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Gorseth Kernow

Competition Results, 2009

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Cornish Classes 2009 Winners

Class 1: Gwersyow Yn kernewek

1st: Mary Sutcliffe  (Cambs)
2nd: Philip Chadwick

Class 2: Yeth Plen Yn Kernewek

1st: John Parker (Penzance)
2nd: Symon Harmer (Spain)
3rd: Roger Henley (Dorset)
Highly Commended: Mary Sutcliffe (Cambs), Roger Garside (Penzance), Lillian James (Australia)

Class 3: A Short Story For Beginners in Cornish

1st: Tony Buscombe (Fowey)
2nd: Dewi Bickle (Falmouth)

Penryn River

Class 4a: Cornish Essay in Cornish

1st: Roger Henley (Dorset)

Class 4b: Cornish Essay in English

1st: Charles Lovell (St Austell)
2nd: Tony Buscombe (Fowey)
3rd: Alan M Kent (Truro)
Highly Commended: Jill Thomas (Liskeard)
Commended: Mary Quick (St Ives)

Class 5: Cornish Dialect Prose

1st: Terry Knight (St Agnes)
2nd: Mary Quick {St Ives)
3rd: Mrs M Kelly
Highly Commended: Ben Batten (Bucks)

Class 6: Cornish Dialect Verse

1st: Bryan Teague (Helston)
2nd: Mary Quick (St Ives)
3rd: Enid Mavor (St Agnes)

Class 7: Short Story Set In Cornwall

1st: Tony Mansel (St Agnes)
2nd: Ben Batten (Bucks)

Class 8: English Verse On A Cornish Subject

1st: Kathryn L Garrod (Camborne)
2nd: Alan M Kent (Probus)
3rd: Adrian Rodda (Camborne)
Highly Commended: Roland Gurney (Newmill)

Class 9: English Verse By Cornish Poets

1st: Mary Quick (St Ives)
2nd: Adrian Rodda (Camborne)
3rd: Diane Simkin (Camborne)

Class 10: Song in English about Cornwall

1st: Esme Francis (Penzance)
2nd: Bob Watson (Reading)
3rd: Bob Watson (Reading)

Calligraphy - Callygrafyeth

Class 11: Calligraphy

1st: Bryan Little (St Erth)
2nd: Doreen Fletcher (Hayle)
3rd: Ann Little (St Erth)
Highly Commended: Tony Buscombe (Fowey)

Class 12: Photography Single Print

1st: I Corkell (Camborne)
2nd: I Corkell (Camborne)
3rd: G Peters (Falmouth)
Highly Commended: Hayley Thorpe (Fowey)

Class 13: Photography Group of 3

1st: Hayley Thorpe (Fowey)
2nd: I Corkell (Camborne)
3rd: I Corkell (Camborne)
Highly Commended: Tony Buscombe (Fowey)
Commended: Tony Buscombe (Fowey)

Class 14a: Painting Cornish Subject Watercolour

1st: Paul Jenkin (Redruth)
2nd: Paul Jenkin (Redruth)

Class 14b: Painting Any Medium but Watercolour

1st: William A Morris (London)


Gorseth Kernow Under 18 Results 2009

Class 15: English Verse On A Cornish Subject 12-18yrs

1st: Rachel Owen (Pool School & Business College, Redruth)
2nd: Charley Reed (Pool School & Business College, Redruth)
3rd: Kyle Silgram (Pool School & Business College, Redruth)

Class 16: English Verse On a Cornish Subject 1011yrs

1st: Alfie Secq-Stuck (Calstock Primary)
2nd: Emily Chamberlain (St Just Primary, Pz)
3rd: Molly Rosse-Hearn (Millbrook CEVA Primary)
Highly Commended: Grace Murray (Calstock Primary)
Commended: Paige Tucker (Brunel Primary), Lizzie Baker (Millbrook CEVA), Megan Lewis (Heamoor Pz)

Class 17: English Verse On A Cornish Subject under 10 yrs

1st: Ashleigh Whitear (St Just Primary Pz)
2nd: Gaby Jacovic (Calstock Primary)
3rd: Samuel Mitchell (Pensilva Primary)
Highly Commended: Romi Sutton (Flushing Primary, Falmouth)
Commended: Jonathan Hammond (Flushing CE), Emily Gibson (Torpoint Primary), Rosie Woodiwiss (Flushing Primary)

Class 19: Detailed Study of a Cornish Subject

1st: Alfie Dingle (Calstock CP)
2nd: Laurie Taylor (Calstock CP)

Class 22: Detailed Study Of Cornish Subject. 11yrs. & Under

1st: Henry Weber (Calstock CP)
2nd: Bethany Dingle (Calstock CP)
3rd: Martha Ley Roberts (Calstock CP)
Highly Commended: Joseph Tarplee, Sam Davies, Beckay Ives, Teagan Budge (all Calstock CP)
Commended: Fiona Fochler (Calstock CP)

Class 24: Short Story Set In Cornwall 11yrs and under

1st: Chloe Anthony (Weeth Rd CCP)
2nd: Beckay Ives (Calstock CP)
3rd: Bethany Dingle (Calstock CP)
Highly Commended: Jessica Parker, Chloe Maddaford, Tiegan Tresidder (all Weeth Rd CP), Agnieszka (Launceston CP), Ben James (Crowan CP), Grace Murray (Calstock CP)
Commended: Tamar Knight, Fergus Gallagher, Alfie Secq Stack, Gaby Jacovic (all Calstock CP), Ben Flamank, Rachel Harrison, Katie Lloyd (all Weeth Rd CP), Max Whale (Launceston CP), Rosie Roberts (Heamoor), Celia King (Crowan CP), Sam James (Crowan CP)

Class 24: Short Story Set In Cornwall 12-18 yrs

1st: Naomi Stephen (Penrice CC)
2nd: Katy Bowyer (Penrice CC)
3rd: Eilidh Armstrong (Penrice CC)
Highly Commended: Holly Minter (Penrice CC)
Commended: Hayley Taylor (Penrice CC)

Boat Winch
Boat Winch

Class 25: Photography 12-18 yrs

1st: Merryn Ennis Tresidder (Helston CC)

Class 25: Photography 7-11 yrs

1st: Sophie Marsh (Brunel CP)
2nd: Sam James (Crowan CP)
3rd: Ben James (Crowan CP)
Highly Commended: Catherine Moore, Barney Maunder, Caga Parks (all Pensilva CP), Ewan McLeaen (Brunel CP), Aidan Haynes, Ellie Fitch Goodwin (both Pensilva CP)
Commended: Corrina Holland, William Berry, Louise Diamond, Rebecca Higgins, Tom Lea, Evie Smith, Cody Holland, Sean Harris, Jordan Vine, Jimmy Cooper (all Pensilva CP)

Class 25: Photography 5-7 yrs

1st: Joshua Price (Brunel CP)
2nd: Jolly Whale (Launceston CP)
3rd: Chloe Price (Brunel CP)
Highly Commended: Nathan Baker, Tegan, Jack Salter, Callum Charnock, Kieron Sargent, Jessie Barton (all Launceston CP)
Commended: Tom Parnell, Hope Wood, Cerys Clark, Linsey Jones, Rheanna Cromarty, Ave Kguzes, Ellise Turner, Harry Mason, Juned Ali (all Launceston CP)

Class 26 & 27: Painting In Any Medium 12-18 yrs

1st: Nissa Walther (Pensilva)
2nd: Oliver Wedlake (Cusgarne)
3rd: Craig Ford (Pensilva)
Highly Commended: Iven Kellaway (Launceston)
Commended: Kieran Gilbert, Angharad Richards, Shannon Jackson, Brad Borlase (all Pensilva), James Lyons (Cusgarne)

Class 26 & 27: Painting In Any Medium 8-12 yrs

1st: Naomi Snell (Brunel CP)
2nd: Rhys Fisher (Crowan CP)
3rd: Freya Morrison (Brunel CP)
Highly Commended: Celia King (Crowan)
Commended: Harrison Russel (Brunel), Rebecca Johnstone (Brunel), Courtney Palwyn (Heamoor), Daniel Stokes (Brunel)


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