4.3.20 Areth Bardh Meur Gool Peran

On St Piran’s Day we come together to celebrate Cornwall. The sea of  black and white of St Piran’s flags everywhere makes me very proud to be Cornish.

We all wave our flags enthusiastically at Perantide and that is wonderful, but what about the rest of the year? Do you stand up for Cornwall all year round? Be proud of Cornwall!

We do have much to celebrate already in 2020. Mark Jenkin winning the BAFTA for his film Bait, flying the flag for Cornwall among international film stars! Congratulations! If you haven’t seen the film make a point of going.

Kan rag Kernow Yowynk at Kresen Kernow, where Camborne schools performed fantastic songs about Cornish astronomer John Couch Adams, which they had composed themselves working with professional writers and musicians, using Kernewek as well as English. Flying the flag for Cornwall!

The Rowan Tree on BBC Spotlight launching their album Kolar’s Gold highlighting stories of long forgotten Cornish miners in India. Flying the flag for Cornwall!

It is great to see so many celebrating Cornwall’s special day, and not just in Cornwall either, but in the diaspora too. More and more each year! Make sure Cornwall’s distinctiveness, culture and our language play a part in your lives. In these uncertain days when that is under threat, from many sides, it is more important than ever to shout for Cornwall. Let us wave St Piran’s flag whenever we can, at every opportunity. Not just on 5th March! Be proud of Cornwall! Be proud to be Cornish!

Gool Peran yw dydh rag Kernowyon oll dhe dhos war-barth ha solempnya Kernow. Baneryow Peran a neyj avel mor gwynn ha du yn pub le ha pur browt ov vy bos Kernowes.

Ni oll a wev agan baneryow gans tan y’n golon orth Gool Peran ha henn yw bryntin, mes pyth a-dro dhe remenant a’n vledhen? A wrewgh hwi sevel yn-bann rag Kernow oll an vledhen? Bedhewgh prowt a Gernow!

Yma meur dhe solempnya seulabrys yn 2020. Yn arbennek keslowena dhe’n fylm Bait ha dhe Mark Jenkin ha’y askororyon neb a waynyas BAFTA. Splann yw ragdha mes splann yw ynwedh rag Kernow. Ymons i ow kwevya an Baner rag Kernow! Mar ny wrussowgh hwi gweles Bait res yw dhywgh mos!

Dhe Gan rag Kernow Yowynk dhe Gresen Kernow yth esa kanow bryntin a-dro dhe John Couch Adams, skrifys ha performys gans skolyow Kammbron yn Kernewek ha Sowsnek. Ymons i ow kwevya an Baner rag Kernow.

Bagas ilow “the Rowan Tree” orth BBC Spotlight ow lonchya aga albom Kolar’s Gold, ow kolowboyntya hwedhlow ankevys tus bal Kernow yn Eynda. Ymons i ow kwevya an Baner rag Kernow.

Splann yw dhe weles kemmys a dus ow solempnya dydh arbennek Kernow y’n Diaspora, magata avel yn Kernow. Moy ha moy pub bledhen! Gwrewgh surhe bos diblanseth Gernow, hy gonisogeth ha yeth, rann a’gas bewnans. Gwrewgh omwovyn, pandr’a allav vy gul? Y’n dedhyow ancertan ma ha henna yn-dann wodros dhyworth lies tu, posekka yw es binari garma rag Kernow.

Ytho, gwevyewgh Baner Peran, bedhewgh gothus a Gernow!

Gool Peran Lowen dhywgh hwi oll