chairman. The committee consists of Bodmin Town Council, St Petroc’s Church, Bodmin Lions, and individuals. Special thanks go to our Schools Co-ordinator Paul Ellis. We invite musicians to attend. Mr Chris Bartram, who plays the fiddle, has been attending most of the schools with Clarinda and Keith Truscott to run through the songs for both Mount Folly and Church.

For more details contact Keith Truscott 01208 75532  mob 07926529031