2021 – An invitation to sing from Hilary Coleman and Sally Burley

Sadly, we cannot yet get together in a pub somewhere to celebrate St Piran’s Day so instead I thought we could at least have a bit of a sing on Zoom at 7pm this Friday 5th March. This will include Trelawny and I intend to record it and then put it up on Facebook at 9pm to coincide with the Trelawny Shout event. By doing our zoom early you’ll also be able to join in with the live Trelawny Shout at 9pm too if you wish to – see link: https://www.trelawnyshout.com/

Please do join the zoom for a sing, dressed in your finest St Piran’s outfit and with a Betty Stoggs or pasty in hand! See zoom link below,

Kernow bus vykken!

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86202705867?pwd=ekJ0UEVxNXBYUk5aTUdDQXlzRzlLQT09