8.9.16 Areth Bardh Meur Solempnita Bardhek/Grand Bard’s bardic ceremony speech

Areth Bardh Meur Kernow, solempnita bardhek Gorsedh Kernow, dy Sadorn 3es mis Gwynngala 2016, Lannahevran /Grand Bard’s speech, Gorsedh Kernow bardic ceremony, Saturday 3rd September 2016, St Keverne


Bardh Meur St Keverne 2016

Bardh Meur St Keverne 2016

Gwithyewgh Kernow Kowal! / Keep Cornwall Whole!

Otta ni lemmyn dhe Lannahevran, le istorek ha le pur wiw rag solempnita Gorsedh Kernow. Res yw dhyn leverel meur ras dhe David Lambrick, Kaderyer Konsel Pluw Lannaghevran ha dhe dus an bluw a’ga dynnergh mar vryntin. Ynwedh ni a wor grassow bras dhe’n Kessedhek Ordena Leel ha’ga ober kales yn unn bareusi solempnita an Orsedh ha pub hwarvos oll an Esedhvos. Meur ras bras.

Here we are in St Keverne, an historic and fitting place for the Gorsedh Kernow ceremony. We thank David Lambrick Chair of St Keverne Parish Council and the people of the parish for their fantastic welcome. We also owe a depth of gratitude to the Local Organising Committee for all their hard work in preparing for the Gorsedh Ceremony and all the other Esedhvos Festival events.  Many thanks.

Da yw genev avel Bardh Meur a’gas dynerghi oll, gwestoryon, kanasow Kembra ha Breten Vyghan ha’n dus oll a-dro dhe’n kylgh ma, dh’agan Orsedh Kernow omma hedhyw.

It is my pleasure as Bardh Meur to welcome you all, guests, delegates from Wales and Brittany and all the people around the circle, to our Gorsedh here today. 

Homm yw an bluw a syns an spyrys Kernow. Dhyworth an bluw ma, nans yw pymp kansvledhen, Mighal Joseph an Gov a hembronkas lu Kernewek dhe Loundres yn unn grodhvolas erbynn distruians a’gan fordh bewnans.  Dres an kansvledhynnyow wosa henna tus a Gernow a besyas afydhya agan ertach ha honanieth.

This is the parish that holds the spirit of Cornwall. It was from this parish some 500 years ago that Michael Joseph the Smith led the Cornish host to London in protest at the destruction of our way of life. Throughout the centuries since the people pf Cornwall have asserted their distinct identity and heritage.

Spyrys Mighal Joseph ha Lannahevran yw gwelys y’gan sewena gans aswonvos an Yeth Kernewek, agan savla Kenedhlek Minoryta hag Ambos Digressennans Konsel Kernow. Mes an prys re dheuth lemmyn rag kaskyrghes dhe witha kowal agan tir.  

The spirit of Michael Joseph and St Keverne are seen in our success with the recognition of the Cornish Language, our National Minority Status and the Devolution Deal for Cornwall Council. But the time has come now to campaign to keep our land whole.

Y’n kynyav a dheu, Desedhek an Oryon a wra deklarya aga frofyansow rag oryon pastel vro nowydh hag y fydh dhodho furvel nowydh rag niver a dus yn pub pastel vro. Nyns eus dewisysi lowr yn Kernow rag hwegh Esel an Senedh ha martesen y fydh  komendyans  dhe worra rannow a Gernow war-barth gans pastellow bro Dewnens.  Henna a via terosa bras rag demokratieth, ertach, gonisogeth ha’gan honanieth kenedhlek.  

This autumn the Boundary Commission will announce their proposals for new parliamentary constituency boundaries and they have a new formula for the number of people in each constituency. Cornwall does not have sufficient electorate for 6 MPs so there may be a recommendation that parts of Cornwall are placed within Devon constituencies. This would be a disaster for democracy, heritage, culture and our national identity.

Orth keskussulyans an Orsedh de ni a dhyskas meur a-dro dhe hwedhel an amal Kernow ha’n kas dhe witha Kernow kowal. Dres an osow kres an vyghterneth goth ha keltek a Gernow a veu gwithys hag aswonnys ha hi ow tos ha bos yurleth y’n kynsa le hag ena duketh, gans hy horf lagha hy honan. An korf lagha ma o delenwelys gans Senedh an Stenoryon hag ytho yn effeyth, Kernow a’s teva hy governans hy honan.

Yesterday at the Gorsedh Conference we learned much about the story of Cornwall’s border and the case for keeping Cornwall whole. During the middle ages the ancient Celtic Kingdom of Cornwall was preserved and recognised as it became first an earldom and then a duchy with its own constitutional status.  This constitution was influenced by the Stannary Parliament so that in effect Cornwall had its own government.  

Kynth yw an Dhuketh Kernow arnowydh dyghtys kepar ha negys privedh, hwath yma elvennow korf-laghel hag a wra Kernow diblans glan dhyworth Dukethow erel y’n Ruvaneth Unys.  Aswonvos Kernow avel le diberth yw rann bosek a’gan istori politek hag ertach gonisogethek.  Dhe worra rannow a Gernow war-barth gans Dewnens rag porpos a Bastellow vro Senedhek a via nagh sevur agan istori.

Although the modern Duchy of Cornwall is managed as a private business there remain constitutional elements that make Cornwall quite distinct from other Duchies in the United Kingdom. The recognition of Cornwall as a place apart is an important part of our political history and cultural heritage. To place parts of Cornwall into Devon for the purpose of Parliamentary Constituencies would be a serious denial of our history.   

Pastellow bro treus-amal a vydh nagh euthyk a’gan demokratieth arnowydh. Ambos Digressennans Konsel Kernow a vydh pur gales dh’y gowlwul mar kwra nebes Eseli an Senedh kanasedhi ynwedh rannow a Bow Sows.  Fatel yn kever agan yeth kernewek ha gonisogeth arnowydh a Gernow? Skoodhyans dhyworth nebes Eseli an Senedh lemmyn yw strothys ha ny grysav y hwren ni kavos skoodhyans vyth dhyworth Eseli an Senedh usi ow kanesedhi Dewnens. Gorsedh Kernow a elow war an Governans Loundres ha’n Desedhek an Oryon dhe witha Kernow kowal!

Cross border constituencies will be a terrible denial of our modern democracy. Cornwall Council’s Devolution Deal will be very difficult to put into practice if some MPs also represent parts of England. What about our language and modern Cornish culture? Support from some MPs now is limited and I do not believe we will get any support at all from MPs representing Devon. Gorsedh Kernow calls upon the London Government and the Boundary Commission to keep Cornwall Whole. Gwithyewgh Kernow Kowal!    

Lannahevran 3es mis Gwynngala 2016 / St Keverne 3rd September 2016