31.10.15. Gwrewgh Neppyth / Do Something 11 – Pat’s Pub Crawl!

Pat Tremain's 'Pub Crawl'!

Pat Tremain’s ‘Pub Crawl’!

Cornish bard Pat Tremain, Gevelles Lyskerrys, an enthusiastic member of the British Caving Association, recently explored far underneath Hunters’ Lodge Inn Sink near Priddy in the Mendips with caving leader Chris Binding. This cave system, discovered in 2001, is accessible as the name suggests, via the Hunters Lodge Inn where potential explorers are advised to “ask in the pub for the key” in order to gain entry. Once underground they are treated to a series of breathtaking vistas with imaginative names – Happy Hour Highway, The Barmaids Bedroom and Brown Ale Boulevard. Cavers are, however, asked to take extreme care and avoid standing upright in certain areas in order to conserve the interior of the cave, which contains extremes of tiny stalactites and a huge stalagmite and ancient bones thought to be bos and hyaena, washed down thousands of years ago.

Pat, who lives in Launceston, is shown here in a picture taken by Chris Binding (F.R.G.S.) proudly holding a St Piran’s flag after a long, low, narrow crawl that clearly demonstrates the lengths some people will go to in order to “Do Something for Cornwall”!

Well done Gevelles Lyskerrys!