Nominated publications 2019

Class 1: Dyllansow yn Kernewek (Publications in the Cornish language

1a: Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag dyskas (Books in Cornish for teaching)


A Learners' Cornish Dictionary

Steve Harris, Dee Harris, Peter Harvey, Rael Harvey

Ors Sempel/An Kylgh Kernewek


1b: Lyvrow yn Kernewek rag fleghes (Books in Cornish for children)

Morgowr ov

Judy Scrimshaw

Granny Moff Books


1c: Lyvrow yn Kernewk rag tevesigyon ha tevesigesow (Books in Cornish for adults)


Bewnans Meryasek

ed. Ray Chubb

Agan Tavas

Hwedhel an Pyskador ha Taklow Erell

John Parker

Dyllansow Cressar


1d: Lyvrow treylyes yn Kernewek (Books translated into Cornish)


Aventurs Pinocchio

Trans. Nicholas Williams



Class 2: Books for children


2a: Books for children of primary age


Cornish Folk Tales for Children

Mike O'Connor

The History Press

Grandfather's Story

Philip Moran and Michael Foreman

Mabecron Press

Morgowr and the Pirate Eating Megalodon

Judy Scrimshaw

Granny Moff Books

Treasure from the Sea

Liza Wollett and Sarah McCartney

Mabecron Books


2b: Books for young adults


Only the Ocean

Natasha Carthew

Bloomsbury YA

The Truth Teller

Petrus Ursem

Gresham House Studios Ltd.


Class 3: Fiction for adults


Cornish Short Stories

ed. Emnma Timpany & Felicity Notley

The History Press

Panic Room

Robert Goddard

Transworld Publishers/Bantam Press

The Letter

Ruth Saberton


The Magpie Tree

Katherine Stansfield`

Allison & Busby







Class 4: Poetry and Drama






4a: Poetry






There were no nominations in this sub-class for 2019




4b: Drama






The Incredible Balti Celtic Carpet Ride

Alan M. Kent

Francis Boutle Publishers


Class 5: Non-fiction






5a: Social, Cultural and Political History






Antique Maps of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

R.C.E. Quixley and J.M.E. Quixley

R.C.E. Quixley

Brenda: For the Love of Cornwall

Sue Ellery-Hill


The Married Widows of Cornwall

Lesley Trotter

Humble History Press

Stratton Churchwardens' Accounts

Edited by Joanna Mattingly

Boydell and Brewer

Trusting Fully Trusting

Dick Cole and Ann Reynolds

St. Enoder Parish Council





5b: Science, Environment and Industrial/Marine






The Official Guide to the Cornwall & West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site

The World Heritage Site Office

The World Heritage Site Office

The Pentewan Railway

Dr. M. J. T. Lewis

Twelveheads Press


5c: Leisure and Lifestyle






Illustrations of the Leach Pottery St Ives

Hilary Jean Gibson

Redrawing History





5d: Memoir






St. Ives Allure

David Whittaker

Wavestone Press

The Salt Path

Raynor Winn

Penguin Random House


Class 6: Booklets






Eden Project: the Guide 2018/19

Eden Books

Transworld Publishers/Eden Project Books

Kenewgh! Sing!

Editor: Merv Davey

Federation of Old Cornwall Societies




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